a story of a bang in the night (not for the faint of heart tell me what you think carry it on if you wish)

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a story of a bang in the night (not for the faint of heart tell me what you think carry it on if you wish)

Post by Galdor_Mithr » Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:07 pm

there was a dreadful percussive bang and the night was awake in a second as the body slumped to the ground birds panicked by the sound flew off in random directions before forming up and circling there perch before landing as a group again.
there was a woeful whaling as a woman cried "no... this isn't real you can hear me i know! tell me what to do!... OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WAKE UP!", babys cryed and front doors opened just a chink to cast light and give background sound to the seen.
a siren sounded as blood pooled, it's a horrible thing a dead body men and women turned into a lump of once breathing meat, in a seciond or a day people die in difrent ways this one was sudden and bloody.
Boy wasn't like other boys, Boy was a clever lad, boy loved people... but people did not love Boy
Girl was like most other girls so she didn't get along with Boy like many other people she looked at Boy with a mix of sadness and amusement, sad for his face his stuttering voice and his childish words, amused by the teachers that followed him round helping him wright... and following him to the toilet.
Boy called Girl, Girl came for a laugh he has gotten better after coming back from the army and they said the war had given him balls, it was sad his wife had left him while he was there maybe she would help him with that... make up for all the nasty things she had said when they were kids. she knocked on the door and Boy opened it with a smile beer in hand "heeeyyy you!" they hugged
"hey i wanna just say..." he cut her off
"na let me show you something cool!" the childness in his voice had come back was it the beer? or just from seeing her for the first time in ages
"look what i got from afgan!" he pulled out an ak that was by the door frame, Girl froze but Boy smiled explaining that he could own it cos it was semi auto and not full auto.
"well im glad its legal but..." he cut her off again
"come shoot it with me!" he walked out into the street putting the bottle down in the middle of it a few yards away from his house and walked back to her holding the gun out like a kid with a really cool toy he had to show his new friend,
"well ok..." she took it by the grip i guess his neighbors wouldn't mind? i guess he does this all the time?
the gun went off.
still pointing at boy.
a neat hole suddenly appears in Boys head,
and Boy falls,
and the birds take flight,
and the baby's cry,
and fathers open their doors to see what's going on, one of them doors (the house next to Boy's house) is the door of boys farther and mother.
"no no no NO! NO!" says girl dropping the gun,
"tell me what to do! how can i help! oh you sweet thing you did all that to die here oh you poor thing im so sorry its all my falt"
over her babbling,
sirens wailed,
they drowned her cries and sorry's and her sorrow from the world of sound, even her saying she loved him and that she was sorry. slowly they pulled her away and the cops put her gently in to a car, in cuffs.

thank you for reading my story i hope you enjoyed it enough to forget it shouldn't really be here but eh rules were never my thing
again i thank you sorry for any mistakes i struggle with writing have a good day/evening

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a story of a bang in the night (not for the

Post by Monika » Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:15 pm

rules may not be your thing, but they are a thing and everyone is expected to abide by them. I will be moving this to where it belongs so it will abide by the rules.
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