Friends in the Void [OOC] 2.0

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Friends in the Void [OOC] 2.0

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Key Info for setting and character sheets here. Since this is a 1x1 I don't see the need for a separate character board.

Link to IC Board:

Located on the Eastern Seaboard, the City of Arnvista is a bustling metropolis that boasts a population of 10 million. The site of Apex Implementations' Corporate Headquarters, the sprawling city is home to people from all walks of life As diverse in its architecture as it is in its people, the city gives across a patchwork feel, sleek and post-modern skyscrapers stand side by side with traditional centuries-old stonework. Despite this, Arnvista is by and large a modern and thriving city, supporting a wide variety of facilities from state of the art hospitals and expansive public libraries to its very own seaport. The city isn’t all high-rising neatness, however, and while being a very prosperous city, it still holds many problems and secrets beneath the shadow of the city's many skyscrapers.


CEO:Lorette Lècuyer.

Board of Directors: Russel Butler. Naomi Mekhdiev. Bohai Hao. Edgar Collins.

Major Subdivisions: Private Security. Weapons development and testing. Transport.

Owned Subsidiaries: Waylight Security. Lebadev Armaments. Northfarer Transport.

Apex Implementations, once called Apex Security Services, was founded 91 years ago by Ford Buckman. At the time, it was a small Private Security business, with a scant 38 employees headquartered in a single office. Since its inception, Apex Implementations has grown into an international Conglomerate and stands as a major force within the Corporate Sector. Apex Implementations is a large player in both Corporate and Private Sectors. Providing Security, Military Grade weaponry production, and Transportation. It has recently started to expand its weapons department, an ever-growing and evolving market in the World’s Economy.


Rasteva is quite confident and self-assured as most of their kind tend to be, and rarely if ever doubts in themselves or their abilities. An exceptionally long existence has granted Rasteva with learning and experience unfathomable to shorter-lived races. This of course also comes a high degree of arrogance, though they feel it to be completely deserved as many Daemons are prone to. This has also led to Rasteva being exceptionally set in their own ways, and changing their opinion on nearly anything is a hard fought battle, and more often than not is a lost cause.

While not prone to starting fights or causing trouble for others, Rasteva can show a terrifying lack of empathy for anyone not deemed an immediate ally. The Daemon can be as ruthless in regular interaction as they are in combat, caring nothing for the motives or ideals of their opponents. Rasteva has no qualms about killing in the slightest, and won't even make excuses for doing so beyond that it was convenient for them to do so at the time. Rasteva will only ever act in a manner that is beneficial to them and their continued existence. To Rasteva the only thing that matters and will always matter is Rasteva. They make no pains to compare the lives of others to their own, as the Daemon's life is the only one worth considering and holds value immeasurable. Good and Evil are the same thing to the Daemon, and as such makes no effort to differentiate between the two. The only things that Rasteva makes any effort to distinguish from each other are things that can be made use of, and things that have no use at all. Anything found to be wholly useless is cast aside without a second thought.

Name: Lorette Lècuyer
Age: 35
Occupation: CEO of Apex Implementations.
Place of Residence: As far as everyone that knows her is aware, she sleeps under her desk.



Lorette: Lorette Lècuyer is known to be both fiercely ambitious and intelligent, and at first glance seems to be rigid in her bearing and possesses a rather cool demeanor. Her voice is noticeably deep and her mere presence commands the respect of those under her. Past outward glances Lorette has proven to be both patient and kind, speaking openly with any that would ask for her time. She believes fully in the potential of others and takes great pains to nurture that potential to the fullest in all that serve under her. Many have found her presence to be both calming and reassuring, though there is a noticeable intensity in both her gaze and mannerisms. Despite her constant efforts to see her own ambitions brought to fruition, Lorette operates by a strict code of honor and conduct and has a strong dislike of underhanded tactics, something virtually unheard of in the Corporate Sector. However, due to both necessity for such behavior and Tasosael's own urging, Lorette often finds herself engaging in the same dirty tactics she despises due to their deep entrenchment in her type of business. This has become a moral dilemma for her and she often broods over it as a result.

Lorette, however, has no qualms in combating anyone that stands in the way of her ambitions, whatever they may be. Be it in the Boardroom, or if she's allowed to have her way, the Arena, anyone that disagrees with her is considered both an opponent and an obstacle to be removed in short order. Lorette cannot abide by failure, either personal or from her Employees and will cast aside anyone unable to prove their worth to her without a second thought. Apex Implementations has always, and will always be her driving force and only concern. Lorette works tirelessly to push the Company towards a brighter future and is more than willing to leave behind anyone she has deemed unfit to see it.

The Media has never been sure what to make of Lorette as she takes great pains to ensure her privacy, though more often than not she is framed as nothing more than a greed driven Corporate Executive. Lorette shrugs this off with, practiced measure, caring of the public's opinion of her only enough to remain in its good graces.

Tasosael: Possessing a Leonine appearance and a commanding presence, Tasosael's presence tends to inspire fear within friend and foe alike. The Daemon's proud stature and stern air is seemingly a perfect fit for his human partner, and like Lorette he seeks only the best in those that surround him, especially from his own kind.

Tasosael's brilliant silver fur, almost always seems to be moving as if touched by a shifting breeze, even when indoors. This is particularly evident within his mane, which he constantly affirms is NOT soft, and that it's not to be petted under any circumstances. Lortted disagrees with this assessment.

It is currently unknown how old Tasosael is, but he is rumored to have existed since the dawn of Human Civilization. Tasosael is not one for conversation and tends to be aloof, speaking only at length to Lorette and only to others when absolutely needed though he has proven to be very intelligent and well spoken. He has a particular interest in Human Politics and often wonders both aloud and privately how such a system might be applied to the masses of Daemons on Earth.

Like Lorette, Tasosael operates on a Code of Conduct, those his is not nearly as rigid as Lorette's. A fervent believer in War being the natural order, Tasosael craves combat in all forms, and looks for any and every opportunity to test his might. Tasosael can only make the distinction between those who are worthy, and those who are unworthy. Anyone claiming to have worth, should be ready and waiting to prove it at a moment's notice.

How Lorette came to acquire Apex Implementations is crouched in both mystery and conjecture. Before taking the helm as the corporation's CEO, Apex had been a family owned business since the day of its inception. At some point before his death, the aging CEO David Buckley saw to it that all of the Company holdings and assets were turned over to Lorette the current CEO of the smaller Private Security Company, Waylight Security. In the process he passed over his four children, leaving them angry and confused. But none more so than his eldest son, Harlan Buckley. The ensuing legal battle was incredibly ugly, but Lorette never once faltered and was ultimately victorious.

Legally, the acquisition was airtight, and despite their digging, the Buckley family could not find a single loose end. On paper, all it seemed was that one CEO had passed his assets off to a qualified candidate within the same business as him.

Behind closed doors, the rumors only flew.

Lorette was both a stranger and an outsider. And never before had she been observed doing business with David Buckley. Her appearance around the time of his death and subsequently absconding with his business was a severe point of contention. Lorette was presumed everything from the dead man's Mistress to his Illegitimate Daughter and whatever could possibly lie between. Her silence on the matter only served to infuriate the Buckley Family even more.

And yet despite all this Apex Implementations only continued to grow and flourish under Lorette's guidance and remains a major force within the Corporate sector. Lorette's own company, Waylight Security is now the main subsidiary and has become the Security force within Apex while the business branches out into other avenues. David Buckley's family had long since grown silent, but some wonder if they might return again. David's eldest son, Harlan swore that he would one day take back from Lorette what she'd stolen from his family and has thus far not forgotten that promise despite having yet to act on it.

Lorette met Tasosael over 8 years ago while on a Business trip to China. It is currently unknown what transpired between the two of them while she was there, but an accord was met and the Daemon has not left her side ever since.

Name:Allister Schoen
Occupation:Personal Assistant to Lorette Lècuyer
Place of Residence:Tuxedo Junction, given all the time that he spends there.




Allister: Allister has known Lorette personally since he was a child. Allister carries himself with a great deal of refinement, though unlike Lorette, Allister tends to be more easygoing and approachable. Polite and affable, Allister enjoys conversation at length and will often invite others to Tea in order to engage in idle chatter. Allister has a deep appreciation for beautiful things and tends to be fastidious in the manner in which he dresses and conducts himself in public. This along with a particular charm tends to draw people to him like moths to a flame, though he doesn't mind. He would describe himself as 'charismatic' but close friends often refer to him as an attention whore. This coupled with his insistence on maintaining certain aesthetic causes Allister to bump heads with less than refined employees of Apex, and on more than one occasion Lorette has had to step in and reign in his behavior. Despite this Allister has nothing but the utmost respect in Lorette and trusts her wholeheartedly, and she returns this trust and respect in full.

Faendr: This Daemon takes on the form of a ghostly Stag, and indeed their passing is marked by an ethereal fog settling over the area. Like Allister, Faendr is overly concerned with keeping appearances and dignity. As such, Faendr strictly judges other Daemons based upon the physical forms that they choose to take and has no love for those deemed too hideous or unrefined for their company. Faendr can be somewhat stern and is rather standoffish towards anyone that isn't Allister. Unlike their Human partner, Faendr will not be seen speaking at great length with anyone over tea, though they do enjoy the attention of others especially any kind of praise. The Daemon enjoys being in the spotlight and showing off and so they will not be found turning down the opportunity to fight.

When they are not manifesting a physical form, Faendr resides in a Stag shaped pin on Allister's lapel.

Allister is a fervent believer in Lorette's ambitions and sees the introduction of Daemons into society as a step towards a bright and glorious future for Humanity as a whole. As such he is more than happy to enforce Lorette's will if it means bringing those that would stand in the way of this future to heel. His even temper and refined attitude would not cause one to immediately peg Allister as being combat oriented, nor does he carry and weaponry like other Apex employees and yet this does not make him any less dangerous. He and his Daemon are both of the opinion that fighting is not an act of violence, so much as it is an artful display meant to be observed by all. A display that Allister is more than happy give whether the recipient is willing or not.

Allister was born to working-class parents int he city of Arnvista and while their life was not particularly glamorous, the young boy did not want for anything. Despite this Allister dreamed of far more than what his humble beginnings afforded him. There were many nights that Allister would sit at his bedroom window and stare at the twinkling lights of Arnvista's many skyscrapers and wondered if there would come a day that he would shine as brightly.

It was during a trip to the park during a lovely Spring day that Allister met Faendr. The Boy was immediately drawn to the Stag's ethereal form and stunning presence, much to the Daemon's chagrin. Faendr attempted to shoo Allister away with little success as they boy promptly declared that they were friends. The Stag's irritation was somewhat alleviated by the boy's constant awe and assurances that Faendr was 'The prettiest Deer in the world!' and over time and after many daily visits, the Daemon came to tolerate Allister. The Boy's parents would laugh at Alliser's exclamations that he'd made friends with a ghostly Stag, thinking it nothing more than a child's overactive imagination.

Name:Audrey Kinnaird
Occupation:Junior Security Officer-Apex Implementations
Place of Residence:The Gym, Bro.




Audrey: Hot-Blooded and unyielding, Audrey Kinnaird is a force to be reckoned with on and off the battlefield. The woman's crass manner is abrasive to many, but those that truly know her speak highly of her loyalty and unwavering conviction. Audrey is significantly more casual in manner and behavior than her coworkers, often not bothering with honorifics or titles. Because of this, she is by far the most approachable of her team. She is loud to talk and quick to boast, and even quicker to come to blows with those that have wronged her. Audrey has always preferred to punch first and ask questions later, much to the chagrin of her superiors. But her heart has always been in the right place, and the woman's actions are always motivated by the desire to do right by those around her.
True to form, Audrey is a fighter at heart and is always looking for a means to test her strength. Audrey is well versed in several Martial Arts and when she utilizes Sanzir's ever burning flames, she is capable of delivering devastating unarmed strikes with hands and feet wreathed in fire.

Sanzir: Sanzir, much like Audrey is very friendly and they are quite empathetic to others. A chatterbox to the core, the large bird will talk to anyone and everyone, regardless of if they're listening or not. Sanzir is best described as a 'creature driven by emotion' and they feel very strongly about many things. Never one to do anything halfway, Sanzir fully believes that if one gives all that they are, others will do so in return. This is very well illustrated in their personal bond with their Human partner. Sanzir understands Audrey in a way no one else can and vice versa. They play best off of each other's feelings in the midst of battle, and such is their connection that Sanzir does not require verbal commands or even gestures to understand what Audrey requires of them.

When they are not manifesting their physical form, Sanzir retreats into a tattoo on Audrey's back that depicts a Phoenix with wings outstretched.

Audrey is a fairly recent hire of Apex implementations, joining only a scant year and a half ago. She caught Lorette's eye during a particularly grueling MMA Title Match and though Audrey's spirit burned brightly that day, she was ultimately defeated. While Audrey was rather despondent about the loss, Lorette saw in the younger woman great promise and even greater power. Never one to miss out on a profitable opportunity, the CEO was quick to bring Audrey on board and had her placed directly under the watchful eye of her Chief of Security as an intern. Since then Audrey has been promoted to a Junior Officer, and answers to the Chief of Security and in the event of his absence, his Lieutenant.

Name:Nikhil Bhattacharya
Occupation:Head of Research and Development-Apex Implementations
Place of Residence:Apartment within the Business District





Nikhil: Nikhil is a soft-spoken man and is not one to be overly emotional. He does, however, tend to ramble on excitedly when speaking about his points of interest, and will easily talk the ear off of anyone that will listen. Nikhil's research into Daemons and all corresponding technology keeps him very busy and he has little time for socializing. Though he is well mannered and polite, Nikhil can be overwhelmingly blunt to the point of rudeness and on more than one occasion has a joke flown completely over his head. Despite this, or because of it, other members of Lorette's core team can often be seen coming and going from Nikhil's Lab to bother him. These spontaneous visits would irritate him greatly at first, but over the years he has grown accustomed to them and now enjoys them a great deal though he'd never openly admit it.

Nikhil is not a combatant by his own choice, though when he was first hired Lorette did stress the importance of learning the ins and outs of Daemon battling to better understand them. Since then Nikhil has become better versed in fighting alongside a Daemon, though he and his partner prefer to operate in a defensive manner rather than go on the offensive.

The Visor that Nikhil wears was specifically created to better track the separate movements of Eson's 20 arms as doing so without it leaves him disoriented and sometimes makes him ill. The Visor is indispensable both in and out of battle, as it feeds the Engineer a constant stream of data from his surroundings and aids in his research and as such he is rarely seen out of it.

Eson: An oddity even by the standards of Daemons, Eson is known to be both infuriatingly vague and prone to overwhelming others with mountains of information at the same time. Like Nikhil, Eson is remarkably brilliant and seeks knowledge unheard of before. Eson is like most Daemons in that all they know about Humanity comes from strict observation over a long period of time. When Humanity and Daemons first came together in an effort to gain a better understanding of each other, Eson was very excited, eager to finally gain a hands-on understanding of Humans. It is for this reason that they work so well with Nikhil and eagerly answers all the man's questions so long as he answers theirs in turn. Together the two of them have made massive strides towards better bridging the gap between their two species and are constantly working towards building a bright future for both Humans and Daemonkind

As far as appearances go, Eson rests at the upper limits of Humanity's ability to comprehend the incomprehensible. Eson possesses 20 humanoid arms, each one moving and acting of its own accord and claims that manifesting any more would render any Human that looked upon them completely mad.

Like Nikhil, Eson does not engage in combat often and devotes their time to study and research alongside their Human partner, only fighting to garner information used to further the pair's study on the capabilities on Daemons in general. In battle, Eson uses their many limbs to grapple opponents and deflect strikes rather than outwardly attacking. Their vast number of limbs are also disorienting to Human opponents, and their constant movements can be disorienting as Humans cannot focus on each one separately.

When they are not manifesting a physical form, Eson retreats into the Visor that Nikhil is often seen wearing. If not that, Eson will retreat into a simple Tungsten ring that Nikhil wears on his right hand.

A brilliant Mechanical Engineer and self-proclaimed Daemon enthusiast, Nikhil Bhattacharya heads the Research and Development division of Apex Implementations. Nikhil was not always an employee of Apex Implementations, and at one point even worked for one of their competitors. This all changed however when Lorette made contact with the man, revealing to him the existence of Daemons, and Nikhil's interest in them was both immediate and all-consuming. Sensing an opportunity to delve into one of the greatest mysteries ever set before Humankind and attain knowledge unheard of, Nikhil resigned from his current position and immediately signed on with Apex Implementations. The power offered by Daemons intrigued the man greatly, and he saw within Lorette the opportunity to be at the forefront of any of Humanity's advancements made in their regard. The CEO knew in full that Nikhil would accept her offer, having already been aware of his work beforehand, and knowing that he was prone to a certain mysticism, an oddity within the scientific field.

While Lorette might have been enthralled with Nikhil's work and enthusiasm, her Chief of Security was not and he openly questioned where Nikhil's loyalties might lay. His brilliance was obvious and Richard knew full well how much of an asset the man would be to Lorette, but Richard wondered if one day Nikhil might betray her in turn as he was so quick to leave his last employer without a backward glance.

Nikhil swore to Lorette that all he desired was to continue his life's work and to hopefully usher in a new age of technology through the study of Daemons, seeing this as the single greatest opportunity that he would ever receive in his life. Swearing lifelong fealty to Lorette and that he had no desire to work anywhere else, Nikhil has remained with Apex ever since, always under the watchful eye of Richard
The Engineer dove into his new work immediately and with a newfound vigor. Under his direction, the R&D Department has flourished, and Nikhil has made great strides in the field of Daemon Technologies. He is responsible for the advancements that allow for the scanning and containment of Daemons, technology that is becoming more and more necessary with each passing day. With the help of his Daemon partner Eson, Nikhil has delved into the sea of mysteries that surround Daemonkind and strives every day to delve ever deeper. His enthusiasm on the matter is always a note of concern for the Chief of Security, however, and Richard worries that Nikhil would go so far as to sell his own soul if it meant uncovering the secrets of Daemonkind.

Name:Richard Solberg
Occupation:Chief of Security-Apex Implementations
Place of Residence:Like Lorette, he probably sleeps in his office




Richard: Tall, deep-voiced and foreboding, Richard Solberg cuts an imposing figure; as to be expected from the man bearing the title of Chief of Security at Apex Implementations. Richards maintains a stern and commanding presence within the offices of Apex HQ, a veritable army of Officers at his beck and call. The everyday stresses of Richard's work are not overly evident to many, as the man is nigh unflappable, to the point that it's become a running joke within the office. "The building could literally burst into flames, and Richard wouldn't even bat an eye." is a favored joke, but it seems to hold some bit of truth. No one can ever recall in recent history, a point in which Richard has become visibly upset. Despite almost always seeming irritable, Richard maintains a rather cool demeanor in the face of disaster and seems to view even the wost of problems as nothing more than minor inconveniences. Many assume that this stems from years of Military training and service, though Richard is quick to assure any that care to listen that he simply cannot afford to lose his temper with so many people relying on him.

Gruff demeanor aside, Richard is a man of kindness and empathy and takes great strides to get to know the people that serve under him. Preferring to cultivate bonds of loyalty and trust with his subordinates, rather than the detachment that his Service drilled into him years prior. Richard is a man that leaves his door and ears open to any that need it, even while he works diligently to maintain the safety and security of the building and all that reside in it.

A perceptive and cunning individual, it is said that there is nothing that escapes Richard's gaze. While this has earned him the respect and admiration of his subordinates, Richard's unwillingness to allow any that have roused his ire to escape his grasp is a source of fear for any that would oppose him. The Chief of Security is not one to release any prey that he has managed to capture, and will chase his quarry into Pits of Hell if need be.

Afnet: A strange creature to be sure, Afnet's many heads and voices provide a constant source of confusion for all that come in contact with them. A lover of pranks and jokes, Afnet has a tendency to pop out of walls and floors, startling people for amusement. As to be expected of a creature with seven heads Afnet talks a great deal and is a source of near constant headaches for Richard. Their snake-like necks always twisting and turning, seeming ready to coil around anyone that draws too close, the Daemon's armored scales and massive fangs strike terror into many that gaze upon them, but it is Afnet's many voices that are the true danger.

Capable of mimicking any voice that they hear, the Daemon has drawn many to their doom by pretending to be a friend or loved one. Afnet's necks can stretch to a great length, significantly more than the length of their projected form, often bringing forth the question of how big Afnet truly is. This allows Afnet to be in places that they conceivably should not be and they act as Richard's eyes and ears, relaying information back to the man and allowing him to move in and strike.

Afnet and Richard are at their most dangerous, however, when they create music together.

The Chief of Security constantly carries a Guitar Case with him, the instrument inside being where Afnet resides when they are not manifesting a physical form. When Richard strums one of the six strings on the guitar, one of Afnet's heads begins to sing. The potency and frequency of these songs vary based on how Richard chooses to play but they can have a variety of effects. The songs are capable of bolstering the strength of allies that hear them, causing Daemon and Human alike to fight with renewed fervor. More often than not, however, the songs are used to incite despair and terror with Richard's opponents. The Chief of Security will play six different notes, causing six of Afnet's heads to sing, pinning their quarry in place in a state of fear.

The Seventh head then strikes.

Richard did not always have the distinction of serving as Apex's Chief of Security, having served in the United States Military for years prior to his employment there. Richard's Military history is not particularly decorated or notable, his career being rather normal for men of his age within the service. He did not gain much notice until he returned to civilian life and began work in the Private Security sector. Noted for both his commitment and tenacity, Richard's ability to foresee, and subsequently stave off danger seemed almost supernatural at times. This did not escape Lorette Lècuyer's notice, the woman always eager to find talent wherever it might flourish and claim it for her own.

Neither did it escape the notice of the Daemon Tasosael.

In truth Afnet and Tasosael held a history that went on farther back than the dawn of Humanity, their fates intertwined from a single point long before Lorette and Richard were even alive. It took little urging from Tasosael to bring Richard aboard, and he has served as her Chief of Security since that day.

Richard met Afnet 20 years ago under mysterious circumstances, though on one occasion Richard described the event as "A young fool making a deal with the Devil."

Name:matsuko Oshiro
Occupation:: Lieutenant Security Officer-Apex Implementations
Place of Residence:Studio Apartment in the Entertainment District, like the hipster she is.




Matsuko: An energetic and clever woman, Matsuko serves as the Lieutenant Security Officer and Richard's 2nd in command. Where Richard maintains a stern air about him, Matsuko is both cheery and sharp-tongued. The woman is prone to flinging barbed insults towards any that would rouse her ire to the point that Subordinates will flee the area should she be observed to be in a foul mood. Matsuko is infamous for drilling Apex's security forces to exhaustion, demanding excellence from each and every one of them. A lifelong practitioner of Kendo, Matsuko can often be seen in the HQ gym training alone or with Lorette. Like the CEO, Matsuko keeps a sword and scabbard tied to her hip.

If Richard represents the eyes and ears of Apex, Matsuko bears the teeth and claws. She meets any and all opposition with a surprising level of ferocity, and like her superior Matsuko is unwilling to release any prey caught in her grasp. Her pugnacious attitude can come off abrasive to many, but none that have met her can doubt Matsuko's skill in battle, nor her commitment to her work. She gets on surprisingly well with Audrey, despite the two women butting heads more often than not. Much to the chagrin of Richard, the two of them have the habit of combining their efforts to annoy him and are often subject to stern lectures from him.

While eager to see the future that Lorette wishes to bring to pass, Matsuko holds a great deal of skepticism. Not for the CEO or her ambitions, but of the idea that any would be worthy to see it. She remains silent on the manner, doing as she instructed, but Matsuko holds no qualms about disposing of any that are deemed unfit to see the future ushered in by Apex, and will gladly dispose of anyone deemed unworthy with the efficiency and brutality that she has come to be known for.

Sagaron:Despite his otherwise fearsome appearance, Sagaoron is a very mild mannered Daemon. He speaks softly as if worried that he may frighten others and keeps close proximity to Matsuko at all times. The Daemon has a habit of 'swimming' through floors, walls, and ceilings to get from place to place, but will pull himself on land and propel himself forward with powerful limbs. Much like the Orcas that he resembles, Sagaron is very curious and will playfully bat and nudge objects that garner his interest. Unfortunately for foes, this behavior extends to battle and the Daemon is prone to playing with any prey that he catches. Sagaron operates will in conjunction with Afnet. The many-headed Daemon will scour the area for potential prey and direct Sagaron towards it. Sagaron's ability to attack from seemingly anywhere makes him a fearsome combatant, and he is favored for his ability to get the jump on the opposition with minimal effort.

When he is not projecting a physical form, Sagaron resides within the sword that Matsuko keeps tied at her hip.

Matsuko's service to Apex Implementations is somewhat distinguished, the woman quickly setting herself apart from the rest from day one. Her aggressive manner, and willingness to rise to any and all challenges quickly boosted her to the ranks where she eventually settled as 2nd in command to Richard where she has remained ever since.

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Re: Friends in the Void [OOC] 2.0

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I did my best to follow the CS the way you did, but I did make one for the rival CEO and give her a Daemon, also connecting the family to Rasteva in the process.

Name: Isolde Evans
Age: 20
Occupation: Junior Security Officer for Waylight Security
Place of Residence: Despite coming from money, she lives in a simple hotel room that's inexpensive, and has made sure to move when she notices her mother's employees starting to hang around.

Isolde, said to be a spitting image of her grandmother Luna Tyrell
Isolde's dagger, affectionately nicknamed Lumen

Isolde, in all honesty, is the kind of woman who would rather do the right thing than go through any shortcuts that could possibly be illegal if caught. Very levelheaded when it comes to stressful situations, the only person ever to have made her really angry has been her own mother: Sera Tyrell, owner of the Tyrell Institution, which has been leading the world in weapons and defense for the past ten years. Most of the time, she carefully tries to observe her surroundings while feigning disinterest, a feat that nobody close to the current owner of her family company has managed to do so far. She's very capable of defending herself if she needs to, but had never thought about killing despite being considered her mother's black sheep. It would appear as though she had a strong moral compass instilled in her from a young age, often to the point where she would be selfless and risk her life to help them. However, Isolde comes off as an introvert at times, but there's a spark in her that only a select few have seen that can cause some snarky remarks for those that least expect it.

When around friends, Isolde appears to be bright, almost to the extent that she could be bubbly if she had a different upbringing. She tested out to be of high intelligence, but feigned normalcy just to try to stay in the background. With Rasteva, it'll seem like she has someone who understands what it's like to be an outsider, and warm up to him despite how he thinks of humans. Despite this, she has expectations for herself that seem to be too much for her to handle, often making her upset if she doesn't pull something off perfectly in her opinion. While this doesn't happen often, there will be times where she's afraid of her own shadow, and it's during this time that she has had nightmares of the way she was treated by her mother growing up. Not many people realize just how broken Isolde is, and when she sees corruption, she'll do anything to take it out, even if she becomes her mother and pairs up with a daemon in the process.
Isolde was born an only child to Sera Tyrell, who was just beginning to make preparations for taking over the Tyrell Institution from the matriarch Luna Tyrell when she had the child out of wedlock. Despite this, they weren't cut off, but given as much money as they would need so the little girl would live a comfortable life. Luna spoiled her granddaughter with whatever she desired, tutoring her personally so she could know what her moral compass should be, and teaching her how to defend herself in case someone tried to hurt her. It was no secret that her mother was corrupt, and despite what the media has said, her grandmother went through all the correct channels to raise the company up during her lifetime. There was actually a story about how her mother had tried to find a way to make a deal with a Daemon so she could control the company sooner, but throughout her childhood, she failed to do so. Sera abused her daughter physically and emotionally when she wasn't around her grandmother, and while she did fight back, the heir to the company would always win. However, when Isolde was a teenager, that's when everything began to change for her and the company.

Sera had managed to find a way to meet a wyvern Daemon when Isolde was thirteen, and when the girl found out, she moved in with her grandmother immediately and warned her that she finally got the edge she wanted. That was when Luna revealed to her that she did have an interest in Daemons, and while she never paired up with one, she had briefly encountered one named Rasteva, and she was one of the few humans who just wanted to befriend him, not use him to her advantage like her mother was doing with the wyvern Daemon. When Isolde graduated high school, she came home from a grad party to find the house torn apart, and Luna had been killed by an apparent burglary gone wrong, but she knew it was a lie. Sera destroyed the will before anyone could read it, and upon taking out her inheritance that her mother claimed was hers, she grabbed the dagger that her grandmother gave her as a graduation gift and left, not leaving a trace and dropping the ritzy lifestyle so she could afford a decent place. She has a feeling that she was supposed to be the rightful heir to the company after her mother proved to be unfit by summoning a Daemon, but she was quickly recruited by Waylight to become a security officer, sometimes being probed for info on Tyrell Institution, but only saying that Sera was weak for choosing a shortcut. She's a good employee that's been there since she was seventeen, and it was with a private session with Lorette that she got permission to carry her dagger in exchange for warning her that her mother had a wyvern Daemon, and that Luna's death wasn't what the media said it was. She wanted to warn the CEO what her mother was capable of, but considering how she noticed something was off in the office, Isolde now suspects that maybe her mother wasn't the only one who took the Daemon shortcut, and it's made her begin to think about finding another job if she can.

Name: Sera Tyrell
Age: 39
Occupation: CEO of Tyrell Institution
Place of Residence: A ritzy mansion just outside of the city limits like the extravagant woman she is.
Daemon: Kakni


Sera: Sera Tyrell is a woman known to charm people upon meeting, but hidden behind the warm facade is a dangerous enemy for the wrong people. A strong rival to Lorette, the two actually manage to appear as friends to the media while discussing a potential partnership between their companies, which are rivals for the top in countries around the world. Many would describe her as a femme fatale, beautiful and dangerous when she needs to be. She's not above getting her hands dirty, and often consults Kakni on what her next move should be. She managed to hide from the public that she had abused her daughter in the past, and the only reason she wants the partnership is so she can get her daughter under her thumb once again. However, business partners describe her differently compared to what she appears to come off as.

Partners describe Sera as intelligent, bordering on genius at times for some of her ideas for weaponry that the company sells. Very ambitious, she was the one to reveal her intention of reaching a partnership with Apex Implementations so they could expand their transportation department, and some spoke up saying that they were hesitant to say it in case she thought it would be absurd. She's very motherly to her employees, often treating some of them like they were her children when her daughter would say that she's a monster in human skin. However, she can never catch up to Isolde, who has made every effort she can to run away, but she's done her best to catch up, even learning her newest cell so she could call her. She treats Kakni like a business partner around guests that know of him, but some say that their relationship goes beyond that from how they act around each other. Sera puts the Institution first before anything else, and she's made an effort to conceal some shady dealings from a guy who just started snooping around as soon as she began to talk with Lorette.

Kakni: Kakni is a wyvern Daemon, and he comes off as very fierce and defensive around Sera. Oftentimes he can sneak up on people by varying his size, and he uses this to gain information for his partner that she otherwise couldn't have access to. Very cunning, he usually has a way of making sure his partner remains successful without giving himself away to the wrong people, and he takes a page out of Tasosael's book for how to treat people and gain information. In fact, it's as if the two Daemons were partners back in the Void, and it's unclear why he suddenly has been pushing to see the Daemon again though Sera. His raven colored scales are said to be harder to break through than diamonds, and he makes it clear that he's not cute at all, even if Sera disagrees when he becomes small enough to hide in shadows undetected.

The Daemon isn't above getting his hands dirty, and has often been the one to do Sera's dirty work so she doesn't get caught. He has the capacity to breathe fire, oftentimes being either raven like his scales when disinterested or silver when he fights with a passion. He honestly worships the ground Sera walks on, and it's clear that his sense of right and wrong revolve around her. Kakni will also use his claws when he fights, and the marks left from them resemble knife wounds so humans get thrown off. He will deny saying that he loves Sera, but he has said in a low voice that she could've been a very humanoid Daemon from the way she truly acts. When not called upon to be summoned, Kakni makes himself hide in a tattoo on Sera's arm that has him curled around it, promoting newcomers to call her Dragon Lady at times due to her relationship to the Daemon.
Sera was born into a rich lifestyle to Luna and Gregoire Tyrell, and for them, she was their miracle child after her mother was supposedly declared barren years before her birth. However, the two of them were strict on her, not trying to spoil her since she began to act as though she was entitled to everything in the house, including the Institution once she learned they owned it together. Gregoire wasn't the kind of person to run a business, so he willingly let Luna take control, and they flourished all around the world since the business was much older than they were. However, they began to fear for her when she began to try to partner with Daemons, and as it turned out, she had succeeded once before Kakni by meeting a Daemon older than any creature she'd ever met named Rasteva, but he refused to help her, deeming her unworthy while appearing to like her mother when she talked him easily into going back to the Void. By that point, she was sleeping around with the wrong crowd by the time she got pregnant at nineteen with her only daughter, and Luna forced her to keep the pregnancy before she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that she named Isolde, giving her the last name Evans because her birth father was Jason Evans, an underling at her family company that was the head of security. Jason mysteriously disappeared after finding out that Sera had given birth to a daughter, but it's now been suspected that he might have been killed as a way of preventing him from trying to take custody of their child at a later date.

Sera never wanted kids, and with her mother spoiling Isolde the way she never spoiled her, she grew jealous of her daughter easily winning the love she claimed she never got. At thirty-three, she successfully met another Daemon named Kakni, but Gregoire was killed since Isolde was still in school at the time she had met him as a way of getting back at Luna for spoiling the unwanted child. When her daughter got home and discovered the wyvern and her cleaning up blood, she ran to Luna, who took her in without a second thought as the police failed to find out where her grandfather disappeared to. Now furious at her mother, Sera asked Kakni to help her gain control of the company she was going to inherit, and then help her keep it when she did gain control. At thirty-seven, she took control by using Kakni to dispose of Luna, and when she discovered that she named Isolde the sole heir, she destroyed the will and took over the company, claiming to be the grieving daughter while desperately trying to find Isolde to keep her quiet.

It's unclear when she began to talk to Lorette, but she made it clear that she wanted to help her get an edge while helping herself get one as well, but it's only a matter of time before she tries to dispose of her like the other obstacles that she encountered in her life.
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