[REQ] Re-Hos (The Cure)

RP here if you don't want to worry about guidelines or length. (4 sentences or less per post, on average.)
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[REQ] Re-Hos (The Cure)

Post by Desertwind » Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:02 am

Welcome to the land of Re-Hos. It is a world of many influences. (Medieval Fantasy, Steampunk, Arabian, Oriental and most importantly Western)

We will begin in the nation of Agrethon. Six years after a civil war between the East and West known as the war of Evolution. Where the West lost and is now treated as second class citizens. This particular setting will take place on the outskirts region to the West known as Frontera. It is a badlands where things come to be forgotten. However it is also here where true heroism waits to be discovered.

I will be adding more backstory to this environment as interest builds. There is a lot of flexibility for a magnitude of characters. I only ask that you be sensible as no omnipotent and you must be comfortable with playing this character for the foreseeable future as the story develops. (I don't make one shot arcs and neither should you) I am going to start this with one dedicated player that fits the setting and add more as the story develops.

I know this is vague but this is my first time doing a campaign in this manner and I am not sure how much to add. Well anyways message me if you are interested. We are going to start with a classic [help the princess / save the world]

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Re: [REQ] Re-Hos (The Cure)

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