Zeta Academy (official)

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Re: Zeta Academy (official)

Post by Ash » Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:17 am

Zella watched the family walk away, and decided to wait to for Evan and Darkfire to direct them properly. She leaned against the wall, and waited.
When the doors opened and she felt a wave to heat coming from the inside she knew that Darkfire was walking this way. She walked towards the entrance, and took a peek inside. Yep I was right! She saw them walk towards her, and she headed back outside. She extended the shadows to cover her and cool her down a bit. She saw them walk out, and called them over. “Hey Darkfire!” She wakes them over. “Your wife went towards the entrance where registration took place yesterday. Also there were some updates about the new protocols. Our powers don't work inside the dorms, and the school is in total lockdown.” She turned the direction which Frost took off in. “You may want to hurry to get to Frost. There are too many heroes around.” She turned towards them. “Evan, I hope to see you in class. And Darkfire it was a pleasure to meet you.” She gave a small smile and wave, and vanished into the shadows.

Zella made her body reappeared in front of her dorm room. Wonder if my roommate is here. She made her way into her room. She closed the door and leaned against it. That was one long conversation. She sighed and got ready for bed.
Once ready she laid on her bed with her tablet. Looking at what other things the object holds.

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Re: Zeta Academy (official)

Post by ZuZu » Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:49 pm

Kaelan had made it inside the staff offices, though in a different part of the building that the main commotion. So while he noted a slight temperature rise while he 'spoke' with an assistant, he missed being caught up in it. A time later he was exiting the building building with a new tablet in hand, inspecting the notification that had popped up as soon as he logged in. Actually, there were two. One was an older one, notifying students of the power nullification within the dorms, something he frowned at faintly... he'd never encountered such magic, so he didn't know how it would affect his Sand Man ability. Would he collapse into a pile of sentient sand? or not be able to collapse his physical form at all? He supposed he was about to find out...

The other notification was also about the dormitories, though this one pertained to housing arrangements. Apparently, after the... gruesome events of that morning, there was to be some roommate shuffling and relocating. Apparently the school thought it best if everyone possible had another being nearby in this 'stressful time'. Kaelan's gaze scanned the message, drifting to the bottom where the number of his new room and fellow occupant was. "Davenport Saten".

Staring at it, the purple haired boy felt a knot in his stomach, and rubbed a hand over his face in quiet thought as the days events seemed to catch up to him all at once, his limbs abruptly feeling as heavy as his heart. Guess it was a good thing he hadn't had a chance to unpack in the last room... Nodding vaguely to the small group still gathered outside the entrance on his way past, Kaelan headed towards his old dorm room with the intent to gather his things and move to the new one. Maybe he could take a nap, and forget it all for a few hours...
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Re: Zeta Academy (official)

Post by Dead_Inside » Mon Jan 21, 2019 4:53 pm

Evan looked at the one who was telling him and his Father which way his Mother and Sister had gone and he nodded, smiling gently at her.

"Thank you.", he said.

He turned to his Father who was clearly still irritated but started moving off the way they had been directed. Evan moved beside him, keeping easy pace as his father walked. It didn't take long for them to happen upon the scene of Frost and the others, Heroes hovering close to them and looking on alert. Darkfire narrowed his eyes as he moved closer. The Heroes, trying to break one of their lot from thick vines that had her restrained, looked up at him and started to shrink back. Frost turned at the familiar warmth and smiled at her husband while she still held Fe.

"Come along, we'll go to the Hotel in the city tonight and have the kids back tomorrow before class.", Darkfire said, eying the Heroes murderously.

Frost nodded and went back to leading Fe away, Evan looked at Ariana and smirked. The vines were obviously her doing. He motioned for her to come with them as they all continued to move towards the far east side of the campus to leave for the night.
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Re: Zeta Academy (official)

Post by hellbounddemon » Mon Jan 21, 2019 5:06 pm

Ariana followed close to them being sure to protect them. She wasn't sure why but knew answers would be coming soon.

She looked at the heros and seemed to smile at the work she did happy with it but not sure why she felt like that

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