[Kanind] 165 Minutes or Less

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Re: [Kanind] 165 Minutes or Less

Post by Wanderlusst » Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:28 pm

165 changed quickly, once she was in uniform she stepped up to the small mirror that hung on the wall. As she stared at the girl in the mirror, she could hardly remember what she was like before all this - before dying and being rebooted, after the reboot, most Reboots don't remember who they were or what their life was like before they had died, the only thing 165 remembers was the accident that caused her to die.

As 75's voice filled the room, she spun around, how didn't she hear him ? She wondered before shaking her head,"Right sorry, we are locating a Zambur by the name of, Dax, he's one of the top guns for a gang called the, Star Marshes, we locate and arrest him, interrogate him - well our bosses are hoping he will flip the switch and give up another higher up, or the main man himself, Drudd."

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Re: [Kanind] 165 Minutes or Less

Post by kanind » Thu Jan 17, 2019 5:16 am

75 nodded, looking interested in the mission. Well, as interested as he could physically be at this point.

"So, what is the plan for his capture then? If he is the top gun in a gang, wouldn't that mean he would be a difficult catch?"

He crossed his arms in front of him, obviously thinking about the situation at hand. He didn't seem bothered or anything by it all, just... curious.

"Not to mention, there is always the chance that he will have other members of The Star Marshes with him, and that could pose another challenge. Do we have the authorization to use lethal force if the need arises? That could be vital if we want to maintain the upper hand."

He paused for a brief moment, realizing that this was his first job in this new life. It was probably best for him to leave it up to 165. She had a fair amount of experience over him, a newbie. Why was he asking her so many questions in the first place? He didn't have any actual curiosity about what was going on at first, but it seemed like something had just clicked when he thought of even a single question. How odd.

"I suppose we should just worry about all that when the times comes, huh? Sorry for drilling you with questions like that. I just kind of felt...compelled to for some reason."
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