The Hunt.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by illirica » Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:16 am

The phone call didn't seem to go as well as Williams would have liked, but he made it seem like it was a credit to his ingenuity, just like always. He'd accomplished something, even if it hadn't been what he wanted. Times Square, thirty minutes. It was doable. That would give a little time for area reconnaissance, tactical discussion, and setup.

The next words he had to say, though, were brutal. Hostages killed. Capacitor nodded, slowly. She'd known, that it was a possibility - even if she'd hoped that it would not come to that, she'd known it might happen - yet it was necessary, because they had needed to provoke the sort of superiority in Alpha that made her willing to meet with Hector, willing to take his gambit. Lives lost were always a regret... but they would not be the first lives lost on Capacitor's watch, nor would they be the last.

Sometimes she wished things could be otherwise, but that was not who she was. Who she had been created to be. Williams spoke again, telling her it wasn't her fault, and she knew it was a lie as much as he did. He'd walked away, and she didn't blame him. She took a moment, just breathing quietly, then turned and caught up with him, pulling her magnetic field in - pulling everything back in. "Hector." Her hand touched his shoulder, skin wrapped in smooth wire. "I may not like you - but I trust you."

She met his eyes, and then pushed the charge through her hand, hitting him with everything she had. 'Just give it to me quick,' he'd told her, and she didn't waste time. Alpha had warned her to kill him before he powered up, but she had been designed to hold electrical charge, to use it to power the weapons she was given. Today, he was her weapon.

And Alpha was a bitch anyway. Teja nodded, acknowledging the initiative even as her vision cleared. She'd recharge enough in a moment to handle herself. It didn't take long, after all. "Go," she told him. "She'll be looking for reasons to kill more hostages. If I come with you, she'll take that an excuse. I'll recharge and catch up later, and try to maintain a perimeter. Don't let her get to you. Be professional."

That last was probably wishful thinking. She half smiled, vaguely amused. Maybe he'd just kill her by squashing her with his ego.

It was certainly more his style, after all.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Sans_the_Medic » Sat Nov 10, 2018 8:17 am

Kat's plan was pretty good. The only issue with it was that disguises normally worked better when you weren't seen putting them on. Horsehead had taken a quick stop to better supply himself and was now toting an AR-15 with a good scope, a flash hider, and a sling for easy switching; a mossberg 590 tactical pump; and enough ammo for all 3 of his current firearms to fill a duffel bag. Strangely enough it wasn't as heavy as Joe would have expected; he'd been suspecting for a while that Helena had done some occult shit to him to increase his strength or something but even still he wasn't sure. Still, he had been walking over to the warehouse when he had seen his target enter the shop; and he set up.

As soon as Kat exited the shop he engaged. pulling the trigger of his AR15 3 times, BANG BANG BANG, the rounds whizzing towards his target. The flash hider made sure that he was still actually somewhat concealed as there was no muzzleflash to give him away. He was nearly certain they wouldn't be fatal, he wasn't very good at calibrating high power scopes so chances were he'd be a bit off with his shots: but at the very least he was confident he'd wound.
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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Akhilleus » Sat Nov 10, 2018 2:46 pm

It was odd— for a moment, Teja almost seemed to be compassionate, calling out his name and making her way over to him. He stopped, taken by surprise at her putting a hand on his shoulder. Was she going to apologize? Wish him luck? Declare her love for him?

"I may not like you - but I trust you." She stated, then proceeded to electrocute him with hundreds of volts. It didn't hurt, of course, but the sensation was enough to make him jolt in his shoes and mutter a concise SHIT alongside his sharp inhale from the shock.

"You know, for a moment, I thought this was gonna be like a, uh, heartfelt exchange," Hector replied with a smirk, stepping back and shaking his arms out. The electrical energy hit him hard— he felt like he could run a damn marathon, and he probably could. Hell, getting to Times Square in 30 would be the equivalent of doing one. Backpedaling into the alleyway, the smirk went into an all-out smile.

"Professional? I'm always professional, Captain. Don't even worry 'bout it."

With a hop and a turn, Williams broke out into a sprint and began the trek towards Times, going over the mental image of him putting a fist through Alpha's pretty little face.

You don't even know what you've walked into, bitch.
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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Deterrence » Sat Nov 10, 2018 6:44 pm

Am I dead?

Stark blackness. Light breaks through the void. Not natural light - no, it's from a screen, about an inch from his face.

Am I in Hell?

Jason Carpenter feels the cuffs rubbing against his wrists. A tablet is feeding him information. He squints at the brightness, and does his best to commit every face he sees to memory. The woman especially.

Am I in a dream?

It's definitely not a dream. She's given him a mission, but there's no way in Hell he'd follow through. The cuffs click open; Carpenter kicks the lid of the coffin away. It's a clumsy kick, shot out from a confined space, but it does the trick.

Jason is on his feet in an instant. Surroundings are vague. A morgue, empty. He inspects himself. No apparent lacerations anywhere on his body that would suggest foreign implants - tracking devices, bombs, poison capsules. Nothing.

His attire is standard and non-helpful in the situation. A black sleeveless shirt, military pants. Boots. Despite all his countermeasures she'd managed to nab him. How? His head didn't hurt, which meant he hadn't been knocked out physically (no concussion). He was hypnosis-resistant. Had to have been a tranquilizer round, and a strong one at that.

What exactly was he dealing with here? A mission, a test. Some kind of initiation ritual. On his own, against seven others, with fifty lives on the line. No gear. No backup. He suppressed a smile. Wasn't right to smile, but it was hitting him now. He had a job, a real job, for the first time in forever. The objective? Survive.

Fully awake now.


He tucked the cuffs into his pocket, snatching the flip-phone from the table nearby. Clearly a means of ongoing communication between "Alpha" and her targets. There was one number to dial; he pressed call. Get the queen talking. It was ringing. He put it on speaker and left it on the table.

Deep breaths. Stretch. With his empty hand Jason dug his bandana out of his left pocket, wrapping it expertly around his forehead.

"It's showtime."

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Deus Mortis » Sat Nov 10, 2018 7:04 pm

A small gaze upon the man’s eyes and Noctua’s entire perspective of reality had seemingly shifted. No longer could he smell the various odors and perfumes radiating from the city, just as he could no longer hear the individual footsteps of a man four blocks away or the distant figure of a plane a couple of miles up in the sky. In fact, he couldn’t see anything anymore, just the glow of his opponent’s eyes as he moved about the field of battle. To Noctua, he had been dropped in an endless abyss, without any of his senses or…

His fingers would feel one another, the small mounds from his talons resting within them now gone as well. Fearing the worst, Noctua would turn his head as far as he could to one side, immediately feeling that for some unexplained reason, his natural ability to turn his head completely around was completely gone.

What did he do to me?!

To have one’s own biology tampered with before their conscious eyes was a harrowing experience, especially when in the middle of a fight. Noctua was stripped off all that had inspired him to become a hero in the first place and put into some bubble of shadows. He stood now in complete darkness, his refined senses forcefully dulled to that of a trained man’s. Noctua had never fought blinded before in his life and with his other senses brought down to the full extent of a mere man’s, he was at a bigger disadvantage.

He was completely out of his comfort zone.

Which was why it was such a relief for him that his opponent had offered him a chance to negotiate.

”You know,” Noctua said, his body positioned in a boxer’s defensive stance. ”If you opened up with that, we could have skipped this whole…whatever it is you did.”

Noctua wouldn’t move from where he was, though his hands would shift, now up with his palms facing forward. ”I’m not interested in the whole “prove I’m the strongest fighter here” thing going on, alright? I’m just here to save those hostages. I’ll surrender.”

Though anxious that his life was about to be extinguished within a moment, Noctua stood unshaken. This man was surely dangerous but the bigger source of fear The Paragon felt was coming from the fact that with each encounter or fight, he was losing time in this “game”. Time that would cost some innocent citizen their life.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Azra » Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:11 am

Azra didn't pay much mind to the phone, she almost had outright missed it. It however did buzz and drop the information of note, people had died. A woman was to blame, presumably was thinking to reach out in some way to go against the rules. Capacitor would be one of the targets to come she faintly recognized it, a familiarity clicked of someone met in passing back in DC. She was a good woman, but being good and defiant of the rules got an innocent killed. Good people would die tonight but if that meant innocents didn't then that was easier to swallow. The alternative was people who offered there lives for others safety got others killed. That was a target to come however, there was another target that appeared closer.

There was a point of darkness, a space perfect for a battle of two, maybe it could be more to be fair. Azra just kind of imagined given the night it was some kind of duel format. She couldn't see who was there, she didn't know what they could do. Someone in there had an ally, the face on the outside connected as being in the same space as another. If she had to expect one was brain one was brawn, some sort of friendship or career that led them to be a pairing of note. The one outside the darkness didn't look all that interested in fighting seemingly even going for a pillow.

Seemed to docile, maybe he didn't deserve this. In a way the heart goes soft. As hard as the ghost wanted to be specters weren't exactly known for their durable ways.

Alezra would take aim for striking below the lung enough to wound in a way that should take one out of the fight. Hopefully it wouldn't be fatal she already was loosing some nerve she tried to go into this with. Still she found a spot on the roofs concealed by shadows, she'd be difficult to spot as she posed. Flow into the proper stance of a javelin thrower, picturesque. Almost any other knight she'd like to think she looked like a knight on the cover of a book ready to face down a dragon spear probably looking of legendary craftsmanship. Not here though, was just a girl aiming at some guy with a spear that looked cheaply forged.

She stays intangible, she can sense the world but it can only slightly make her presence out. A blurred reflection more then anything tangible. There's no sound, there's no heart beat, the air doesn't move in reaction to herself. Azra throws the spear and it's just a faded blur lost amongst the far city lights and night sky. The spear can only be intangible for so long, her ability doesn't linger on ranged projectiles for long. It would hold though until it neared the opposition. Her spear materializing in the last moments before possible strike. with any luck it would go unnoticed until it was far to late to respond.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by The Broker » Sun Nov 11, 2018 6:49 am


Fascinating, truly fascinating. Alpha had picked Arthur and Ezekiel because they did not hesitate to kill, steel sharpens steel.
He didn't expect her to reveal anything about how it was she managed to grab the pair, but decided it was worth it just to ask. Arthur figured this had to mean that the majority of the contenders were heroes and would not go the same lengths to survive that he would, which gave him quite the advantage.

Then another message, a hostage had been killed thanks to Capacitor. The Capacitor? Once The Broker had recognized the name, he realized that the woman with green hair he saw briefly on the feed must be her. He was impressed with Alpha once more, who had been able to nab a well known superhero for this contest of hers.

Arthur looked over at the dome and pondered on how things were unfolding in there. Most likely Zeke had given his negotiation proposition by now and the bird costumed fellow would be accepting it. If he didn't accept it, whether out of bravery or sheer idiocy, he knew that his friend would make very short work of him. Arthur knew just how well Oculus could fight, as he himself has been on the receiving end of his beatings several times, only in practice, of course.

Ezekiel had always looked out for Arthur, ever since they were placed in the same orphanage. He taught Arthur how to fight and how to survive. Which is why when he had given the command to not be caught out, he trusted that his pupil would in fact not be caught out. Arthur knew that even if he felt safe, he should always be on the lookout for an attack.

So when a spear came flying out of the night air around him, he was able to react just in time by catching the projectile mid air with his mind. Immediately he threw the weapon off the building and let it fall to the streets below, then he created a portal beneath himself which dropped him off on a neighboring rooftop. He caught himself and stood up, looking around trying to spot his foe, with a wide grin on his face.

Ezekiel! I know you probably won't be able to hear me, but I need you. Now.

"Woah! That was a close one. I would say nice throw but I honestly don't feel like complimenting the person who just tried to end my life."

His smile faded away when he realized he could not spot his foe. Just in time Ezekiel made his entrance, appearing out of the shadows in front of his master holding a defensive stance.

The attacker cannot be seen, the strike came from close enough that I should've been able to spot who thew it. They're using trickery to hide themselves. Let's make the trade, my left eye for yours.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Oculus » Sun Nov 11, 2018 6:50 am


From the shadows, the unmistakable sound of a slightly disappointed sigh could be heard. He was grateful for the powers the Oculus provided, however every once and a while the requirement he had to state the conditions of a fight could be... grating. He had hoped for a more engaging encounter, however, there was no way around it now. The man had chosen to yield, which meant he had no choice but to accept the man's surrender. He had a feeling that Arthur would be dissatisfied as well, a fact that made the situation even more irritating then it would have been under normal circumstances.

"Very well. But do not take this to mean you can escape from here unharmed."

With a flick of his wrist, Ezekiel slashed the air with his blade, seemingly parting the darkness as the dome began to fade away. Just as quickly as they had been stolen the man's gifts would be returned. Flooding back into him like a second wind. However his powers were not alone, something else would surge back into the man's body. The penalty for accepting defeat while within the Absolute Equalizer. A mark etched upon his chest, along with a sensation that while not explicitly painful would nevertheless alert Noctua to the existence of the mark.

"That brand is your punishment for conceding this duel, and I would not take it lightly if I was you. It does not take kindly to those who refuse its commands, and since you yielded to me, then my commands are its commands. What I say next is law, defy it at your own risk. This is the contract you have accepted in exchange for your life."

Ezekiel paused for a moment, considering an apt punishment for the man. However the answer came to him faster then he would have expected, and in the end, he found the sentence fit the crime rather well.

"Very well then, for one who runs from his fight, then I can think of no better punishment than to have you keep running. If you refuse to engage in this game, then you have no place in it. Consider this the decree from Ezekiel Lee Ambrose: LEAVE MANHATTAN NOW, GO BACK TO NEW YORK PROPER AND DO NOT RETURN TILL A FULL HOUR HAS PASSED SINCE YOUR FEET WERE LAST ON THIS ISLAND."

As The Devoted Son spoke, the man bearing the mark would feel the weight of his words push down upon him. There was no mental command forcing him to submit, rather the only thing telling him to follow the man's commands would be his own natural instincts. The same instincts that flared up when one was staring down death. The impulse to run. Born out of fear, fear for what the mark upon his skin would do to him if he failed to comply. Yet the fear it imagined was but a shadow of what would truly come to pass was the man to ignore Ezekiel's decree.

Yet before The Devoted Son could watch to see what decision the man-made, something caught his attention. As if he had completely forgotten about the foe before him, something far more happened a ways away. His head quickly snapped, his crimson eyes piercing through the darkness for a moment before he completely vanished. Not even a blur or a gust of wind remained as he tore across the buildings in a blitz of demonic speed. Beckoned away from one fight, and straight into another.

Within seconds he was at his destination, crouched low in a defensive position, a shield to his young master. His eyes rapidly scanned the rooftops, his perfect vision peering through the veil before locking on to the woman who had just attacked. Every fiber of his being screamed for him to strike, to tear her limb from limb, yet with measured control he held the monster at bay. Instead, he listened to Arthur's words, nodding his head as he understood the idea. A maneuver they had put together for foes such as this, in which it would serve them both greatly to possess even have the power of his Almighty Eye.

So with a grin beginning to form on his face, he uttered the only words his master would need to hear


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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Azra » Sun Nov 11, 2018 5:50 pm

The shadow drops and words are said to the owl themed figure, it's hard to make out not to clear from the distance. She picked up on one part though a command to leave Manhattan. This seemed commanding, some form of hypnotic ability perhaps? Two it meant someone else tonight would die for breaking rules. These were not heroes from what Azra could tell then. He moves to defend a friend at a speed that was near impossible for the ghost to follow. He agreed to something the friend said, this hinted at telepathy. As for said friend it was rather surprising how things had played out.

Telekinesis looked to direct the spear away, what was more important though was the speed and efficiency of its use. A split moment between impact and time to react from a flanking position but it was stopped. A portal was made to change location as well. Quick to relocate, a good means to make her need to or make it more possible to find her. And while he hadn't the friend of his with his unique scarlet eyes had.

"Believe me I'd rather not kill you. But our lives aren't worth innocent ones and I don't think there's some magical scenario where we team up and get the drop on the real person who should die." She took a moment to step out of shadows behind a sign, it's neon lights now illuminating the silver haired cat eyed figure. She spoke loud enough to be hear but also rather soft. It wasn't the tone of someone who aimed to kill. She also tried to let that fact linger at the front of her mind. If a psychic ability existed and was looking into her mind she wanted that known. That while certainly looking for wounds that could be fatal mostly she just wanted people taken out of the fight.

That was all she could do, try and come close enough to lethal to pass for what Alpha wanted. She'd try and keep explanation brief, they could call themselves whatever they wanted. Heroes, villains, just hired guns whatever, in her eyes they were by their nature more expendable then ordinary life. And lastly to hint at ones end game, there was only one person Azra really wanted dead. Her body language was a bit more somber it didn't want to look them in the eye. Just a teen wanting to save people in a scenario where not everyone could be saved. So she tried to feed into the more hunter mindset she was raised on, quick to make a lunge.

Intangible and traveling on wind helped make her just a bit quicker, just a bit out of the speed of others. It wasn't matching super speed but it placed her above the regular human. There was however no sound to her motion no thoughts to read. Intangible she largely didn't exist to the world around her. She would land in front of the others clearly there but transparent, there but soundless. This was followed by a thrust of a weapon again their yet not, it during it's path wasn't tangible it wasn't real. Hard to block with a sword or push with the mind until Azra willed the change. Looking to make the weapon real when it was inside her foes.

Ideally the spear would pierce somewhere in the defendant's shoulder. Would puncture the lower ribs of the mental powered friend. Weapon turning real and shredding everything that ought to be in its path once it made it beyond ones defenses. An idealistic girl liked to think they'd some how dodge it and then come up with some elaborate idea they could all use. She would love to be wrong that there wasn't another way. Alezra didn't see one though so she stuck to what came more naturally.

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Re: The Hunt.

Post by Alpha » Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:26 am

12:00 PM

T+ One Hour.

"Indeed it is."

The Alpha answered Carpenter on the first ring, soon enough to hear him speak.

"I'm afraid I can't indulge you with an evil monologue, 'Rook.' I will offer up a little intelligence, though. I've just pointed one of our contestants towards another. To be precise, a bloodthirsty mercenary and a defenseless child. I would urge haste... Katherine may be a talented fencer, but she's far from bulletproof. Head southwest about three klicks, and keep an eye out for a man in a horse mask, and a girl wearing a fencer's helmet."

This time, the Hunter didn't disconnect immediately. Still, until the black-operative responded, she would turn her attention to other things.

The ghost had engaged with the 'dynamic duo.' Noctua had lost, but she wouldn't penalize him for leaving the island under compulsion. Besides, that created certain... opportunities.

Requiem had yet to get moving. Intervention would be necessary, to bring her into the wider playing field. The Spartan tapped out a message, sending it to the phone she'd left by the water tower where she'd left the girl.

'Unless you plan on standing around all night, I'd recommend heading south, to the United Nations building. One of my people is waiting there, under orders to attack if they're not stopped. She won't be hard to miss- her appearance is rather distinctive.'

It was a shame the girl was so reticent to use her gifts to their fullest extent. Power-nullification was one of the strongest metahuman abilities out there, and she insisted on being a 'hero.'

Finally, that left the matter of Williams. The Alpha had no intention of facing him personally, of course. However, as tempting as it was to simply bomb all of Times Square, he was liable to simply absorb the energy, giving him an unfair advantage over the other chosen.

"Virgil," she said aloud to the room. With a slight motion of her head, she gestured to a screen, which displayed Akhilleus making his way to the designated location. Between two old friends, no more needed to be said.

There was a faint sound of chains clinking and metal scraping against metal, as the Pack's assassin joined the hunt.

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