Wanna slay some stuff?

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Wanna slay some stuff?

Post by Sans_the_Medic » Wed Oct 17, 2018 12:42 pm

So I was looking at a doom slayer fanart and one thing led to another and I suddenly came up with the idea of doing an RP where all the characters are slayers from media (or OC). We're talking doomguy, we're talking buffy, we're talking goblin slayer; we're even talking people that slay shit for a profession that don't have slayer in their name like the Winchesters from supernatural, I'm not picky!

The RP will focus around the slayers waking up in a mysterious place and forced through a gauntlet where they must face off against the things that they all slay; demons, goblins, vampires, whatever!

It's (hopefully) gonna be a less serious RP, full of jokes, one liners, and casual mass genocide of evil things! Though if you want to take things in a more serious direction for a while then by all means go ahead. Looking for 5 other players for now; so get claiming a character spot now! Hope to see you around!

Trial of the Slayers
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