Captain Crusader

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Captain Crusader

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Name: Owen James Thorne

Alias: Captain Crusader

Alignment: Hero

Age: 42



(Includes red cowl to cover the nose and eyes)

History: A born metahuman, Owen grew up an only child in a close, loving family. James and Angela Thorne loved each other so much that when Owen was born, he became the light of their lives. When Owen was twelve years old, James founded his own company with a new business partner, Vincent Grimm. Seventeen years ago, James Thorne allegedly threw himself off the 75th floor of Thorne Tower. Owen’s life was torn apart. He inherited Thorne Enterprises and has stepped up to the challenge of filling his father’s shoes. He still laments the loss of his father, and has refused to believe he would ever commit suicide.

Red Spectre: Laura Jane Harper was Owen’s secretary, a metahuman, and the first person to accidentally discover his identity. She possessed the abilities of invisibility, and intangibility; She could become invisible, and pass freely through solid objects. Owen reluctantly agreed to let LJ adopt her own superhero persona and fight by his side. She chose the alias, Red Specter. Over several years, an unspoken bond of love developed between the two, despite a bit of an age gap between them. Before that romance could blossom, LJ Harper was killed during an exchange with a rogue metahuman. Owen never fully recovered from the loss of LJ.

The Harper Institute: After LJ’s death, Owen founded the Harper Institute for gifted youth. The institute is a state of the art facility where young metahumans can safely learn to control their powers, and practice the awareness needed to protect themselves.

Personality: Owen is an old world man. He is strong, confident, and humble all the while. He is rarely known to mince words, and has become increasingly withdrawn since LJ Harper’s death. He is a man of conviction, and moral fiber. Always willing to stick his neck out for a stranger or friend. A true pacifist and peacekeeper.

  • Light Manipulation (can use his body as a light source)
  • Photon Blasts
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Flight
Skills: Kenjutsu (never used to fight crime), martial arts, skilled mediator, wealthy

Equipment: SARA (communication)

SARA: Systems Analysis and Repair Algorithms, or ‘SARA’ for short. SARA is a highly advanced AI that assists Owen in various ways. It is able to hack into security and satellite systems, as well as perform research tasks, and keep Owen informed and alert. SARA is Thorne Enterprises’ security system, and IT team, all neatly rolled into one sentient machine.

Nemesis: The Phantom

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