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Re: City Life(Reboot)

Post by DJ Muffins » Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:10 am

The rain had started an hour prior, not unusual for the time of year. A few passerbys walked through the drizzle heads down focused on their own paths wandering through life. A man paused on the street, a few paces from the nearest streetlight, his hands in his pockets of his suit as the water splashed off his poncho. Shaking off the rain with a subtle nervous sigh as he crossed the street. He was already in a part of town that had seen many of his brothers of the gang killed in attempts to take Dragon Turf. Knowing his job he paused outside a small apartment building, a single envelope in green and black wax seal sliding out of his pocket and through the slot. The paper falling silently to the ground in the Dragons known safe houses. The stranger let out another nervous shiver, quickly turning and walking through the rain as he faded away into the Misty evening. His job was done, for now.

Tyler glanced at the neon lights across the room as the rain drummed mutely outside "What a day..." Rubbing his face slowly trying to wake up after his afternoon shift at work, ready to start his real job after the lights went out.

//CS for those who haven't seen it yet//

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