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Name: Allan Shaw

Alias: Osmosis

Alignment: Villain

Age: 67



History: In 1983, Allan was working for Global Tech under Doctor Walter Stokes. Allan had developed a close relationship with Stokes. Being the older, smarter scientist and project leader, Shaw admired and looked up to Stokes. He devoted himself faithfully to the work they had been doing on the metahuman project. One night Walter insisted Allan go home for a night, rather than sleep in the lab - and with a certain degree of suspicion - Allan obliged. The next day he came to find that Walter Stokes had betrayed them all, destroying years of hard work and research, setting the project back by potentially months. Shaw was both heartbroken, and furious. He spent years trying to use what raw data and living samples they had left to recreate the brilliant work of Walter Stokes to no avail. Years later Allan was sure he had replicated the Stokes Formula, despite the fact that his rat subjects kept dying slow, painful deaths from catastrophic DNA mutations. He was obsessed, fixated on recreating his life’s work. He injected himself with the Shaw Formula, and after almost dying from a massive seizure, he discovered that he now had a healing factor with a little something extra.

Personality: The unstable nature of his superpower (and the Shaw Formula) has begun to chip away at his psyche, his personality slowly becoming more chaotic and fractured. He is calculated, and yet ever so slightly unhinged. He is unpredictable, power-hungry, and longs only to spearhead a new era of humanity; the Metahuman Era.

Powers: When Shaw makes contact with a superpowered individual (skin-to-skin, or contact with materials which are also touching the skin), he absorbs and emulates their superpowers for a short period of time until the effects wear off. The individual in question does not lose their superpowers, Shaw simply mimics them temporarily. He is able to hold a power or set of powers for 45-60 minutes before losing them entirely.
  • Healing Factor (if killed, he cannot regenerate)
Weakness: Holding the abilities of too many individuals at the same time causes Shaw to become weak, disoriented, and he loses control over all of the abilities present within him (which can be a volatile situation depending on what he’s loaded up with at the time). It can cause him to pass out, or in extreme cases, seizures. At about four mimics he becomes weak, dizzy, five or more he starts to fall apart.

Skills: Near-genius intellect, director of research at Global Tech, knowledge of chemistry and biology

Equipment: None

Nemesis: Lone Star

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