Lone Star (The Progenitor) [Accepted]

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Lone Star (The Progenitor) [Accepted]

Post by John Lancaster » Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:32 am

Name: Christopher Leon Stokes

Alias: Lone Star

Alignment: Hero

Age: 35



History: The year is 1983. Scientist Walter Stokes is in the middle of his work on a military contract at Global Tech. Under his leadership is a team of scientists including Allan Shaw. For years they have been trying to isolate a formula that can turn regular people into metahumans. That year Walter welcomes his firstborn into the world. A boy he names, Christopher Leon Stokes. Christopher has a rare congenital lung defect, and has trouble breathing properly. Several months later there is a breakthrough at his Global Tech laboratories. They have given a rat the ability to heal itself at a very fast rate. Over the next few months, the trials and testing intensify, and Walter’s conscience weighs heavily on his heart. The romance of the scientific achievement has passed, and he is now stifled by guilt and concern for humanity. Late one night, Walter destroys his research, taking what’s left of his formula and fleeing the Global Tech building. He arrives home, giving little Christopher a shot of the formula, healing his lung defect before vanishing into the night, never to be seen again. The formula was introduced to Chris’ system at a very early age, and has grown over the years with his cells and DNA, bonding completely. He has a small repertoire of superpowers he uses to protect anyone, anywhere he can. By day he keeps a mundane job as a lifeguard, still wondering from time to time where his father is; if he’s even still alive.

Personality: Chris is a kind, gentle soul. He has a strong moral code and uses his abilities to do as much good as he possibly can in the run of a day. From saving lives and teaching safety as a lifeguard, to mentoring troubled youth at a local boxing gym, to sporting a cape and fighting evil. Chris has done his best to embraced the only thing left of his father. He is naive, and lighthearted, but can be authoritative as Lone Star when he must be.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Healing Factor (If killed, he cannot regenerate)
  • Flight
Skills: Strong hand-to-hand striking prowess.

Equipment: None

Nemesis: Osmosis

(The Progenitor): This is in reference to his future descendants, who also carry the Stokes Formula properties, and have powers. His grandson Leon Stokes (Involuntary Time Travel) may be submitted down the road.

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