Icarus [Accepted]

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John Lancaster
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Icarus [Accepted]

Post by John Lancaster » Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:18 am

Name: John Lancaster

Alias: Icarus

Alignment: Hero

Age: 32


Costume: Black alloy visor spanning from ear to ear. Lightweight, black, bulletproof bodysuit with archery gloves, and shield bracer on left forearm. Alloy Wing harness over bodysuit. Black boots.

History: John was the youngest of two Lancaster sons. Born into a life of wealth and privilege. John’s life was idyllic growing up. He had a loving, supportive family. He took to history, reading, and archery. When he was 22, still going to school to get his degree, tragedy struck the Lancaster family. John’s brother was a cop, and had been working a large case against the Giacomina crime family for several years. One night after an evening out with his fiance, Giacomina thugs opened fire on his car, slaying the couple as they sat in the front seats. They set the vehicle ablaze, charring the corpses beyond recognition. John was devastated, and devoted his nights to moonlighting as the vigilante superhero, Icarus.

Personality: John is an introverted loner. He hides a troubled, dark side of his psyche that manifested upon the brutal murder of his brother. He is highly intelligent, driven, and closed off from anyone who would attempt to get close to him. John desires justice in a world he sees as broken and skewed.

Powers: None

Skills: Archery, martial arts, mechanically inclined, intelligent, wealthy

Equipment: Mechanical wings, Daedalus, Daedalus Visor, compound bow, quiver, tranq arrows, stun arrows, AP arrows, exploding arrows, energy shield bracer, trackers, emergency parachute

Daedalus/Visor: Daedalus is a tiny, spherical machine with wings that flutter like that of a hummingbird. It is capable of advanced flight, equipped with a variety of sensors, a full spectrum camera, audio recorder, and speaker. Daedalus is able to send short range transmissions to John’s Visor, displaying data or image feeds in HUD fashion. The visor can also pick up the full spectrum of light, and zoom in like binoculars, giving John a better view when flying overhead.

Nemesis: Deadlock

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