Deadlock [Accepted]

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Deadlock [Accepted]

Post by John Lancaster » Sat Oct 13, 2018 8:47 am

Name: Vincenzo ‘Vincent’ Giacomina

Alias: Deadlock

Alignment: Villain

Age: 45


History: Born into and groomed to lead the powerful Giacomina crime family. Vincenzo is a mafia brat. He built a reputation for himself as a ruthless, successful mobster running various rackets including illegal gambling, underground cage fighting, gun running, and drug trafficking. He is now the boss of the Giacomina crime family, and his business endeavors haven’t slowed down at all.

Personality: Old school at heart, new school of mind. Vince is a businessman and crook. He values money, power, and some twisted mafia semblance of a moral code. He’s not in the habit of fighting metahumans, or killing anyone himself. When he isn’t hatching a master plan to kill Icarus, he usually has his goons carry out whatever moves he chooses to make. Vince is a coward when the chips are down, and the metahumans are on deck. Even without their super powers, he has often found metahumans to be resourceful and cunning opponents. When a powered individual is around, his instinct is to either negotiate, or cut loose, as he usually has a car and driver waiting to cover a hasty exit.

Powers: When Vince comes within roughly 50 yards of any metahuman, their super powers are neutralized. When he is out of range, all powers are immediately restored. If he is knocked unconscious or put to sleep, his power stops working entirely. (This might seem OP, but it literally just levels his playing field. He is ported from a universe I had been working on in which he was part of a villain syndicate that used his power during their meetings to make sure no minds are read, and no one is influenced in any way.)

Skills: Fleeing and evading sticky situations. negotiating, command over mafia thugs

Equipment: Chrome & gold beretta, chrome zippo lighter,

Hates firing it because it's so expensive, and he's not a very good shot with it. As his profile explains, he's not in the habit of fighting, or killing. He's a businessman, and a weasel when the capes hit the fan.
Nemesis: Icarus

Icarus: "Vincenzo Giacomina! Your men killed my brother."

Deadlock: "...You killed my men! Doesn't that make us even?"

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