[Closed] Way out of town - New York

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[Closed] Way out of town - New York

Post by Sbelle » Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:21 pm

A dingy bar, on the outskirts of New York city...


The bouncer twitched a little as he heard the fifth 'thunk' of the night, the man having been standing there imposingly for nearly an hour, keeping everyone away from the best table in the house. He didn't really get why of all people this young woman was allowed to take a seat here, when she wasn't even buying any real drinks, but his boss had told him to keep the riff raff away, and... he was keeping the riff raff away.


He turned, giving a heavy sigh, looking at the woman at the table, her head flat on the wood top. She was plenty easy on the eyes, but all she'd ordered was sugared drinks... was she even old enough to be in a place like this? He pursed his lips, getting impatient, and bored, and began to approach. "Ma'am... can I help you with something? All you've done is send everyone away who wants to talk to you..." he spoke in a gruff, annoyed voice. The woman lifted her head, giving the man a look that chilled him to his core.


It was a completely harmless look, and actually not that scary, but he wasn't going to get fired by annoying the clientele. He sighed, turning back to face forward again, keeping the best table in the house vacant, but for the sugar filled woman.


Annabelle gave a heavy sigh, her forehead beginning to grow sore from her defeated headbutting of the table. The job had been so simple... so simple! All they had to do was shut up, get in the car, and let her get them off the streets, but nooo, one of them had to turn around and start spraying police cars with automatic weapons fire. This of course meant she left him behind, much to the anger of his compatriots, which meant they also didn't give her what she was owed, and also meant she had upset their boss... who was a jackass, but had been a good source of income in New York. She needed another job.

She reached out, grabbing at what was left of the strawberry lemonade she'd ordered, sipping it loudly through the straw before she slid it across the table to crash into the other 6 empty glasses, her eyes half lidded as she stared boredly at them. She then looked outside at her car... her pride and joy, a pretty blue all wheel drive turbo charged monster, sitting there looking as bored as her. It needed another job.
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