Bel Kerathar [World / Species / Location]

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Bel Kerathar [World / Species / Location]

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Bel Kerathar is a desert planet located in the Milky Way galaxy. It has a fairly standard axial tilt of 23 degrees, but its proximity to its local star has scorched the surface and drastically influenced the evolutionary trajectory of its resident life-forms. It has a high gravitational pull of 18.56 meters per second; its atmosphere is a mix of oxygen, ammonium, nitrogen, and hydrogen. Water is abundant beneath the planet's surface, saturating cavernous expanses beneath the stone canyons which dot its crust. For approximately the last one-hundred and fifty-five standard years, around three-quarters of Bel Kerathar has been fully industrialized by the indigenous species.

Bel Kerathar is home to one sentient species. These mammalian bipeds, who call themselves the Kerath, have successfully adapted to its hostile environment, their evolutionary advantages protecting them from the debilitating conditions. The Kerathar have expanded their civilization beyond the bounds of Bel Kerathar's atmosphere, colonizing two of its moons and interacting with a multitude of other species in its local quadrant. The Kerathar have waged interstellar war on three separate species; they ceased their crusades when they became too taxing, withdrawing to their home system.

Travel to Bel Kerathar is uncommon. The Kerath culture is hostile to foreigners, and their naturally intimidating size makes interactions with xenos naturally one-sided. Their booming voices and judicious attitudes results in a highly tense environment for non-Kerath. Their reputation as warmongers has also resulted in largely negative relations with other sentients in their quadrant. One significant export, Bel Kerathar Energy Cells, is their primary contribution to the galactic stage; their isolationist natures makes them less well-known. Some Kerath are present on Terminal. Their existence, and the existence of Bel Kerathar, is unknown to Earth.

The Kerath reject claims of sovereignty by any would-be intergalactic authority. They have successfully and thoroughly repelled two invasions of Bel Kerathar and its surrounding worlds.


The Kerath are the only sentient inhabitants of Bel Kerathar. They share many traits in common with galactic community, such as their tendency to communicate via language, their bipedal locomotion, and their use of currency. Their society is hierarchical, but has long been united under a single state, which is always under the command of an assigned dictator-for-life. Kerath have lifespans of around 150 standard years. They are mammalian, and reproduce sexually, giving live birth. Kerath have two genders: male and female. Aside from a slightly smaller frame and wider hips, there are few anatomical distinctions between female and male Kerath. After a lengthy courting period, they mate for life. A typical Kerath pregnancy results in three children. They clothe themselves in sewn materials for comfort and a layered type of bio-suit when traveling beyond Bel Kerathar's atmosphere. Kerath speak their own language, also called Kerath, in addition to Galactic Basic.

Bel Kerathar's hostile ecology has produced incredibly resilient life-forms, and the Kerath are no exception. They tower over most other sentients, as their average height is 8''; they also boast powerful stamina, with extremely efficient biology that enables them to go for extensive periods of time without food or water. They are of average galactic intelligence, and have progressed as a species to the level of interstellar travel. Their factories regularly produce starships equipped with warp systems, enabling them to travel the universe. However, most choose to remain on-world, as Kerath are highly distrustful of outsiders and do not function well in their societies.

Kerath culture is steeped in a mixture of ancestor-worship and honor-seeking. Kerath are naturally warlike, and originally sought to eradicate what they viewed as the degeneracy of other species they encountered among the stars; failing to sustain their war operation, they were forced to withdraw, returning to Bel Kerathar and its nearby worlds to settle in. In addition to honoring their ancestors, the Kerath actively worship primordial beings who embody the various universal concepts seemingly common to most sentient beings known as the Eldest, though their knowledge of these myths is fractured; there are numerous interpretations and re-tellings of the old stories.

Kerath are bipedal omnivorous mammalians originally native to Bel Kerathar. They possess powerful, bulky builds suited to their high-gravity world; the average Kerath stands at 8'' tall. Kerath possess one large distended mouth suitable for consuming both meat and plant-matter, though their diet mostly consists of the former. Their ever-exposed teeth are firmly rooted in their mouths, and are one of the hardest parts of their skeletons. The Kerath's extreme mass is coupled with a powerful tri-throat esophagus, which gives them extremely loud booming voices. A shout from a Kerath can rupture the eardrums of unprepared sentients; a herd of them crying in battle is deadly to behold.

Kerath are known for their immense size. They are strong enough to lift the equivalent of three Earthen tons unaided, and possess extremely advanced cardiovascular systems for supplying energy to their large muscles. They can leap massive distances even on their high-gravity homeworld. The Kerath's skeletal system is similar to those of many sentient mammalians throughout the galaxy. Their triple-throats lead into two separate stomachs, both of which work to digest food. All of these stomachs lead back into a standard digestive system. Kerath are highly resistant to poisoning, as they have very resilient livers. For this reason, it is extremely difficult for them to become intoxicated. Kerath alcohol is some of the most potent in the galaxy.

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