The Girl in Red((mxf, 1x1))

If you're willing to consistently post a paragraph and want more depth than casual, try this on for size. (5-10 sentences per post, on average.)
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The Girl in Red((mxf, 1x1))

Post by AnonymousHauntings » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:11 am

Some would believe that being home schooled by your mother would be the worst experience of your life. Stuck at home with no friends, the constant surrounding homework lurking around the corner, and of course there was the whole never being alone part. But, when your mother is a witch and your father is a herbal doctor, things can get crazy around this little country home. Growing up in a house full of pagan witches, Rosalin never found a dull moment in her home. She was constantly mixing together potions for her mother, or translating old Latin for a client. Living on a farm, there were always herbs to be harvested, or animals to be taken care of. Rosalin wished for a normal life, one where she didn't have to feel secluded from the rest of the world. And so she decided that going to a public high school was the best idea, until she actually showed up. Now her mind begins to become plagued with hate and anger, leaving the young girl with no choice but to show those bullies just what a young witch is made out of. The only question that remains is who will hide the bodies and clean up the blood when she is finished?

~~~The Day of Rosalin's Birth~~~

Looking down at the body of my lifeless child, I began to wonder just how long it would take for the tears to stop leaving my eyes. Her body cold and limp in my arms, her eyes closed. Her eyes lids were closed, her lips parted and dry. She was so perfect, everything about her was perfect.

I prayed for a long moment, asking my goddess why she would take such a beautiful child away from the earth. I begged for an answer, but all I got was silence.

Years of worshiping her, years of protecting her earth in the name of peace, and for what? Being a pagan witch sounds wonderful, until you truly need the goddess to hear your cries.

With a shake of my head, I let out a loud scream, releasing the hate that was filling in my throat and my chest. My husband stood feet behind me, watching as I cried. I'm sure there were tears in his eyes as well. He had been so excited for our daughter to come into this world. And now, after everything we had been through, she was taken from us.

Three hours ago we left the hospital, the nurses begging us to stay in hopes of saving her life. But no, I didn't listen, I had faith that by walking out into the woods and letting the goddess see her newest follower, she would bless our baby with another breath. But I was wrong. And now, two hours later, I sit in these dark woods, holding onto the corpse of the child I have carried for 9 long months.

A baby girl who was given the name Rosalin by my mother, named after her mother. She was going to be taught the ways of a pagan witch, showed how to use the earths natural elements to heal the wounded or feed the sick. She was going to be the next witch of our family, the one to carry on our name and teach the young, tell them stories. This was the life I had wanted for her, this was the life I had planned for her.

But now she as gone, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Another scream left my lips, followed by the whimpering of tears to follow. There was nothing I wanted more in this world than to see my baby girl grow old, to watch her grow like a flower blossoming in the middle of a grand field. I just wanted my little girl back, I just wanted her to be here with me, smiling, happy, alive.

I would never see that. I would never get to watch her grow, or to watch her turn into a young woman. She was gone, and there was nothing more that could be done. But what now? Tradition says to salt and burn the child, but what good would that do? She had yet to be tainted by the world's evil, therefore there was nothing to be cleansed from her.

That was when I heard a voice.

My eyes looked up to see a crow on the branch before me, staring back in silence. Looking over my shoulder, my husband stood in silence as well, watching me for a long moment. He didn't hear it, but I did.

The voice came again, saying my name.


A man's voice, deep and thick, filled with promise and belonging. The fog rolled in around us, growing thicker and thicker by the second. The bark on the trees faded to a dull gray, the leaves falling around my feet. They turned to ash as they hit the ground.

The crow squawked out, as if calling out for something to come closer. I pulled the corpse of my daughter closer to my body, fearful that some animal would try to take her from me. My head whipped this way and that, looking for the source of the voice.

Panic raising in my mind.

I looked to my husband, Daniel, for comfort. He raised an eyebrow in confused, opening his mouth to speak, but all that came out was a river of blood and bugs crawling across his face. Blood poured from his eyes, and whatever words he was trying to form only came out as the sound of gurgling. His body was still, his eyes wide.

"Don't be afraid of it, my child."

I stood, now more on guard than ever before. One hand held Rosalin to my chest, the other gripped the pentacle around my neck.

"Give me one good reason not to fear you!"

I shouted back, feeling the negative energy flowing in the area around me. It was evil, whatever it was, and filled with sin. I knew what this creature was, but why it was here, I did not know. Had the goddess forgotten her people?

The air turned to ice, causing my breath to show in small bursts.

That was when I heard a chuckle come from in front of me, through the fog. It was deep and menacing, causing a shiver of fear to run through my spine. Fear was creeping over me with everything second that passed.

"Fear... is nothing more than the absence of understanding..."

The voice sounded closer now, but where was it?

I danced around in a circle, looking this way and that for any sign of where the creature was. Daniel stood in his same spot, blood now pouring from his nose and ears as well. He didn't appear in pain though, nor did he seem to even realize what was going on. The poor man was trapped in the creatures tricks and wasn't even aware of it.

And then I felt it. The horrifying feeling of hot air rolling down my neck, followed by words that were far from comforting.

"Horror, on the other hand, is the act of complete understanding."

I dared not look back, for if one was to make eye contact with a demon, it was sure to haunt your soul for the rest of your natural life. My eyes did not look his way, only stared at the ground with utter fear. The lingering feeling of his words resting on my skin caused little bumps to raise on my arms. My hands shook with fear, and I felt utterly powerless.

"I have... a deal to propose to you, my child."

The creature walked around to stand in front of me, each step he took shaking the ground at my feet.

"A deal that I am sure you won't be able to resist."

My breathing increased, my heart began throbbing even harder. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it out of this one alive. I could see his feet, or should I say hooves, standing in front of me by now. Blood dripped down the long black fur that made up his legs, causing a bit of red to stain the ashes at our feet.

I dare not look any higher.

"One that involves that small mortal in your arms."

My eyes widened in shock. A demon had heard my call, but my goddess had not? What was going on here? Had she truly forgotten her children and left them to the damned?

"But, I do not think it fare that you refuse to look me in the eye."

All else was silent, birds no longer sang their song, squirrels no longer scaled nearby trees. The only sound that could be heard was that sickening voice.

Slowly, I lifted my head, seeing what came next. It was the torso of a man, his skin as thin as a sheet of paper with his ribs ripping through the skin. The off white color of a rib bone could be seen poking out of his skin, blood pouring out of the wound and running down his body. There was another rib bone on the opposite side, a couple higher up. He was so skinny that I could see every bone in his body, making it surprising that I couldn't see his lungs as he was breathing.

"Ahh, yes, that is much better."

A cold, bony finger reached up to my chin, forcing my head to move higher to look at his face. There rest the head of a buck, looking as though it had been cut from its body not moments ago and placed on the head of the man I see now. Blood dripped from the dead head, running down along the pale skin of the creature before me. The eyes had been torn out of the head, leaving nothing but bloody sockets for me to stare into.

"My deal I have for you is... that I will give your child her life back for seventeen years. You may raise her, love her, and have the family you have always dreamed about. She will be the daughter she would have been before, nothing will be different." The demon spoke as if it was nothing.

It seemed to good to be true. He would bring back my baby girl, and let me have her. But at what price? I gulped down my fears, trying to act like I knew what I was doing.

"At what price, demon."

The demon chuckled loudly, releasing my face and taking a step back. He threw his head into the air, loudly laughing away like a man in an insane asylum.

"What does the price matter if you get your beloved monstrosity back?"

I frowned, looked to the lifeless corpse in my arms again. She looked so peaceful.

"I need to know... I need to know what I must pay for her life."

The creature tilted his head curiously, staying silent as he circled me once. He seemed to be pondering what the price would be, curious as to what I would pay for Rosalin's life. Finally he stopped in front of me.

"There exists a sort of tipping point... a tight rope in which heaven and hell are on either side, between gods and monsters. I am neither a god, nor a monster, only a bringer of wishes and dreams. With that being said, the night of her seventeenth birthday, she shall be mine. Do you accept?"

I thought for a moment, closing my eyes in disbelief. I had to do it, I had to bring her back, there was no way I could go on without her in my life.

"What do you mean she will be yours?"

The demon was silent for a moment, saying nothing.

"That is for me to know. Now, do you accept?"

I pause for a long moment, but knew what had to be done. And so I nodded, looking to the demons dead eyes.

"I agree to these terms." This was a mistake, but what else was I to do?

Another chuckle left his being, his hand raising and landing on Rosalin's cheek. Bloody fingers pressing to her pale cheek.

"Then the deal is made."

~~~fast forward to present day, Rosalin now only days away from her seventeenth birthday~~~

A hand, with fingers long and blackened with ash, or at least that was what it smelt like. Fingers crept up my chest and between my breasts, finding their way to my throat. Clenching tightly onto the soft skin of my neck, the nails began digging into my skin.

But there was no pain, even as blood trickled down my neck to my chest.

I was looking into a mirror. A large circle mirror sitting upon a wall in an empty, white room, with nothing inside.

Not even a door.

My reflection only revealed myself and the hand emerging from behind me. My long brown hair laid over my shoulders, down my chest, and reaching my waist. It covered my breasts oddly well. My green eye were blood shot, as if I hadn't slept in days, and my lips were as dry as the desert.

I looked like an utter mess, like something you would find in a dumpster, lost and forgotten.

From behind me, a man appeared. His skin pale as the moon, his eyes black as the night sky. His hair seemed to be even paler than his skin, although I wasn't sure that was even possible.

Something about the perfect way his muscles sculpted themselves around my body made my heart race. He even stood a foot taller than me, yet I could still feel his heart racing against my back.

It was cold, colder than any other human I had ever felt.

His lips curled into a glorious smirk, his fingers tightening their grip even more as he tilted my head to the side. Lips pressed to my neck, blood gushing from the small puncture wounds around my throat.

He was gorgeous, his beauty inhuman. He was perfectly everything I had imagined my ideal lover would be. Pretty enough to be a woman, yet masculine enough to remind me that he was, indeed, a man.

Running his tongue from my throat to my ear slowly, I could hear his voice make out words in Latin. At first, I couldn't understand, even though Latin was my second language.

Then he spoke English.

"Remember my face, remember this blood, for you will be mine."

With one swift movement, his wrist jolted, and the snapping of my neck echoed around the two of us...


And so we begin! I know this rp is a bit on the darker side and a little creepier, and is defiantly for a mature audience. The basic plot of this whole rp is that the demon is pretty much taking control over my character, Rosalin, and pushing her to do all this horrible things, all the while he falls in love with her and feels as though he can't hurt her. When talking about how she will become his when she turned 17, its more of tricking her into falling in love with him so that he can convince her to do all these things "out of love" for him. The idea is that she starts seeing a new boy at school and thats how they first meet, and how they first start hanging out. The after her birthday, things start getting weirder and weirder between the two fo them and she eventually becomes obsessed with him. Hence the willingness to do whatever he asks. Its defiantly a drama based rp with romance in it and a bit of a horror aspect to it all. Pretty twisted, I know, but its based off a story I wrote a long time ago. I loved working on the story, but eventually couldn't find inspiration for it, so I thought it might do me some good to use it as an rp. With all that being said, I do have a few rule of my own for the rp that will be listed below as well as a character sheet. For anyone who is interested in playing the part of the demon, feel free to post your character sheet below and I will approve of your character. Please read all the rules before making a character sheet!!


1) Please be patient with me when it comes to responses to the rp. I do work full time and have a family of my own that I take care of, so there will be some weeks when I can't reply every day, multiple times a day. I will try to reply as often as I can.

2) Please be kind and respectful when replying to this rp, making sure that, while you are playing as a demon, you remember that it's not only me and you who will read these posts.

3) Please use proper grammar and sentence structure when replying to this rp. This includes using ending punctuation at the end of everything sentence, quotation marks around all dialog that your character will be speaking, and properly portioned paragraphs.

4) When filling out the character sheet, please make sure to fill everything out unless there is a section that is listed as 'optional'. This includes adding a picture of your character at the very end of the post.

5) Feel free to have fun with the rp and throw in your own twists and turns, but make sure to let me know about anything major. That way I'm not blind sighted with a major event that would affect my own character or part of the story line that I feel needs to happen.


Character Sheet

Human Section
Name:(first and last)
Age:(Above 17)
Gender:(I'm looking for a male character)
Body type:(Curvy, thin, athletic...etc)
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair style:(Curly, wavy, always in a bun...etc)
Skin tone:
Bit of History:(Doesnt have to be long, just a short description of a few things)
Demon Section
Type of demon:
Photo of character as a human:
Photo of character in demon form
(doesn't have to be exactly like how Mia saw him before, seeing as he it was more of how her mind made him out to look)


Name: Rosalin Winters

Age:16, will be turning 17 in the rp

Gender: female

Body type: She is a rather thin girl, with barely any meat on her bones. her bust is the only noticeable feature on her, with her butt being rounded but still small. Her arms are extremely thin, yet muscular. She is healthy looking, with a decent amount of muscle, but has little to no fat on her body. Her feet are rather small as well.

Eye color: blueish-green

Hair color: dirty blonde/light brown

Hair length: down to her butt

Hair style: Her hair is dreaded, but is still well kept and soft

Skin tone: very pale

Habits: picking at her nails, biting her lower lip

Pets: a ball python named Abbi

Personality: Rosalin as always been a quiet and respectful girl, who keeps to herself unless her opinion is asked for. Being an artist, as well as a witch, makes for great inspiration. She loves the outdoors, hiking, and going on adventures. Compassionate, kind, smart, and talented are a few keywords to describe her. However, when it comes to strangers, she will often be shy. But once you break through that shell, she blossoms into a totally different person. She becomes hyper and talkative, super kind and caring, as well as she will open up about herself and her feelings.

Bit of History:Listed above!

Photo of character:
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