Loners In The Forest ((One))

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Loners In The Forest ((One))

Post by SaheenTikeerleesh » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:47 pm

So I had done this RP on here with a friend. It was her idea and it had been the longest most successful roleplay I had ever been apart of. It ended because of circumstances in my life. When I finally returned to RPF I found she was no longer apart of the site. This is my attempt to try and create something similar. I'm only going to post this in Casual and Promotions but if anyone sees this and wants to take it up in the others sections other than Casual then just tell me.

To the plot.....

This is basically a romance story between two house cats that are wild. It can be done without romance if one desires but you have to tell me. How we start can be discussed. The two cats could already know each other or can meet in the RP. I want this to be collaborative so any ideas can be shared openly. I'll post a CS if any show interest. If you need more info for any reason then just let me know. I'm willing to take as many as want to try it as well.

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