[WIP] Lady Euphemia Spellblossom

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[WIP] Lady Euphemia Spellblossom

Post by Monika » Sun Sep 09, 2018 4:24 pm




ImageLady Euphemia Spellblossom
ImageMagic Infused Human

ImageMuch like the rest of her family, Euphemia has white hair that comes from the magic that had been infused into her at a young age during the Magic Trials. Her eyes also glow icy blue. Her height also is believed to be due to the Magic Trials, as most of the Spellblossom family has roughly the same height as well.
ImageLady Euphemia values magic and the sword highly. They are power, and power is necessary to defend everything that is important. If there is a spell, or magic weapon, that may be useful for her ultimate goal of protecting the kingdom, she will pursue it no matter the cost. She will never use her power to take advantage of others, and will defend the people of Azuria, as well as others who may be in needed. She has a strong sense of justice, paired with fearlessness of facing off against any threats. She isn't much of a talker, preferring to act instead.

ImageEuphemia has access to a great number of spells, and prefers to be prepared for most situations.
Greater Detect Magic [Permanent]
This spell lets her sense magic within 100 feet, and has been made permanent through rituals. The longer she focuses on a source of magic, the more information she can gather about it. She can detect a day old lingering aura, as well as determine what spell was used, and be able to study a creature within the Detect Magic Aura and determine the last spell it used.

This spell lets her open or close a door, chest, box, window, bag, pouch, bottle, barrel, or other container. If anything resists this activity, the spell fails. In addition, the spell can only open and close things weighing 30 pounds or less.

Arcane Mark
This spell allows the inscription of a personal rune or mark, which can consist of no more than six characters. The writing can be visible or invisible. An arcane mark spell enables her to etch the rune upon any substance without harm to the material upon which it is placed. If an invisible mark is made, a detect magic spell causes it to glow and be visible, though not necessarily understandable.

See invisibility, true seeing, and similar spells likewise allows the user to see an invisible arcane mark. A read magic spell reveals the words, if any. The mark cannot be dispelled, but it can be removed by the caster or by an erase spell.

If an arcane mark is placed on a living being, the effect gradually fades in about a month.

Alarm creates a subtle ward on an area. Once the spell effect is in place, it thereafter sounds a mental or audible alarm each time a creature of Tiny or larger size enters the warded area or touches it. A creature that speaks the password determined at casting does not set off the alarm. It is decided at the time of casting whether the alarm will be mental or audible in nature.

Mental Alarm: A mental alarm alerts Euphemia so long as she remain within 1 mile of the warded area. It will be a a single mental “ping” that awakens her from normal sleep but does not otherwise disturb concentration. A silence spell has no effect on a mental alarm.

Audible Alarm: An audible alarm produces the sound of a hand bell, and anyone within 60 feet of the warded area can hear it clearly. Reduce the distance by 10 feet for each interposing closed door and by 20 feet for each substantial interposing wall.

In quiet conditions, the ringing can be heard faintly as far as 180 feet away. The sound lasts for six seconds. Creatures within a silence spell cannot hear the ringing.

Spellblossom Manor is affected by a permanent, variant version of this spell that allows all holding a special Runestone will hear the alarm.

Gentle Breeze
This spell creates a light wind that blows only against the target, from a direction of her choice. The breeze grants the target relief against very hot conditions, severe heat, and clears out clouds, vapors, and gases. There must be air present to use this spell.

Memorize Page
Euphemia gains a perfect memory of the page focused on. She can visualize this page as easily as looking at it in person, including minute details visible to close scrutiny by the naked eye. The memory of the page includes text and images, such as a drawing or a map.

The maximum number of pages that she can memorize through repeated castings of this spell is 6; any attempts beyond this limit have no effect, although her memory of a page could be erased (using modify memory or a similar effect) to effectively make room for a different one.

If she memorizes magical writing (such as a scroll or a page from a spellbook), she cannot borrow, duplicate, or retain any of the magic in the writing. However, she can copy a spell into a book so it can be used later.

Obscure Object
This spell hides an object from location by divination (scrying) effects, such as the scrying spell or a crystal ball. Such an attempt automatically fails (if the divination is targeted on the object) or fails to perceive the object (if the divination is targeted on a nearby location, object, or person).

A fireball spell generates a searing explosion of flame that detonates with a low roar and deals of fire damage to every creature within the 20 ft. Unattended objects also take this damage. The explosion creates almost no pressure.

She points your finger or sword and determines the range (distance and height) at which the fireball is to burst. A glowing, pea-sized bead streaks out and, unless it impacts upon a material body or solid barrier prior to attaining the prescribed range, blossoms into the fireball at that point. An early impact results in an early detonation. If she attempts to send the bead through a narrow passage, such as through an arrow slit, she must concentrate and aim carefully or else the bead strikes the barrier and detonates prematurely.

The fireball sets fire to combustibles and damages objects in the area. It can melt metals with low melting points, such as lead, gold, copper, silver, and bronze. If the damage caused to an interposing barrier shatters or breaks through it, the fireball may continue beyond the barrier if the area permits; otherwise it stops at the barrier just as any other spell effect does.

Sheet Lightning
She creates a dazzling flash of electricity that fills the target area. Sheet lightning inflicts light electricity damage to all creatures within the area of effect. The true power of the spell, though, lies not in the damage it inflicts but in the overwhelming pain the lightning creates. The sudden flash and jolt dazes weaker living creatures. Stronger creatures are instead dizzied. Any creature wearing metal armor are hurt a little more than without.

Ice Storm
For 400 feet, and within a 20-ft. radius and 40 ft. in height, great magical hailstones pound down upon casting this spell, moderate of bludgeoning damage and cold damage to every creature in the area. This damage only occurs once, when the spell is cast. For the remaining duration of the spell, heavy snow and sleet rains down in the area. Creatures inside this area have a harder time seeing and moving through it. At the end of the duration, the snow and hail disappear, leaving no after-effects (other than the damage dealt).

The Spellsword is the signature weapon of all Spellswords, as well as their namesake. This weapon allows them to channel and cast spells effectively through their blade, needing to only swing their blade or motion with it to cast their spells. This allows them to both fight and cast without needing a freehand. The runes on the blade also assist in focusing the spells and keeping them from being interrupted.
This item is the namesake for Euphemia's family, and had been carefully cultivated over lifetimes. The Spellblossoms are magical flowers of varying colors. They can be used to contain powerful spells for the Spellsword to use later. Once harvested, the Spellblossoms continue to live for years, but once infused with a spell associated with its color, it has a lifespan of only a month. Once the spell within is used, the Spellblossom shrivels and dies. Its remains are used as special potion ingredients.

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