Road Trip [CLOSED]

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Re: Road Trip [CLOSED]

Post by Deus Mortis » Fri Oct 26, 2018 12:19 am

To say that music had changed was an understatement.

Long gone were the days of the lyre, flute, and harp. The performances of the piano, guitar, and the violin. Now, now it was all about...this. The modern trend.

Is it worth it? Let me work it.I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it.

Arthur had long since made peace with the fact that the age of classical music was at an end. In some ways, he was comforted by this fact. It showed that humans were indeed able to embrace and praise change in some capacity. Had the Barons and Kings of his older days done the same, he had no doubt that the world today would be changed…

But today wasn’t a day to be philosophizing over the nature of man. It was supposed to be a day to enjoy the company around you, which was the exact thought that ran through Arthur’s mind as his eyes shifted over to look at Dapple. She seemed so enveloped by passion and the joy of being in the presence of a friend, how could Arthur not feel himself start feeling the same? Happiness in this manner was inherently contagious after all.

In hopes of matching Dapple’s “hype”, Arthur would try to sing the lyrics of the song himself.

Ti esrever dna er-, nwod-uh, damn. My Back-Tongue needs practice. He’d admit out loud to her, the embarrassment one would feel from failing instead replaced by laughter. Sure, he couldn’t perfect talking backwards like Da Vinci or Dapple, but it was fun trying at least.

But that wouldn’t last. It usually never does.


Admittedly, Arthur was glad that the car crash that just occurred was not them this time. It did however happen right in front of them and inadvertently ruined the incredibly jovial mood Arthur was in. Though his joy was tainted by confusion, that confusion soon shifted into one of extreme curiosity as Arthur got a perfect view of a group of Roman-clad soldiers to come in from a helicopter. As the descended onto the ground, his eyes would gaze over at the “liberated” armored vehicle, his eyebrows furrowing as an obvious realization hit him.

Ah, great. A robbery.

Arthur would turn down the volume of the radio and roll down the window for a moment, listening for any gunshots or voices. Instead of hearing either from the armored vehicle’s side of the road, he would hear Dapple’s own voice, her question not going unanswered. He would however stay silent for a brief few seconds, contemplating what to do. While Arthur didn’t feel particularly motivated to help those guards, they did just effectively halt the Road Trip (roll credits) that the duo were on. That and Dapple’s concern for the welfare of those caught in this odd heist gave Arthur just enough incentive to get off his ass.

”Looks like we are.” He’d plainly state before unfastening his seatbelt and hopping out of the car. is quite interesting that these men are dressed up like Romans. Most mercenaries avoid leaving identifying marks that lead to their group…

In the spirit of Rome, Arthur would materialize a Roman Clipeus shield, the strap fastened loosely around his arm. His approach would be equally direct as it was bold as Arthur simply walked straight towards the Romans (and Tampa) surrounding the armored vehicles. His demeanor and expression was as relaxed as it usually was but that did not mean he wasn’t expecting a fight. These men had just come out of a helicopter and were armed to the teeth for this heist. Arthur wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to fire at him on sight.

Only one way to find out if they would.

”EXCUSE ME!” He’d call out towards the Legionaries Romans, waving his shield arm as he did. ”Do you mind leaving? It would save everyone here the trouble of a fight, not to mention the time!”

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Re: Road Trip [CLOSED]

Post by Annasiel » Fri Nov 02, 2018 6:25 pm

Dapple nodded quickly. Any other person might have been disgruntled that their really fun road trip had ground to a halt, or scared by the fight happening out on the freeway. Dapple, however, was neither -- her previous enthusiasm again lit up her face, beaming smile wide enough to crinkle her eyes.

"We are!" she echoed in Arthur's voice. As the old warrior hopped out of his side, Dapple slid out of hers, jogging around the front of the RV to match the man's pace. In the corner of her eye, her partner in crime materialized a pretty shield out of thin air. Fighting with only a shield? Weren't you supposed to have a sword too? I mean, the saying was sword and shield!

Man in armor. Dark demeanor. Cheerful voice. Marching through the countryside, with only a shield as his weapon.

Dapple stumbled in her step, then fell back into pattern. Wherever that thought had come from, it was uncomfortable and she disliked it, so she pushed it back into inattention. No point in worrying about things that weren't important, especially if they made her feel sick to dwell on. Instead, she matched Arthur's action, summoning a shield of her own on her left arm. Instinctive though it felt, hers looked a shoddier replica, effectiveness of the power dampened by the poor reflection of the surrounding car windows. It was still heavier than she expected, yanking her arm downward as it appeared.

"Oof," she said, more grunt than an actual word. Bracing herself, she lifted the shield in an approximation of Arthur's stance, looking up at him with a grin and a wink.

"I shield too."

She then turned her attention to the bad guys clustered around the vehicle, her voice again shifting to Arthur's voice.

"EXCUSE ME! Mind leaving! Not time to fight!"
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Re: Road Trip [CLOSED]

Post by Tampa » Sun Nov 11, 2018 4:48 am

At the moment of impact, there was no regret, no apparent remorse, no emotion. There was only a body, masked and armed with nothing but a bent steering wheel as the force of the crash ripped Tampa from his seat and sent him flying through the windshield, the white-knuckle grip he retained on the wheel taking most of the column with him.

He went flying a good ten or twenty feet, slamming onto the pavement with a definite thud as springs of pain shot up his arm and shoulder. Even in his highly durable state, it was a miracle he hadn't broken anything.

That, of course, was subject to change, most likely. His opponent didn't seem to fare much worse than he, and the fucker just got hit by a car.

Luckily, Joshua had managed to evade the skirt-clothed man, if not momentarily. The need to strike was evident, as any further stalling would result in the fog of war clearing.

Springing to his feet from behind a car he'd flown over in the midst of the crash, Tampa began his streak of attacks by first whipping the detached steering wheel at the Roman soldier like a frisbee, looking to strike him in the face to disorient him. He followed up the throw by jumping onto the roof of the car and leaping from the vehicle towards his adversary, gradually turning horizontal to the ground and kicking outwards with both legs in an attempt to land a drop kick on the opponent.

Such a move would leave him vulnerable on the ground, but he was never one for self-restraint.

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Re: Road Trip [CLOSED]

Post by Bigfoun » Wed Nov 14, 2018 6:50 pm

Maximus watched as the would-be assassin flung through the vehicle’s windshield. He offered up a hardy laugh before turning around to see what appeared to be an odd couple with the intention of acting as heroes. Although, there was a problem. Cal Maximus was the only hero around these parts! Well, that’s what he told himself…

Maximus studied the two quickly, before shrugging. He didn’t believe them to be much of a threat anyways as he had much more important things to deal with. Luckily, Maximus had come prepared. The expendable goons he brought would do the trick.

Nonchalantly, Maximus pointed at three of his idle men and said, “You three! Fetch me their heads!”

“Yes, sir!” the three troopers replied in unison before making their way to their new targets.

One of the troops stood before the large man with the shield and began to declare his intent. With their rifles pointed, one finally stated, ”Emperor Maximus has marked you for death, and the Legion obeys! Prepare for battle!”

”DAMN YOU!” Another shouted out soon after before the two goons squeezed the triggers on their assault rifles. Whether they were successful, was to be seen.

Maximus nodded in approval with the showing of obedience from his expendable goons. Now, it was time to focus on the assassin. The field general surveyed the scene of chaos. Perhaps, he had died from the crash. It was a great shame. Cal Maximus was always up for a fi-

Suddenly, a steering wheel spun through the air! It clocked Maximus square in the nose before snapping in two. Had it not been for the Blood of Mars, the titan would’ve been knocked out. He grabbed at his nose in slight annoyance before claiming, “That’s the last time you’ll catch me off guard, coward!”

His prediction was slightly off.

Maximus spun around once more only to see the maniac airborne! The masked man’s boot crashed into Cal’s chest with a thump, causing him to stumble backwards. From the looks of it, Cal was being made a fool of by this mysterious fellow. The angered would-be tyrant stomped his foot in clear frustration before shouting out, ”YOU’VE MADE A BIG MISTAKE! I'LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR INTERFERING WITH MY BUSINESS!

Pounding on his chest, Maximus screamed at the top of his lungs before charging with his arms out at the assailant. He intended to tackle him, so he could finally gain leverage and bloody the bastard to a pulp.
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