The Augury of Salvation

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The Augury of Salvation

Post by Kaija21 » Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:06 am

The Augury of Salvation

It is said that The Augury was once a simple man who fell in love with the wrong woman and let his affections blind him to her true nature. A witch is a witch, regardless of her beauty. And a bitch is a bitch, regardless of her smile. And when he found that his love had fallen for another man and he rode to her and spoke out in discontent, she cast him and his steed into the pits of hell without a care in the world; liberated by the freedom granted by her unanswerable power.

Be it passion, rage, conviction or sheer determination, that man's soul couldn't rest after such a disgraceful death. And after years and years of climbing over broken and defeated souls, demons and brimstone, the witch's fallen paramour rose again and took up his sword to cleanse the world of what he saw as the poison that made it so... wrong.

The Augury's abilities and skills are few but potent.

His hatred of the inhuman and sorcery has manifested into an aura that renders magic all but ineffective on him. In truth, relying on spells and sorcery to best him in a duel will often, at best, only serve to anger him and hasten his pace.

The Augury's body possesses no flesh, skin or organs. He does not require sustenance of any kind, nor does he fatigue. Day and night, he roams Azuria waging war against that which he deems unclean.

His climb through hell as sharpened his wits and steadied his blade. Although he, himself, does not and cannot rely on magic in battle, he more than makes up for it with his skill in armed and unarmed combat. He has very little proficiency with bows and ranged weapons, but find comfort in any melee weapon that he can get his hands on and is more than capable in a battle with an empty hand.

The Augury's body may be no mightier than that of the average man, but his quest is virtually unending here in Azuria. Until the last piece of filth falls in the land, he, himself, cannot. Clubs may shatter his bones and swords may sever his limbs, but eventually, he always rises once more in pursuit of an unattainable dream.

The Augury's horse is the only friend that he now knows. It followed him down into the depths of hell and was at his side when he returned to the world of the living. Although it's strength and speed are no greater than that of a living horse, it does not hunger, tire, or thirst and can ride endlessly. The faithful steed will ride on and die with its rider when the time comes.

The Augur's blade hungers for magic and burns and burns with a bright blue flame whenever it acquires a taste. In the absence of magic, it is no sharper or lighter than that of an average sword but, when fueled by the mana, it threatens to set targets alight with a potent blue flame with every cut and the speed of his swings has been known to quicken.

His armor is unremarkable; offering slight protection from weak strikes and slow arrows but with very little difference from the average set of light armor designed to maximize freedom of movement and speed. His shield, however, has shown to withstand all manner of conventional weaponry as well as the claws and fangs of the very beasts that he hunts, constantly.
~Sincerely Kaija

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Re: The Augury of Salvation

Post by Annasiel » Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:01 pm

I think I am a changeling
I was born with little claws instead of nails
and I was pale and barely breathing

I think I am a changeling
I broke the mirror because the me who wasn’t me inside
was shaking, she was seething, she was screaming

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