Moon and Starrs

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Moon and Starrs

Post by Vixen » Fri Aug 31, 2018 11:13 pm

In a world of were-creatures, you run among some of the strongest. You run with the wolves. Led by a young but powerful Alpha, Sio. A just and fair ruler. Sio has spent her short leadership working miracles. Forming alliances with other packs and gaining favor, but peace isn't desired by all. Other packs long for the thrill of war. Now a growing threat looms over Sio and her pack. Will you join in her aide? Or will you be one of those plotting to bring her down?

Sio, is the reigning alpha of Starr Pack. A small young pack of the next generation of wolves. Sio came from far beyond the valley and slowly recruited from other packs, those who felt lost or that they didn't belong. She took in the outcasts and brought them into a family. It may be a dysfunctional fanily at times but Starr Pack holds strong.

Other packs nearby include Bromwell Pack, Arden Pack, and Red Lake Pack. All believed to be under peace treaty with one another.

Another neighboring pack to mention is Briar Hollow Pack. A savage group who try their hardest to bring back the old ways. They prefer to live in chaos and try to push the other packs to do the same. Briar Hollow is the enemy even if Sio won't confess her having one.

Players are free to have their characters originate from any of the other packs meaning they have a backstory involving it. I encourage it actually but it isn't required. I just enjoy diversity in characters. Players may also wield more than one character but no more than two. I will obviously play as many characters as needed for plot but I will be sure to keep my multiple character interactions understandable. Please PM me if you want to know more on any lore to help build a character I am quite friendly and always eager to help.

I hope to start our journey together soon.

~Sincerely, Vixen the GM

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