Smuggling's in the blood... ((CS))

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Smuggling's in the blood... ((CS))

Post by SaheenTikeerleesh » Fri Aug 31, 2018 6:32 am

Name: Saheen Chaethus Tikeerleesh

Age: 24 ((15 in his species comsideration of age))

Race: Barabel

Gender: Male

Personality: Saheen is very accustomed to the Barabel culture. Very decisive and aggressive. However, he had broken away from that when he moved off his homeplanet of Barab 1. He is slightly kind hearted. That tends to be shown when he is using you. He is generous with anything he gets. He values friends and family as the highest thing in the world. He helps others when he isn't doing something urgent. He is nothing near what his species was. He still held a little is the reclusiveness. He tends to be by his self unless he's with a friend or family member.

Biography: Saheen was born on the planet named Barab 1. Spending most of his life there on the planet. His parents trying to break the trend of what a standard Barabel should be. Sending him off to a small government in the outer rim known as 'The Krath Dynasty'. There he helped build government buildings and such. Transporting materials and saving up the credits to live his own life.

Once he had saved enough, he invested in a Bulk Freighter. A YT-510. He called it 'The Deadly Mynock'. Taking what he owned and leaving back for the Core worlds. He picked up tricks along the way and by the time he reached his final destination, he decided to live a life in hustling people and transporting goods elsewhere.

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Armour: Just salvaged armour from fallen First Order troops. Never wears the helmet though.

Extra: Refers to himself as 'This one'. He refers to a specific person as 'That one' unless he knows their name.

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