Far Traveler: Ruvari Ereth

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Far Traveler: Ruvari Ereth

Post by Xylohem » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:20 pm




Name: Ruvari Ereth

Age: 729

Sex: Female

Race: Elf Shadar-kai

Height: 196cm

Weight: 78kg


Appearance: The darkness of her hair is only complimented by a black enamel rose that she often wears. Though when she puts the rose behind either of her ears, the enamel black rose springs to life and dark vines quickly move to tie her hair back. A few other jet black roses also bloom as the magic vines tie her hair back. However, while her fair and lithe form shows beauty, her pale skin is nearer snow white than a healthy color. The elf's eyes are also a sight to behold as her left eye is a deep shade of crimson while the right is a deep gold with white flecks. Her pupils are thin vertical slits much like that in some dragons and cat-like animals.

While Ruvari is not opposed to the idea of bright colors, she often wears darker clothes and armor. Sometimes, when she removes her magically enhanced breastplate armor, it is possible to see a tattoo of a red rose down her right arm and a tattoo of a raven on the back of her left hand. Though she often wears gloves and long-sleeved dresses to hide the tattoos she has. Even the armor she wears has hidden symbols written on it, yet these symbols are incredibly hard to see especially when she is in combat. She also wears a dark silver signet ring and refuses to remove it or explain it.
(Hidden Spoiler below this text with images of the eyes and tattoos.)




Personality: Ruvari is often quiet and blunt. The way she talks and acts around other people shows that she has either not learned any social skills as a young child, or just replaced them with an incredible skill with a blade and bow. Due to being new to the kingdom she has little to no friends and she has even less contact with people in the main kingdom. While she is hard to get used to, she does relax around those who have talked with her many times and even begins to show kindness to her closest friends. She is also a quick learner and enjoys anything that will give her an edge in a fight.


Shadow Meld: Ruvari's form seemingly vanishes from the current plane, and it does. However, her shadow does not vanish and instead becomes her connection to the plane. This allows her to slip past many different things as she essentially becomes her shadow. The ability can be used like a teleportation spell, but the transition from one place to another is limited to how fast she can run from one place to another.

Dark Blade: This ability allows Ruvari to create a weapon from the existing shadows around her. The more shadows there are to create this weapon, the stronger it will be. For example; if there is only her shadow to draw from, she can summon a dagger from her shadow into her hand. If she is in a deep forest, she can create a longsword with a blade sharp enough to slice diamond in half cleanly. She is also able to create a bow and arrows from the shadows, but as she pulls from the shadows to create items, the shadows themselves vanish and are unusable until the weapon is cast aside. As she summons a bow, she also has to individually summon each arrow from a new shadow, and once she releases the shadow bow all of the shadows used to create arrows will vanish and return to where she pulled them from.

Raven's Call: This spell and power come from her home and is her most lethal tool. Using a hundred human-sized shadows Ruvari can summon forth a raven. The beast is friendly to her, and if commanded, can do serious damage to others. If Ruvari so desires the raven will fly at a target and meld with it. As the shadow raven melds with the target, the target's insides will be crushed into dust often killing the individual unless the raven enters the target in one of its legs or arms. In such a case the muscles, bones, and ligaments of the appendage will turn to dust essentially making the arm or leg useless as well as being incredibly painful. The raven created then is gone until Ruvari creates a new one.

Skills: Ruvari has many skills and talents. The one that is most evident is her skill with magic and ranged weaponry. While all Shadar-kai are learned when it comes to melee and ranged weapons. She is especially skilled with longbows. While Ruvari is also skilled with melee weapons like daggers and swords, she enjoys the range of a bow. In her home, others felt the same as she did and so a new weapon was created, a blade-bow. This weapon allowed for both close-quarters combat and ranged combat without having to switch weapons. Ruvari became quickly acquainted with this weapon adding it as a skill to her deadly arsenal.

Equipment: As stated before, her favored weapon is the blade-bow which is actually the size of a longbow. While she can create arrows from shadows around her, she keeps a large amount in a specially enhanced quiver that can hold thousands of arrows. It also doesn't hurt that she can make her own arrows as well and is a skilled ranger and survivalist. The dark-colored armor she wears is taken off only when she knows she is in a safe location. Though, the usage of minor spells keeps her spell slinging sharp and her items clean and sharpened. Like any good ranger does, Ruvari has multiple knives and daggers hidden all over her person in secret holds.


In early Winter, hundreds of year before the and death of Lord Emeric Conrad of Azuria, Ruvari came to the doorstep of a kingdom across the ocean. While in this kingdom the strange elf woman was not a completely uncommon sight, her pale skin and the ring she wore was understood by many. While there were only a few followers of the Queen of Ravens, her dominion over the transition from life to death was apparent. This group quickly took the elf in with them and nearly began to worship her. Due to her major disapproval, the group instead insisted that she lead them. To which she reluctantly accepted the position.

As Ruvari rose to a prominent position, and her group grew, she was carefully studied by the kingdom and their ruler who eventually decided to invite her to their court after a handful of years. Once more she accepted the offer she held little care for. Though the shift from religious leader to court member was interesting, to say the least. The years passed quickly for the kingdom and as one ruler passed on the next came within a quick heartbeat. But as the time continued Ruvari eventually found herself falling deeper into the intricacies of court life. Nearly, the elf even fell in love. Though this was corrected by the Queen of Ravens.

With the loss of her closest friend and love Ruvari decided to vanish and follow the commands of her Queen. Taking a merchant ship, Ruvari heard of the kingdom known as Azuria. Certain that her past wouldn't follow her, the elf took her trip as quickly as possible. Leaving behind her followers and the few friends that she had among them. Though she knew the path before her was laid out by one who knew more than she could ever know. As the ship docked in the port, Ruvari was quick to find the path to the kingdom and find a place to rest. And do as she had been commanded.
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Re: Far Traveler: Ruvari Ereth

Post by Annasiel » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:56 pm

Alone she drifts from ancient mists
Nary a candle, nary a wish
But in the wont of wandering paths
Through wooded knolls, and windworn crags
She seeks a face she thought as friend
But now -- she thinks as judgement's end

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