The Amazing Arachno-Man (Under Construction)

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The Amazing Arachno-Man (Under Construction)

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"Don't forget to put the hyphen between Arachno and Man."
Personal Information
Name: Reginald Zacharias Quinn
Codename: Arachno-Man
Alias(es): New York's Knight; Millennium City's Marvel; Astonishing Anansi; Dexterous Deviant
Species: Posthuman
Gender: Male♂
Age: 17 y/o
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Auburn Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 167lbs.
Blood Type: O-
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Orientation: Heterosexual
Alignment: Neutral Good
Organizations: None
Affiliations: None
Education: Millennium Academy Curriculum
Occupation: Millennium Academy Student; Vigilante; Aspiring Analyst
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: New York City, New York
Residence: Forestside, Millennium City (Current); Queens, New York City
Base of Operations: Millennium Academy Labs; His Room
Family: Johnathan Quinn (Father); Anya Quinn (Mother); Matthew Quinn (Brother); Amelia Quinn (Sister); Charlotte Quinn (Grandmother); Richard Quinn (Uncle); Olivia Quinn (Aunt)
Friends: Kyle Connors (Millennium City); Isabella Bloom (Millennium City); Spencer O'Brien (New York City)
Enemies: Crooks; Assurance PR
Marital Status: Single
Relationships: None
Hobbies: Computer Programming; Animation; Guitar; Drawing
Likes: Food; Games; Music; Books; Milkshakes
Dislikes: Bad Vending Machine Food; Anxiety
Languages: English; Spanish; Phrases of French; Bit of Japanese
Status: Alive; Active
Friendly Neighborhood Nobody
New Age. New Trials. New Wonders.
Altering the course of human history, the advent of metahumans, mutants, mutates, posthumans, supernaturals, struckies, and aliens has transformed and shifted society and culture all across the world. Many have accepted it. Others reject it. Some are unsure how to react. Of course, there are the few millions that choose to ignore or disregard this new status quo.

However, among the masses, one man chooses to establish his own status quo, challenging others to abandon their apathy. To inspire hope and change as well as educate society is his goal. Alter the perceptions people have about heroes, villians, and those caught in between the crossfire comprises several of the major foundations of what makes this man Reginald Quinn who he is.

Falling backwards into his powers by accident, Reginald understands the fear, trial, and tribulation that comes with being endowed with fantastic and frightening gifts. Following a strict moral code to go along with his wit, the young man seeks to use his experiences and goodwill to help others to the best of his ability.

To prove that anyone, even a nobody, can do incredible and virtuous things with or without powers is what The Amazing Arachno-Man is all about!

Born Ready, Made To Overcome
One singular moment.

All of it had been lead up to by various smaller moments.

The passing of his grandfather due to a metahuman incident, his uncle having health complications, moving into Forestside with his grandmother to attend Millennium Academy, the bullying at his new school due to the fact he had no superhuman abilities, and leaving his family, especially his siblings, behind hit hard.

One after the other, each took their toll on the young man. A few friends were made during his stay at Millennium, and talking to his parents always helped to ease the pain. Time passes and New Year's Day arrives, sparking forth a new chapter in his life.

With the new year came the electrogenesis event and the anomalous arachnid specimen, Reginald Quinn's life was completely altered as this life-altering phenomenon brought forth electrifying change into the young Quinn, both in mind and body! Discovering newfound ability and learning to hone each and every one, Reginald sought to hide his abilities at first, using them to prank, trick, and exact vengeance upon those who have hounded him since his arrival at Millennium Academy.

Not long after, Reginald Quinn arrived at the notion of becoming a vigilante, motivated by the fact that those who did have power either abused it or cared little for the people without it. Hero agencies cared about profit and image, Assurance sought to use fear as a marketing tactic, and the Society of Superheroes were preoccupied with threats like Surgath and infighting, supervillains caused havoc every other day, mobs were all more frightful with metahumans among their ranks, all the while the regular folk were left to suffer and pick up the pieces from the devastation due to the actions of these various associations, organizations, and individuals. Furthermore, with new threats cropping up and becoming more bold with each passing day motivated Reginald into action.

Someone had to stand up for the little guy. No matter what, someone with power had to do the right thing when no one else would or could, or else more people would end up like Reginald's grandfather.

No one was going to hurt his family or anyone else's ever again.

No matter what, Arachno-Man would protect everyone.

Advent Of The Arachnid Avenger
Tending to fluctuate in genetic prevalence in the human genome, metahuman and mutant genes tend to require a catalyst in order to manifest whether due to an emotional imbalance, a biological factor, or an environmental factor. Reginald Quinn's exonormal genetics were not to activate until severe stress had been inflicted upon his biology. However, with the electrogenesis event came change as a seed sought him out, but not before another factor had simultaneously taken effect.

Before the spider-bite and subsequent alterations the electrogenesis event wrought upon young Reginald, the unusual specimen involved was of anomalous nature, carrying an esoteric energy unlike any other. Once Reginald had been bitten, the anomalous energies along with the arachnid specimen's venom were injected directly into his biological systems.

With both energies assaulting his mind and body, Reginald's metahuman genetics activated, allowing the assimilation of the dual forces to alter his biology. The electrogenesis seed amplified and altered his metahuman attributes and assimilating the spider DNA Reginald was exposed to due to the bite, and the anomalous energy expanded the scope of his abilities, creating the young Quinn into a versatile hybrid unlike any other.

After this chance freak accident of nature, Reginald began to develop his abilities and trained to control them as each became more prevalent with time. Not long after, his various superhuman capabilities reached full potency, allowing the young teenager to adopt and apply them to their full potential.

Your Average Nobody
Born on 4 August 2002 to Jonathan Quinn and Anya Quinn, Reginald Quinn grew up in a relatively normal household. While his father was an officer of the police force and his mother a nurse at a local hospital, Reginald Quinn was raised and lived in a simple, small suburban house along with his relatives and younger siblings who were born a few years afterwards.

Succeeding in school and demonstrating an aptitude for the sciences, Reginald Quinn was accepted into Millennium Academy, where he selected a specific set of classes to make up his day-to-day schedule at this prestigious education institute. In order to attend, the young Quinn had to move in with his grandmother down in Forestside at Millennium City. A difficult decision for his family to make due to the long distance, but, in the end, an agreement had been reached.

After his admittance, Reginald Quinn was exposed to the electrogenesis event and the spider bite, which in turn resulted in the activation of latent metahuman genes, turning him into a posthuman polyhybrid. Due to these advanced exonormal abilities activating during a tumultuous and difficult time in his life, Reginald Quinn kept his abilities hidden and trained himself to use them properly before retaliating and pulling pranks against school bullies.

Difficult for him to wrap his head around, the concept of becoming a vigilante or superhero like so many others appeared unappealing at first due to the various ongoing problems in his life. Nothing was at stake to make him feel invested at all into the absurd notion until several metahuman incidents brought up the memory of his grandfather's passing and his father's work as an officer. Determined to ensure nothing would happen to his family, friends, and fellow citizens, despite his reservations, Reginald Quinn resolved to become the Amazing Arachno-Man.

A year and several months have passed by since then, and Reginald Quinn has honed his crime-fighting prowess, intelligence, and moral integrity in order to become the best hero according to his capabilities. His complete disregard for any status quo and prompting of others to help others with their own hands has resulted in a wave of media and social phenomenon that is just beginning to pick up steam. With witty sarcasm yet jovial attitude, Arachno-Man is slowly but steadily becoming a hero people not only can look up to, but can also count on to help them out in their time of need.

The Scarlet Satirist
Around Queens, New York City, especially to those who already know him, Reginald Quinn is a dependable individual and known to help community centers and shelters as well as church programs and such. In his neighborhood, his family could be counted on to help anyone who needed it and would help out in school events as well. In the classroom and school environment, the young Quinn was known for keeping to himself, having few friends, and keeping up in school as an honors student, but was bullied due to his own innate reservations and social anxiety.

Forestside had been a different change of pace, but Reginald along with his grandmother Charlotte would attend similar programs and engage with the community. Overall, his impression upon this small neighborhood had been rather good, and no one appears to dislike him. Lately, Reginald has been attending the few programs and shelters in Duskburg that are still operating, hoping to help out as best he can due to the worsening conditions and ever increasing crime rate in the area, all the while keeping it a secret from his folks about his visits to the crime-ridden district.

Nonetheless, with or without powers, his social and school life have not diverged substantially as the bullying and harassment has changed from him being an outcast to the fact he has no superhuman or metahuman abilities whatsoever, at least in the public view. Despite the constant harassment and insults, Reginald has kept his composure and even made friends in the new school environment. Around the labs and general classes, the young man is known for his intellect and artistic ability when it comes to drawing and playing the guitar. Recently, the young man has taken up animation as a side hobby as well as learning computer programming.

Garnering a tremendous following due to his incredible heroics and outrageous antics, the infamous and controversial Arachno-Man has been a subject of debate concerning the role of vigilantism in crime-fighting and his efforts in various communities. With various law enforcement and hero agencies as well as the media denouncing him due to his complete disregard for civil authority and unwillingness to compromise on his beliefs, Arachno-Man never fails to both provoke opposite parties and motivate others to shake off their apathy and do the right thing. Taking both a conservative and down-to-earth approach when it comes to his viewpoint, the superhero says what's on his mind, using a blunt and honest tactics, never taking back what he says. This has led many to question as to whether the hero is intending to become a social and political icon, but this has been denied on numerous occasions as Arachno-Man only seeks to inspire good in others and denounce the wrongdoings in the world, in spite of whether people like his direct and tactless approach or not.

However, Arachno-Man demonstrates an unwillingness to cooperate with other heroes, vigilantes, and law enforcement unless necessary with the exception being various community programs. The vigilante has even begun to verbally target and reprimand various heroes and vigilantes, especially those working for agencies or corporations, and has even begun to criticize the company Assurance and similar corporations and organizations as well. Nonetheless, the young spider's track record has proven that he is both effective and efficient in deterring and stopping crime despite working alone, giving him a degree of repute.

Unlike other heroes and vigilantes, Arachno-Man has proven to be as proactive as he is reactive when dealing with the criminal underworld, natural disasters, and various other dangerous situations and threats. Demonstrating constant vigilance and service, Arachno-Man has begun to establish himself as a pillar of the community and a symbol for the people.

Can't Put A Price On A Piece Of Mind
The man under the mask, Reginald Quinn attempts the everyday task of being the best person he can possibly be. Tending to be reserved and socially inept while also putting others ahead of himself, Reggie usually keeps to himself and rarely is the first one to engage a conversation, being socially anxious and quite timid in almost any situation he find himself in. However, once the effort is made to know him, Reginald begins to show a certain passion and enthusiasm for certain topics as well as his hobbies, especially so with others who share similar pursuits and goals. In stark contrast to his alter-ego, the young man maintains a friendly and civil demeanor no matter whom he talks to as well as displaying respect and tactfulness when approaching others and engaging in conversation, avoiding to demonstrate any sort of apathy, neglect, or contempt. While achieving the appearance of being quite average, the young genius tends to hide his intellect and talents out of humility and to avoid being the center of attention due to his timidity. When his talents and intellect are recognized, Reggie tends to play down and brush off any sort of recognition. Through his upbringing by parents involved in law enforcement and medical services, the young man has developed an apt sense of justice along with several important moral values held dear to his heart, inheriting a keen sense of right and wrong.

In spite of his respectable nature, there are negative qualities the young man preferred not to have and recognizes his faults as well as his limited control over them. Containing a rather difficult temperament, Reginald has been known to be resentful and callous when his family or him are hurt or insulted, but, on a positive note, his bouts of temper tend to be short and quick with him regaining his senses and control of himself soon afterward. His forgiving side of himself allows him to demonstrate mercy and compassion despite the offenses done to him and have led him to be able to shrug off most troubles that have come his way. However, should the crime or offense be quite serious, Reginald displays a glaring and grievous side of himself as any human being would be, leading him to hold grudges and become quite distant with others and even his own friends.

Quick to the punch and quicker on a witty retort, Arachno-Man has developed his repertoire of remarks, mastering the art of the wisecrack. His comedic tendencies are employed as both a psychological and tactical advantage when in dangerous situations. Applying such humor tends to result in opponents underestimating him while simultaneously alleviating the tension of the situation for civilians, the scarlet satirist insults anyone unlucky enough to combat him while using jokes and quips along with childish and jester-like antics to throw off opponents and aid his allies. Distracting an opponent with jest and pranks, these jests provide ample time for crimson comedians's tactical and scientific mind to conceive a plan of attack while providing his allies opportunities for counterattacks. On the other hand, Arachno-Man's sarcasm and satire are intended to deconstruct and fundamentally break down an opponent's headspace and methods. Making light of a situation, whether it be a simple mugging, a dastardly plot, or a world-ending event, Arachno-Man's methods tend to poke holes and demonstrate the foolishness of such situations and crises in conjunction with the perpetrators behind them, providing solid, down-to-earth argument, all with a dash of wittiness and wordplay.

Nonetheless, this does not at all stop the masked menace from harshly criticizing and reprimanding various heroes, organizations, social and political figures, and various other corporate entities. With a pragmatic albeit jaded and sardonic viewpoint, the vigilante approaches these lectures with a grounded and realistic mindset when condemning these various figures, never making insipid, misleading, or prejudiced arguments. Tackling each issue and individual with the same blunt yet harsh approach, Arachno-Man is often brought into conflict with many individuals and organizations and into direct confrontation with the numerous issues and flaws society has to offer. Resulting from his paranoia and concern over his secret identity, this disparity in personality is moderately due to avoid any repercussions his family or himself may suffer from opposing the status quo and the criminal underworld, which resulted in Reginald having to conceive such a drastic antithesis to himself: Arachno-Man.

Can Do Everything A Spider Can And More
Due to the electrogenesis seed, the bite from an altered arachnid specimen, and the metahuman mutation, Reginald Quinn's DNA has undergone numerous mutagenic changes, resulting in an enhanced chromosome pattern, and several body-wide alterations. Exhibiting all the natural traits and features associated with the class Arachnida via the spider's various enzymes being transferred into his body at the time of the bite, Reginald Quinn has also become a multifaceted polyhybrid due to developing additional supernatural and metahuman attributes enhancing his standard arachnid-based powers, as result of the numerous aspect and components that modified his physiological and anatomical systems and structures. Operating at superior levels than most metahuman all-around, Reginald Quinn's abilities allow him an edge over various opponents, and traverse most environments with ease due to several mutations, such as superhuman strength, speed, agility, dexterity, endurance, wall-crawling and sixth sense as well as various others.

Sixth Sense: The predominant and foremost ability out of the plethora of remarkable capabilities that Reginald possesses, the sixth sense allows the posthuman to access a psychic web interconnecting all individuals with a general vicinity. The range is typically several hundred meters, but, depending on the nature of the threat, the sixth sense can detect the danger from far larger distances. The primary functions of this sixth sense such as empathy, clairvoyance, danger intuition, and short-term precognition derive from an complex yet highly advanced extrasensory and metaphysical network. This psychic web is comprised of various strands that connect the user with other individuals, and information is delivered along these tethers, which the user can examine and investigate. Despite acting as a open psychic system, there are natural defenses embedded into it, providing the young metahuman a resistance to psychic intrusion and an immunity to meta. The amalgamation of the natural sensory faculties working in conjunction along with his sixth sense culminate into a detection system unmatched by any other and grant the young polyhybrid a unique perspective in any situation as well as enabling him to avoid most injuries and threats.

Altered Cranium: Throughout his entire body, Reginald Quinn's nerve tissue and synapses are able to replicate the electrical discharges and biochemicals released during any and all experiences he has endured, allowing him to remember any past occurrence or event with vivid clarity. In tangent with his enhanced range of vision along with his other senses, his acute memory allow him to remember any and all of the particular traits of various objects, locations, and individuals. This asset has granted the posthuman an exception pseudo-adoptive muscle memory, accelerating any research or training when it comes to learning different parkour, gymnastic, and combat techniques.

Altered Ocular Vision: Similar to how a spider has multiple eyes, Reginald Quinn has been gifted with multiple lines of sight, allowing him to assess the entire environment around him as well as detect the incoming presence of any object or individual. This is achieved through his visual organs mutating and developing into compound eyes, not dissimilar from that of an ordinary insect. However, unlike most insects, the posthuman's eyes are not comprised of thousands of photoreceptor cells or photosensitive organs. Instead, the metahuman's optic tissues have been altered to have a total of eight different photosensitive organs, four in each eye, and these enhanced optical organs allow a nigh-360 degree field-of-view of the surrounding environment as well as being able to adapt and adjust to situations or environments when there is limited lighting available, essentially night vision. Each of these photoreceptive organs are able to zoom into far-away objects, up to even a few kilometers, and can also boast a resistance to intense light and various chemical particulates or aerosols.

Human-Spider Super-Condition: Achieving the epitome and exemplar of versatile and comprehensive posthuman physiology and anatomy, Reginald Quinn's various physical capabilities display the same proportionality and potency as each other, never one ability quite surpassing the other. Although not being the most powerful or robust metahuman, Reginald Quinn's all-around human-spider prowess provides him with several advantages over most opponents, superhuman or otherwise. With superhuman strength and durability, the young posthuman can lift structures and objects larger than himself weighing up to several tons along with being able to leap across long distances of up to a few hundred feet. His altered muscle and skeletal structure have become several times more resilient and have a greater tensile, shear, and compressive strength, allowing the metahuman to heft such structures with relative ease. Appearing often times as nothing more than a blur, the exonormal is able to accelerate up to speeds competing with that of a fast-moving car or train and contains reflexes allowing him to dodge gunfire, fast-moving strikes, explosions, and various other dangers. For comparison, the human-spider polyhybrid can witness each cycle of a fly's wings fluttering as well as map out the trajectory of a mid-air bullet. Among his various abilities and feats, the posthuman can achieve equilibrium and balance in nearly any environment as well as traverse the environment with relative ease, charting out courses and maneuvering his body with extraordinary dexterity, able to bend and contort limbs into various unconventional and unorthodox forms. Possessing a remarkable metabolism and a more efficient digestive system, the hybrid's body breaks down foods and absorbs more nutrients than a normal human being in order to satiate his biological system's need for sustenance while also being more resilient along with the altered circulatory system against absorbing and distributing toxins, poisons, and similar harmful contaminants.

Exoskeletal Carapace: Similar to all arachnids, Reginald Quinn has developed an exoskeletal carapace to protect his various tissues and organs. Comprised of several layers and segments, this dermal armor offers protection from a variety of harm and conventional weapons. Knives and similar conventional weapons or tactics have little to no effect, only causing minor wounds if that, while small-arms fire may penetrate a couple layers of skin and muscle before being properly embedded. However, heavier firepower does tend to both pierce several layers and inflict a significant amount of damage, but explosives tend to have less of an effect than such firearms, able to penetrate a few layers before being properly stopped. Despite these drawbacks, the carapace provides ample protection from various posthuman attacks and abilities, demonstrating a remarkable constitution and absorption factor, helping to spread the impacts and forces throughout the body to be absorbed instead of one singular spot. This dermal protection exhibits a tolerance for various poisons, acids, and harsh chemicals as well as harmful radiation and even limited insulation against electric currents, providing ample protection to stop further harm or to be treated, but, if exposed enough to a particular harmful substance enough times, the exoskeletal armor will begin to develop a higher resistance to that substance. Atop this exoskeleton are several thousands of highly-sensitive nanoscopic hairs, allowing the posthuman to detect air currents and various vibrations, which can be used for detection as well as determine the directions and location of objects traveling through air and even water.

Healing Factor: While his accelerated healing may not be on par as to be able to instantaneously heal from any wound or injury, Reginald Quinn's regenerative healing factor performs both efficiently and effectively no matter what type of injury sustained. Able to clot wounds almost instantaneously in conjunction with the exoskeletal carapace, which shifts and closes the wound with an organic excretion, which aids the process and helps keep the wound from unclotting. Counteracting fatigue toxins that build up in the body is what grants the posthuman such increased endurance and extended stamina as well as high-pain tolerance as his body is able to produce significant amounts of adrenaline, hormones, and other similar organic compounds to ease pain and heighten his bodily functions. Most wounds close up within a few seconds to a couple minutes while serious injuries heal up within a few hours. Particularly threatening injuries can take several hours to a few days depending on the severity. Burns or smaller chemical traumas heal within a short span of time, and any ocular or similar sensory faculty impairments repair after a few to several minutes as well as any. Broken bones require several hours to a few days to heal, but ligaments, joints, and tendons only take a half-hour up to a few hours to heal from. Most conventional illnesses, toxins, and poisons requires anywhere from a few seconds or minutes to several hours depending on the type of pathogen or the dosage and/or type of contaminant while abnormal or exotic diseases or contaminants require anywhere from an hour to several. In spite of these healing processes taking an adequate amount of time for a full-recovery to be achieved, there is a method in which the healing process can be accelerated. Whenever the exonormal enters a sleep cycle, even one as short as a few hours, a hibernation process commences, putting the posthuman into a heightened state of cellular regeneration. After this hibernation process is completed, the metahuman will awake and be properly healed of all injuries, illnesses, and impairments, no longer sustaining any sort of health issue.

Blood Pressure Manipulation: Providing him an edge when it comes to sheer striking power, speed acceleration, or jumping strength, Reginald possesses the unnatural trait all arachnids possess which is the manipulation of blood pressure. Within his altered biology, the posthuman contains a composite circulatory system, possessing traits of both an open and closed circulatory system. With these alterations, the exonormal can force his limbs to extend in a sudden and rapid manner by applying a sudden change in blood flow and pressure. Combined with his enhanced muscle and skeletal structure, these abrupt and rapid outward snapping of the limbs result in strikes, jumps, speed, and strength being brought to another level of efficiency and power. With this ability, the metahuman can accelerate up to high-speeds and maintain such speeds at an accelerated pace, deliver a striking power able to punch through materials with ease and send foes reeling, lift structures with such a support system assisting the carry, and leap long distances from structure to structure throughout an environment almost instantaneously.

Electrostatic Manipulation: Via his altered dermal membranes and tissues, Reginald Quinn can manipulate electrostatic forces and affect the various electrons of atoms to create an attractive or repulsive force between himself and the atomic structures. The most versatile and functional applicant is the ability to cling to various surfaces and

A Work-In-Progress Kind Of Guy
Possessing an aptitude and curiosity for the various sciences as well as select interests falling outside that category, Reginald Quinn has developed his mental faculties not only to expand his personal knowledge but also to increase his performance out in the field as Arachno-Man. Steadily and certainly, the young man has begun to demonstrate his own unique brand of genius while not quite achieving the same level of ingenuity of Terminus, Invictus, and similarly intelligent individuals.

Mechanical Engineering: One of his strongest suits, engineering has proven to be


Computer Programming:

Artistic Inclination:

Self-Taught Combat Style: Studying different

The Technological Tarantula
With new and various upcoming threats to combat against, the Arachno-Man has to be equipped to handle such threats and protect the general public. Putting his engineering, computer programming, and chemistry knowledge to good use, the technological tactician has developed several gadgets, gear, and apparatuses to aid in his endeavours.

Advanced Armor Suit: Containing several layers of protective and armored mesh, this suit . . . Installed into the mask, the voice modulator allows the vigilante to conceal his voice and even alter it to suit the situation, such as for interrogation or deception.

Reactive Lenses & Surveillance Monitors:


The Spyder Drone:

Tracking Dots/Tracers:

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