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Where do I came from? What do I done?

That shouldn't matter, since today's for the fun!
Where did I come from? What did I do?

The fact of the matter: I'm now here for you.
Name: Beatrice Hindley

Alias: N/A

Rank: R-Class-B Amnesticized and removed

Locations: [REDACTED]

Gender: female

Age: 20 y/o

Hair color: blond

Eye color: heavily saturated brown

Height: 1.52 m

Weight: 43.1 kg


Hobbies: Peeking, of course!

Force of gravity dragging me down: 95 pounds

Tol: 5 feet

Iris pigment: red

Follicle melanin: absent of pheomelanin and eumalanin

State of metabolic decomposition: mnyeh

Sex: Isn't "girl" obvious

Hangouts: wherever I please!

Class: Suckers really do think they made me forget.

Nickname: Autopsy

Me: Bea <3


Don't listen to them! I've done nothing wrong here. Isn't poking at things what they do? Figure out how things... tick? I even followed procedure. I might not have mama's touch, but I do know all her tricks. If they were gonna die, they'd all be dead, wouldn't they? And the ones that'd stopped squirming... heh. Alright, I've got no defense for that. But I did follow procedure, short of their stupid paperwork. They said I could do my own research on my own time. What'd they expect from mama's girl?
Incident Report: I-[REDACTED]-D.

Intern B. Hindley has reached the final straw. Intern Hindley is to be amnesticized and removed for illicit use of [REDACTED] resources, and the use of cruel and unusual methods in the study of biological, sapient [REDACTED]s, resulting in the death of one or more subjects. I'm sorry, she has a lot of promise, but she's too unstable for [REDACTED] work.
B. R[REDACTED], manager.

Beatrice "Bea" Hindley
Beatrice "Bea" Hindley

Hush little baby, don't say a word

Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird

And if that mockingbird don't sing

Mama's gonna show you his tracheal rings

And if those rings get cut and cracked

Mama's gonna show you the spine in his back

And if his spine gets bent too far

Mama's gonna show you your inner arms

And if mama's touch starts to make you scream

Mama's gonna replace your skin with seams

And if your seams begin to tear -

Hush, little baby. Mama's right there.
Mommy always said I got to live 'cause I was her favorite, but I know that I got to be her favorite 'cause I lived. There was lots of us for a while, all together, all happy with mommy. She just had a special... touch, you know? I knew that mommy could fix anything, even when the other kids got scared that she couldn't fix them. But of course she'd fix us! She wouldn't hurt us if she couldn't fix us. She even taught me some of the fixing, even if I never had mommy's special touch. Nobody else listened, though. All of them didn't trust mommy. Mommy wanted me to think that they stopped squirming because they didn't trust her, but even then I knew the truth. Just because mommy could fix us, with her special touch, didn't mean she would fix us. Just because I wanted to trust mommy didn't mean that I wasn't happy when they came, and found out about her touch. I was the only one left by then.

Mommy's not even left now.
I tell myself it's for the better.

Well... better for me, anyway.

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Re: Autopsy

Post by Rudeboy » Tue Nov 05, 2019 7:57 am

You think I'mma read something upside down? AND in Comic Sans?? Boah, you out yo damn mind.

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