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Sir Asterisk
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Sir Asterisk

Post by Sir Asterisk » Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:24 am



Picture is not final, This is just something i found, I'll Use for now to create my character.


Name: Sir Asterisk

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Height: 5 ft 8 in

Weight: 178 pounds


Appearance: Decently tall, Usually wearing a black kimono,

Personality: Cunning, Deceptive, Yet projects sense of trust into people, And fear into them at the same time.
Is incredibly Persuasive, Very instigating, Usually causing fights, Or arguments. Talks like a Con-man,
Has the mind of a Con-man, And the dreams of a tyrant..



Very persuasive

Has a sweet British Accent

Telekinesis, Is able to move and levitate objects at hes will, (Like the force in Star Wars, As an example)
But, The catch is that he has to extinguish life to use this power, From as small as a fly, If he were to
Smash a fly he could lift pencils, And if he has killed Giants, He could lift boulders with hes power,
So the amount of life "Sacrificed" would determine how much power he would have.

(Also, This power was originally added just so he wouldn't be helpless)


Extremely persuasive

Manipulative, And is good at instigating people.

Is good at design, And woodwork.

Equipment: Walks with a dapper black Wooden Cane, And a small dagger to hes side, Which is hidden under hes Kimono,


Sir Asterisk was birthed into a wealthy family, The Aster Family, Hes family owned and ran a company called Stimco (Stim-co)
This company did a variety of things, Ran hospitals, Rented out medics to work for mercenary's, And was the medical company of choice
for royalty. Yet this company had a dark-side, The power of Telekinesis that Sir Asterisk has is passed down in the family, The Aster family
used there company to meet there needs of destroying life, Bye taking the lonely, And due to die patients, And personally executing them to
bring them power,

Once the public started catching wind of the horrors the
Aster Family were committing people were horrified, The company started collapsing with no customers.
Sir Asterisk was only 16 at the time, And one of the royal courts have sent an assassin to the Aster Family Manor,
Both Mr and Mrs Aster were killed, Leaving Sir Asterisk an orphan, With a company that has collapsed, And
a fortune that has been taken bye the kingdom for the horrors of the Aster Family,

All these unfortunate events left Sir Asterisk with nothing, Except the cloths on hes back, And a hes Cane.
Once he was 19 he got have gotten into a new business, Going town to town doing magic shows, Using hes powers to put wonder into the crowd.
Although in hes performances he had gotten a volunteer from the crowd, And asked them to step backstage, He would "Extinguish" the volunteers
life, To gain enough power to put on the show, Which the show is where he gets money to buy hes home,

At the age of 25 Sir Asterisk gets into being a con artist on the streets of the Capital City, Finding who ever he can to sell useless trinkets to,
But with grand plans of power, And dominance over the land, He wants to revive hes company, And bring power to the name of Sir Asterisk once again, Through whatever means necessary..
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Re: Sir Asterisk

Post by Shinigami » Wed Oct 10, 2018 2:17 am

Sir Asterisk wrote:
Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:24 am
Your character is extremely overpowered for this setting, and you're making references to technologies that have yet to be invented. This is a low-tier medieval fantasy setting; meaning you can create simple illusions and chuck softball-sized fireballs, but you can't level houses or entire cities with a flick of your wrist.

If you want to play a life leach, this power should have some form of ritual in order to harvest the power, and you should tone down the amount drawn from it. This is to give other players a fair chance should you try to battle them.
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Sir Asterisk
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Re: Sir Asterisk

Post by Sir Asterisk » Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:01 am

Well the idea is that there's no way i could ever get that power, To do any sort of thing beyond throwing a basket ball at someone
Also i would never intend on fighting, I just tried to put in some kind of magic so i wouldn't be completely helpless

Just saying, That the House lifting was just an example of killing a full city of people, Which i do not see where this would happen, at any point in the RP, Because this character is a business man, Not a fighter.

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Re: Sir Asterisk

Post by Myrn » Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:35 pm

I'd suggest you pick either the ability to life leech or use telekinesis and we can help out how to make it acceptable from there. I say this now because I have thought through the abilities while keeping in mind of the type of character you're trying to emulate and have several suggestions but I'd rather know what you will go for first.
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