[GUARD] The City Guard

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[GUARD] The City Guard

Post by Shinigami » Thu Sep 21, 2017 3:00 am

The station.


Standing firm in the heart of the city, the Azuria Guard is both the local police force and the standing military of Azuria. As such, the men and women of the Guard are tasked not only with keeping the peace, but also defending their kingdom in times of strife.

The Guard will hire anyone willing to serve the city, regardless of race; color; creed or gender, so long as they are capable of work. Whether you're a human, a demigod, or even a fairy - if you can swing a sword, you can join the guard and defend your kingdom and your honor.

Motto: To serve our kingdom and protect it's people from all threats, both within and without.



Captain of the Guard: (Red sash. Max: 1. Pay: 3 gold/day.)

- Rowan Suttrow.

Captain: (Black sash. Max: 3. Pay: 2 gold/day.)

Lieutenant: (Grey sash. Max: 5. Pay: 1 gold 5 silver/day.)

Commander: (White sash. Max: 5. Pay: 1 gold/day.)

- Abraham Aloysius Farrenworth. (NPC)


Sergeant: (Green sash. Max: 10. Pay: 7 silver/day.)

- Taiska Kasheimi

- Jonathan Allomir. (NPC)

Corporal: (Blue sash. Max: infinite. Pay: 5 silver/day.)

Private: (Brown sash. Max: infinite. Pay: 3 silver/day.)

List will be updated as needed.
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