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Re: [ONE](Miro) Owning the Prince

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:30 pm
by Nymphrodite J Wolff
(alright. I will keep an eye out}

Re: [ONE](Miro) Owning the Prince

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:20 am
by Miro-chan
Lydia regarded him with a bit of a shocked look hearing to stay away from his old friend. Nodding as she watched him move about, she thought about what he said. So, he was interested in men in a romantic way...? A warm smile spread across she's lips, though it held a hint of disappointment, as she gazed up at him. "Oh... I'll do well to remember that then," she said as she turned her gaze down to her bare feet.

The young woman thought a moment, thankful to have her thoughts of slight dissapointment go away, as she stood by the door and answered his with a quiet mutter, "I'm not sure..."

She glanced upwards at the familiar ceiling, and placed her finger on her lower lip. "I guess I will figure it out once I actually get to see the snow."

As he walked past her, the feel of his hand messing up her hair in a soft gesture warmed her heart up a little. The dissapointment returned soon after she had opened her eyes from his having removed itself from the top of her head.
Ruffling of Hair
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Her brown orbs flicked upwards hearing the door open, both filled with excitement and expectation at being able to see the world outside the small room she had been cooped up in for three months straight. The first thing that happened before she even took a step forward was the wretched aroma that filled the room. Though she was uses to smelling it, it seemed she would never get used to it. The stench filled her nostrils and caused her nose to crinkle upwards in a disgusted snarl. Her hand lifted upwards to cover it with its top and soon after she was surprised to feel a hand suddenly grasped around her waist. The sudden contact made her jump slightly and her head turned and looked up at her master, who looked much more...masculine than she was used to seeing him. He appeared to be more on edge and uneasy and even though Lydia could tell she was hiding it well, she could still see some of the true emotions coming from him. Her heart skipped a beat and her mind began to fill with an emotion she felt was both forbidden, yet familiar... As she walked by his side, she quickly looked down and focused on her feet, knowing she wasn't supposed to be looking at him, especially with the feelings that were throwing themselves around in her mind.

Re: [ONE](Miro) Owning the Prince

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:55 pm
by Nymphrodite J Wolff
Zaknaphien fought desperately to hold onto the happiness he had drawn from seeing the young human's excitement but as the door clicked close behind the pair it melted away. His mind was trained to void his emotions as soon as he saw down the hall and no matter the pleasent circumstance he held little power to change so abruptly.

The elf watched the girl from the corner of his eye, running his free hand through his hair and jerking through the many knots of his fine hair. For a long while she stared up at him, lost in her own thoughts. His main focus was the halls though, weeding out the others; that and Zak was getting used to the human lapsing into silence to think about whatever it was that bothered her.

As they walked the halls Zak tugged at Lydia's shirt, prying his eyes from the bend ahead to look at the scar that beared a resemblance to his own bite. As much as Zak hated to admit it the original reason he kept her was to discover the reason behind such a simple mark but now he was glad he kept her alive. She was something pleasent to return to each night. It wasn't the same comfort as a lover but he could compare it to that of rooming with a close friend. If that companion allowed him to constantly abuse them that is. He grimaced to himself, returning to watching ahead in hopes she wouldn't catch the glimmer of guilt in his eyes.

If Ole saw him now, abusing such a sweet human, the man would have divorced him on the spot. Couldn't blame him though, neither men's nature was to harm the innocent. Lydia was surely that but he could do nothing about it. Zak himself could do nothing about it. His husband was dead meaning it mattered not what the warlock would have thought. He was his mother's lap dog and that was what it was. How could he follow such a woman as her though; with all she had done to him he should have been screaming for her head but instead he sat and took it. He comntinued to zone out, his hand loosening to where it gently rested at her hip.

Blidly, naturally, he led lydia up the only staircase and into a much cleaner hall. It was still made of stone but had far fewer stains and smelled stronger of blood than actual decay.

A pair of heavier footsteps echooed from around the bend, Zak remaining unaware up until he abruptly stopped before the man. The elf was spared a glance and then his focus was on Lydia. He was of similar height to her, twice as broad as Zak, and carried the same nose and color of locks as him. His face was gentler though, small lines of age creating a more retired warrior look despite his girth. "Hello, I am guessing you are Zak's newest slave." He cared not to hide his disdain. Beside her Zak cringed, staring to the wall to his left, having yet to fully acknowledge the man's prescence.

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Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:24 am
by Miro-chan
The young woman jumped a bit when she felt her master's hand slowly drop to her hip and she swallowed a lumped down her throat. It was completely natural for a man to hold a woman by her hip. Lydia kept pushing certain thoughts away, telling herself her master wouldn't do anything like that. It caused a bit of fear to rise in her belly and she closed her eyes for a few moments, shook her head, and calmed down a bit. He was taking her outside to see the snow. Nothing more. He wouldn't trick her into anything more horrible than what he'd already done to her.


Just as she opened her eyes, she lightly bumped into the male, causing a soft grunt to come from her. Blinking, she looked at who her master was staring at. She kept herself from jumping when she noticed another elf had stopped in front of them and he was staring straight at her. She bit her lower lip as her brown orbs did a quick once over of the male before they quickly rested on her feet. At least she remembered not to stare at other people, like her master had taught her.

However, when he spoke with such disgust towards her and possibly more towards her master, she bit her lower lip harder, held her fists behind her back, keeping her mouth shut, and only nodded a bit as she lifted her head to face him.

"Yes, sir, I am," she stated rather proudly. "May I ask who you are?" She asked with that bit of defiance she always had.

Lydia honestly did not appreciate his attitude towards her or her master.

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Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 8:30 am
by Nymphrodite J Wolff
Zak gulped, all too used to lydia's defiant -stubborn- ways but if a certain someone heard the way she was speaking neither of the males would be able to do a thing to spare her. She would be tortured, raped, starved, tossed around like a toy, and then spat out by his mother to live on the streets until someone slaughtered her. His fondness of her made those images unbearable as he had seen and done all of that. Save for the sexual assualt of course. Zaknaphien had been on the receiving end of that and could never bring himself to do such mental damage to another.

His nose had crinkled at the thought, a lump forming in his throat before he could focus back on those about him. It didn't matter as the broad man's attention was on his slave. Zak would be lucky if the man said one word to him today, even though he was doing something for Lydia.

The man arched an eyebrow. "How are you still alive with a mouth like that?" His attention was on Zak, sharing the same warning that had alreeady crossed the elves' mind. "I would have figured my son would have killed you by now for such actions."

The Prince leveled his gaze, his masculinity melting away to the helpless man he let Lydia see in his room. Zaknaphien couldn't bring himself to speak.

"You are fine though, Little One." He said holding his hand out. "I am Taz Devied. This fools..." It was obvious Taz had meant to say it jokingly by his tone and playful grin but Zaknaphien stepped back, dropped his hand from Lydia and crossing his arms. "I am no more a fool than you who refuses to do something about a woman that is no lon- I'm sorry." He realized something, bowing his head to the man out of respect.

" Settle mândria și bucuria mea." His upbeat air froze, worsening past the suffocating murkiness that Zak always carried with him. "We have each other left and this one we must call a slave that you have held onto." Taz looked to Lydia, failing to regain his playfullness. "As I was saying before I was interrupted I am the cracked king of this place, a chess piece to be used as needed. My Sweet has over ran all that I did so now I instead help our son the best I can." Taz smiled proudly. "Isn't that right Zak?"

"You and grandpa." Zak conceded, glancing around as if expecting the elder to appear around one of the corners at any moment.

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Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 1:43 am
by Miro-chan
Lydia's brown orbs narrowed as she glared up at the older male, her lips were in a deep frown. "For your information, I don't usually act this way unless my master has been treated poorly. He has punished me in the past and even does so if I truly irk him, but that is between me and him."

She was about to open her mouth again the the old man spoke and her brows rose when it was revealed that the newcomer was her master's father. Her gaze was then hurriedly focused on the main topic of their conversation and she asked, "This your father?"

Her hand was then gripping and she shook it with a somewhat firm grip. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Master Devied." Without meaning to, she had added, "I can see where my master gets his handsome face from." However, as soon as the words left her mouth, she quickly cover her lips with her free hand and tried to ignore the blush that invaded her cheeks.

When he released her she let her hand limply fall back to her side. When Taz had cut himself off, Lydia's head titled to the side a bit in confusion. She kept her mouth shut, however, when he began to speak in another language. Unfortunately for the little slave, she could not understand a thing he said. Her expression changed to a bit of shock when her master's father spoke of his wife, "Oh my... Your wife sounds rather terrifying."

However, she blinked and was taken aback a bit when she reran his sentence across her mind again. "King...? You are a king? Then, that must mean you're..." Lydia looked back towards the younger male, aiming a finger in his direction. "Master, you are a prince?!"

She turned to face him fully and both of her hands gripped his, "You did not tell me that you are a prince! If I had known, then I wouldn't have-have called you so many names or talked back to much." Well, now Lydia felt ashamed for treating him so badly and she felt that she needed to make up for it.