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Posted: Mon May 14, 2018 11:14 pm
by Water
Despite being a emotionally strong woman who rarely broke under pressure, Halcyon's blood boiled when she saw Innocent people being turned into horrific demons. She had personally sworn to protect these people. Now just look at what was happening next to them...

"Orange, Red..." Halcyon gazed over at her two teammates, glad that at others joined her in her frustration. The woman's head was then drawn to the ground. "Your attachment and loyalty to Sol Prima is extremely admirable. I too share your distress. Sol Prima is my home, these are my people,"

Suddenly her anger took full form, raising her voice, she began to speak again.
"I will not stand here and cry. I refuse to stay here and do nothing. You cannot shove down my throat that Prism is supreme when this situation is blatantly contradicting it by showing me directly that she is not the highest.

Tell me you have a plan. Give me a hint that we are prepared in the slightest for this."


Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 1:32 am
by Hilo Takenaka
Seeing the people transform into beasts, Tate freaked out. “What the... what the hell?!? What are these creatures??? Now I just want to go back and beat this guy even more.” He turned to Hal, smiling. “Thanks. You too. I just didn’t know that...” he turned back to Prism, suppressing his energy. “Alright, my goddess, tell me your plan against your brother. Give us the low down so I can personally wipe the floor with him when we have the chance.”

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Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 3:52 am
by Monika

Prism was silent, having regained her composure after the unexpected verbal lashings she received as well as seeing her brother again. She was extremely hurt. So it was her turn. "Let me get one thing straight..." She replied, crossing her arms. Her voice was more solid than before, and almost angry. "You have my powers. You did not just receive powers... you were given MY powers. And when you suddenly received them a month ago, without me speaking to you, it was because that was the day my brother suddenly attacked me out of nowhere and nearly killed me... my body was destroyed in the process and I no longer have a physical form. I relied on your knowledge of the history of the Color Busters that came before, to know what to do. If I had any contact with you, he would have found you before you were ready. If you are corrupted by him, you may not turn into one of those creatures... you might become more like him... an evil version of yourself destroying everything you cared about. With your own hands. I would not get my powers back, nor would I be able to retrieve them from you and give them to someone else."

She paused, shaking her head. "I had intended on you getting stronger while I tried to find out what happened to my brother, and where he is getting this infernal power from. Whatever it is should not exist. But it does. The reason why my powers are split among you in the first place is because if you work in harmony as a team, you can do far more together. A single voice can only reach so far, but a chorus can reach further and can be more powerful. My brother and I were a perfect balance... but something tipped that scale, and I ca not fight him on my own." She glared towards Halcyon slightly. "I did not bring you all here to keep you safe and sound and do nothing. I brought you here because you stood no chance against him without knowing anything about him. You would have fought him like you do everything else, which would have caused you to end up like everyone else there. You cannot just fight him or the creatures with your weapons and powers as is. What you see is the result of when a normal person loses their color... they lose who they are. It was a very rare occurrence before Noct ended up this way, when someone loses all hope and the light fades from their life... but it seems he has somehow gained the ability to cause it."

She uncrossed her arms. "I was not leaving the people to their fates when I brought you here. I care about them as much as you do, but they need your colors to be returned to normal. To restore them, you have to focus your colors into a Color Attack, concentrated positive energy and Color, and hit them with it. It might hurt the creature momentarily, but that is because you are destroying the abyss that Noct placed within them when they lost their color. But once it is burned away, they will be unharmed, and restored to normal. Noct will only gain the followers that he creates from the people. If they see you going and bringing the Color back, their own colors will be stronger, and they will be more resistant to the loss. You will not be able to kill Noct... I feel that whatever caused this change in him, will keep him from dying. You will need to focus your colors into the weapons you were given and use them against him. But, you will need to work on teamwork before you will be able to face him. The more you use your powers in this way, as well as get comfortable with them, you will get stronger and more abilities will become available to you. Until you do get stronger, if he shows up himself, return here. You will always be able to restore the people he has affected."

She sighed lightly. "You may not agree with how it must be done, but you are not dealing with a normal person... you are dealing with a god like myself... you cannot fight him and treat him like you would anything else. I had been spending this month gathering information and learning what you would need to do to be able to confront him and stop him."



Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 8:59 pm
by Orophin
Argent listened to those around him speak again. Then the floating square began to speak as well. What was said was mind blowing to say the least, but what Prism said soon after was even more profoundly shocking. He walked to the screen that was showing the creatures that had once been people and then said "Can you even begin to imagine what kind of horrible creatures we would turn into if we were to be corrupted? Not to mention how much more dangerous we would be with our corrupted powers if that was to happen. This situation is far more dire then any of us could've imagined in the first place."

He then quickly turned to look at those who had argued before and said "Do you still think that staying and fighting would've been the right move? If so, then you may as well just attack those that you are supposed to be protecting now and not wait for Noct to corrupt you. At least if you do that then you will grant them the peace of death. Instead of cursing them to live as the very monsters who could bring pain to the ones they love." He then took a deep breath and turned to look at Prism and said "My Lady, if we are to help turn these victims back to normal then is there any kind of training that we need to do first? Also, will you be choosing a field leader for us so that their will be someone to make the choices whenever we are involved in our duties? Just in case we have any other problems with...insubordination." He glanced back at those who had lashed out at Prism earlier and gave a slightly harder look at Halcyon in particular. Just who the hell did she think she was exactly. He'd be keeping an eye on her himself to make sure she didn't cause any trouble.


Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 3:08 am
by WilliamLi
Alice let his head slowly lean down, a pouting mouth on her face. However, she had no choice but to agree with Prism's scolding. From what she said, she really must have been out of her element.

She looked to the guy that spoke to Prism. Now, this guy had the right idea. They would need to be more cooperative, as much as that didn't sit too well with her.


Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 1:29 pm
by Hilo Takenaka
Tate sighed. He agreed with the goddess, that was definitely for sure, but he still felt like something could have been done to help them. There probably wasn’t, and he sure as heaven realised that, yet he just felt... empty. Even as Prism’s words of teamwork and power flowed through him, his mind couldn’t be taken off the fact that Noct was looking to hurt PRISM of all people. He knew that Incipe had told the group that Noct was corrupted by something abyssal... but what? Odds were it was a force that manipulated the boy by feeding it hatred. Tate bet it had to do with the sibling’s immense contrast in popularity and dominion as it was the general case in these types of scenarios (according to books he had read at least.)

“Miss Prism, do we have ANY leads on what this Abyssal force is? I mean we know how we can cure PEOPLE that have it but is there something that can suppress its raw form? I mean if it has one, at the very least.” He chuckled nervously. Even though some of his companions might not have gained that high of a regard for him, he still kept his attitude positive. “As for a leader... I dunno. I mean yes we should HAVE one, but of course there’s the matter on WHO... I’ll think about who I want.”


Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 4:25 pm
by Aldestion
Mís was frozen to the spot as Prism spoke, convicted by the goddess' words in her heart, though she had never doubted her, the pain in Prism's voice was so plain that it shocked her to the core. As if that wasn't bad enough, the horrifying news about Prism's brother and what he was really doing to the people only increased the horror in her heart. She wanted so desperately to help these people, yet she couldn't even understand the "color attack" that they were supposed to preform, or how she was to do that. All she wanted to do was run over and give the goddess a hug, or fall to her knees and sing a quiet lullaby until everything would just fade away. But she couldn't do that, she had a responsibility to the people below, and even more so to Prism before her.

Mís steeled herself before turning back to the rest of the group, listening to their own words. "I agree that we need a leader..." she began softly before her eyes danced around those before her, eventually landing on Legato. "And I know who I would nominate to lead our group." she said, her gaze making her choice clear. "Someone who wasn't afraid to reveal his true form in front of all those people, so that he could save lives. Who did not run, who the public below already loves. Imagine the inspiration they would get knowing that the leader of those who were protecting them was their most admired star. In my eyes the choice is clear.....but of course I'm open to other suggestions." she finished.

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Posted: Thu May 17, 2018 8:20 pm
by Water
Upon hearing the ranting of others, Halcyon had returned to her normal state; this was simply not responding emotionally. Upon noticing Ashen throwing a her a glare as he mentioned insubordination she obviously knew better than to respond, although had to fight a smirk from appearing on her face. This was something she expected from someone like him, as he had obviously been the most defensive over Prism's decisions. It looked like this wasn't going to change any time soon as he appeared to want rewards in the form of leadership as a reward for being so loyal.

Halcyon didn't understand the anger over her statements too much. It seemed all of her teammates were simply extremely confident that Prism knew exactly what to do; perhaps this was just a difference in lifestyle, she had never really been too religious. It seemed the people here really didn't take too fondly to her questioning of their Goddess' plans. It couldn't just be her who cared more for her loved ones and city than protecting Prim's confidence, right?

Upon listening to Prisms speech, Halcyon didn't really have anything to say about it. Especially she listened to the part about teamwork, which was probably just an incredible coincidence, however it caused her slight amusement.
"Are you saying this is just general evil? Does Noct have a goal?"


Posted: Fri May 18, 2018 5:16 pm
by Hunuki
Legato listened, then looked to the others, hearing them talk about him becoming the leader. He blinked slightly, looking to the group. "Me? I.. didn't really do that much.." He rubbed the back of his neck a little, looking to Prism. "I'll take the role, but I'm not really sure I'm good enough for it.."

Incipe watched the group, looking to Prism. "It seems that Noct is speaking to us Goddess.." He turned a screen on in front of everyone, showing Noct standing in front of a horde of demons. Most of the people from the concert had been converted. The wicked mask grinning evily at the camera.

Noct stared directly into the camera, silent for a few minutes before starting to speak, his voice was deep and rumbling, far different than the child he apparently was.

"You can't escape me... you can run.. but I will never stop.. I'll consume this world in darkness, swallow it whole until you're all my slaves.. especially you Goddess.." He pointed a finger at the camera, laughing slightly. "As for your little colorful protectors... if they think they can defeat me they're mistaken and dead wrong.." From the horde of creatures a few forms stepped forward. Their bodies lighting up with darker color. They were twisted forms, some twitching and shaking. a few giggling and laughing. "You aren't the only ones with protection.." He cackled, grabbing the camera and crushing it, the feed cutting off.

Incipe made a concerned beep, then turned to the group. "It seems he has gotten his own group of Busters.."


Posted: Sat May 19, 2018 2:52 am
by WilliamLi
Alice gave a frown and a glare at these new "Mock-Busters", as her mind immediately deemed them. How dare they try to rip off their shtick. She had the muscle memory to leap forward and fight them right this instant.

But not yet, not when she had no idea how they work. She looked at the disfigured creature bearing her darker shade of red. Would it copy her style? Or if not, did a go for melee or ranged? All this thinking was frustrating in the midst of battle, but she knew this was necessary. She turned to the newly formed leader with a questioning gaze, her body more than ready to fight.