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Re: Spotlight

Post by TriggerHappy » Mon May 07, 2018 4:13 am

Kalyn had taken the baseball, simply looking down at it in her hand. He didn't actually expect her to throw this, did he? That would have put the man running the game in danger for certain. Just as she was about to say as much to Kote, he took off quickly. She followed where he had been looking and noticed the police officers. That certainly couldn't be good. She set the ball down. "Give my throw to someone else," she said, knowing full and well that he most certainly would do nothing of the sort. She slipped away into the crowd, heading in the same direction as Kote. Unfortunately, with so many people around, it made it difficult to follow him.

Instead, she found herself all on he own, next to the ferris wheel in the center of the fair. How she got there, she had no idea, but she did know that she was utterly lost in this crowd. With so many people, all moving in all different directions, she couldn't see a damn thing. Instead, she hung around close to the side of the ride, arms crossed and head down, hoping that none of the strangers around her would try to spark up a conversation, while equally hoping one of the others would be able to find her.

Staying put seemed like a good idea, right up until a single gunshot rang out. Everyone froze for a moment, and silence fell over the whole area. No one expected to hear a gun here of all places, and even the on-duty officers seemed confused. As far as they knew, they were looking for a few young adults who had caused a scene at a convenience store, not someone with a firearm. Then, everyone began to move again, pushing and shoving as everyone ran for the exits.

The strangest part was, so did the officers. They ran screaming, just like any regular civilian. It was completely out of character for a law enforcement officer to do what they did. Kalyn wanted to move, but if she had tried to leave her spot beside the wheel, which was now abandoned, she would have been trampled by the tide of people. She ducked down beside the ferris wheel, hoping to stay out of sight of the shooter. She felt like she knew exactly what this was, but that didn't mean she was any more confident about the situation.
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Re: Spotlight

Post by FakeSkrillex » Sat May 12, 2018 6:49 pm

Will was about to respond to Faith when he heard the shots ring out somewhere in the crowd. His reflexes immediately kicked in as he grabbed Faith and held her close to him, keeping her head low as he looked around for the source of the shooting. He reached a small stand used for carnival games and brought Faith in with him.

Once he had found some form of cover he decided to look for anything that would help him find the shooter. The crowd was running in panic, and so were the cops. What the fuck was going on?

He turned to Faith “I can’t see anything from here, keep your head down and i’ll be back as soon as I can.” And with a small reassuring smile Will was over the counter of the stand and moving closer to the source of the shooting.

He reached what seemed like the food tent and tossed one of the tables on it’s side, hiding from the shooting. He had been shot at before, but he didn’t know how well everyone would do in a situation like this.

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Re: Spotlight

Post by Water » Sun May 13, 2018 12:38 am

"Stay here? No way in hell am I doing that!"

It was Faith who was going to be the most effective at stopping a single active shooter, she'd only have to get a good look at the guy and use her powers. Although she greatly appreciated his effort to keep her safe, there was no way she was letting Will run out by himself. Faith took off after him.

Whilst running, it occurred to her that the police were also running from the shooter. Either these were really bad cops, or there was something about this shooter that made even them want to run away. The thought of the latter made Faith incredibly anxious. She didn't want to be powerless like in the convenience store.

Quickly nearing the table, Faith considered diving behind it for cover but decided against it. That was far too risky. Instead she took cover behind one of the corners of tents not far from the table. As of now she couldn't see the shooter but was still ready to strike. Her hand was lifted and the marking down her arms begun to faintly glow.
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