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Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 3:02 pm
by Orophin
Dracko nodded to them both and replied "I found her in the young prince Hunukis room. She was wishing well on his birthday. Afterwards the prince informed her that her husband had not been himself lately. So as would be expected she quickly hurried to Lord Musukos side. Afterwards I came down here to handle a matter that needed to be seen to. Then spotting you two I decided to join your company. I didn't think it would be right to disturb the two of them during their first reunion since they were last able to be together. However, I'm sure she will return to us before long." He then took a drink from the glass he held as he looked up towards Asu again.

This time as he looked at the giant flying whale his mind brought up old memories from his childhood. He remembered the first time he had seen Asu whenever he was a small boy who had only recently learned to fly. He had tried to fly up so that he could look at the God better. However, before he had scarcely left the group his mother had caught him by the tail and pulled him back down asking him what he thought he was doing. His father soon joined them and he told them of his wish to fly up to the God and possibly ride Asu himself. His parents and him joked about his plan and they explained why he shouldn't try t9 do such a thing. The memory bought a slight smile to the Scaleborns usually stoic face, but it barely lasted for a second before another memory filled his mind.

This time he saw the dead bodies of his parents and the refugees who had been staying with them because of the constant skirmishes that wreaked their homelands. He could see the blood on his hands at he tried to feel for a pulse and get them to wake up until he had no choice but to accept the horrible truth. They had died because their had been to few to protect the group and it was his fault that they had been left improperly guarded. A single tear rolled down his left check as an expression of pure rage overtook his face and he easily crushed the glass he still held in his hand.

The feeling of glass slightly piercing his rough palm brought him back to reality and his usually calm expression was once more upon his face. It had only taken a few small seconds for him to go through all the emotions that he had just experienced but as he looked at his clenched fist and opened it to allow the glass to fall to the floor a servant was already by his side cleaning up the glass shards. He wiped off the last few pieces of glass from his hand and said to the servant "I'm sorry for this. I obviously still need to learn how to control my emotions better." He looked at the few small dots of blood in his hand from where the glass had actually been able to pierce through his scales and then he whispered to himself "I can't ever let something like that happen again. Too much depends on my choices now." he then closed his fist again in order to no longer see the blood on his hand.

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Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:10 pm
by Hunuki

The scaleborn woman was quiet, letting the Kit and then the guard speaking, being rather demanding at that. She let them say their peace then sighed a bit. ".....I need your help" She said, ignoring the guard and the mage, raising her head to Hunuki. "....It would take to long to explain.... so I need you to understand the truth Prince. To see what is really going on..." She tapped the obsidian stick to the floor. It suddenly grew taller. a long blade forming on it. The blade was distored and unlike anything any of them had ever seen. It seemed to be made out of the night sky itself. It shifting and moving, showing off stars and strange shapes in spirals inside of it.


She said loudly, and the entire castle was suddenly engulfed in a bubble of darkness. Every person outside and in were trapped in it. All sound being cut off. The thousands of people in the courtyard being trapped inside as well. Suddenly the entire castle vanished and everyone trapped in the bubble were standing together. The scaleborn woman standing in front of them. The now clear scythe in her hands held up slightly. It's fantastical blade shimmering in the blackness around them.

"The legends you were told were lies! This world has a sole purpose! Your gods created it as a prison, not as a place for you to live.."

Her voice cut through the darkness like a knife. Everyone heard her voice. She raised the scythe. "You have all forgotten! the third! I make you remember!"

Suddenly high above them all. A immense form appeared. It's size was unfathomable. It towering over everything. Eyes riddled it's massive body, each glowing a faint yellow. An endless number of tendrils sprouting from the gigantic pillar that was it's body. It was impossible to be this size. It was as large as the entire planet. At the top of it's height was a bright glowing yellow source of light, always as bright as the planet's sun. It staring down at them off. A blazing unholy sickly yellow light watching them.

The scaleborn woman yelled as the unbelievable form stared down at them, silent and un-moving. The woman lowered her head, staring down at the youngest Prince, then his brother, then out to the rest of the people around them.

"...He will be freed soon.. and only we can stop him."

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Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:17 am
by Trooper FN-86
Amaya was close enough to the doorway to hear the commotion outside the dining hall. While a few of the closer nobles stopped and turned to see what was going on she did not. She figured it was none of her buisness, plus Asu was a rare site she wanted to take in as much as possible. Suddenly she heard yelling and Asu was gone...everything was gone. Only darkness remained, darkness and everyone present for the prince's birthday. The crowd was now together, standing in a void all facing a scaleborn woman holding a shimmering scythe.

Amaya stood confidently as the woman gave her warning...wishing her dad hadn't talked her into not bringing her weapons. In this void she couldn't even try to create a weapon without stealing metal from nearby nobles. She felt overwhelmed and under prepared as the scaleborn summoned a vision of some monstrous horror before them...but tried to keep herself composed.

"And how exactly can we do that!?" A voice shouted from somewhere in the middle of the crowd. Onlookers turned to see another scaleborn, this one blue and huge with his blade drawn. Vosk hates these kind of huge displays, dragging innocent civilians into a realm of horrors to get their point across. There was urgency, and then there was unneeded showmanship. Tell who ever how to defeat the need to frighten half a kingdom with it.

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Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:28 pm
by Mulluns
Valek looked around, witnessing the same thing everyone else did, most in awe at the enormous form that spoke to them. He looked around, and noticed they were now somewhere different, and it became obvious no drinks or food were spiked, as everyone, including himself who did not eat or drink since arriving, saw this.

"What... What was that?"

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Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 4:46 am
by Monika
"Enough of your illusions!" The Court Mage called out as she threw off her cloak into the air. She was a young Kit, looking to be about Hunuki's age. Her skin was extremely pale white with red markings on herself and the side of her face. Her white tail had a strange ring on it which was glowing. She still held her hand upward as the cloak shifted shape into a long, black crystal staff that fell into her hand. She spun it and sliced downwards with the staff, the immense form towering over them looked as though it was cut in two, the visual bursting into sparks that formed into butterflies that fluttered around for a bit before disappearing. She aimed the staff at her, her red eyes fixated on the scaleborn woman. "If you want help, putting on a display such as this, at a time such as this... does not make it seem as though you need the help... do you plan on keeping us hostage until we agree?"

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Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 10:18 pm
by Hunuki
The scaleborn woman smiled, turning her head to the court mage. "...As strong as I hoped..." She looked out at the crowd, hearing them. He attention drawn back to the mage. ".....Silly girl.. theres no time left you'll either have to agree or your world will die.. everything will be devoured by him" She let out a tired sigh, adjusting her scythe, it resting against her shoulder. ".If you think a small crippled scaleborn was going to get an audience for royalty today then you don't know these people.." She addressed the tall scaleborn who spoke. The woman wasn't strong, like Alex. She didn't seem threatening or powerful other than the other worldly scythe in her hands. "We don't have the time to be formal.... dealing with pompous bureaucracy is out of the question now."

She raised her hand once again. Another illusion appeared. It was on their entire planet. "If you don't act soon your home will die..... You must awaken the twin dragons that dwell on Varnalia now, before Xuthull escapes." The planet behind her cracked and imploded as the giant god swallowed it whole. She pointed the scythe at the two princes in the front. "They are the key, as is another who lives close to Xuthull. In a world that has not been discovered deep under the ground.." She then looked to Alex, holding the scythe a bit tighter. She shifted a bit uncomfortably on her bare feet before speaking again. "...It is good to finally meet you... Big Sister.." She smiled lightly.

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Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 6:56 pm
by Trooper FN-86
Vosk pushed forward, blade still in hand, trying to reach his queen. The large purple form was fairly easy to see in the crowd, and he did not like the way the scaleborn sorcerer looked at her. The people in his way offered little resistance, too terrified or focused on the illusions to worry about bring pushed aside. He reached her just in time to her claim Alex as her big sister.

"Big sister?" The large scaleborn said, looking back and forth between the queen and this feeble looking scaleborn woman. Alex had never mentioned a sister before, and they didn't look terribly similar, but he had seen stranger things before. It's possible it was true...or a lie just to toy with a member of her captive audience. Either way Vosk was not amused. He raised his blade and pointed it at the scaleborn woman. "Enough of these games witch."

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Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 2:28 pm
by InquisitorRothus
At this point, Amentakehal already had her blade drawn and was sticking to the Prince's flanks like white on rice. The Scaleborn woman's foreboding premonition of the end times made her feel uneasy, but so much was not able to be told from her body language, as it seemed from her stance and attention that her only current concern was the safety of the young Prince. As the court mage dispelled the intruder's illusion, Amentakehal smiled underneath her helmet, leaning in to whisper to Hunuki. "I know she's the Court Mage, but your playpen pal is quite amazing, milord. I'm almost jealous." The Dire chuckled as she returned to the defensive stance she had acquired through years of service and training.

Now that the illusion was gone, it seemed that the Scaleborn invader was taking interest in the Elder Prince's wife, who was also a Scaleborn, a scantily-clad one in fact. Ah yes! Amentakehal remembered her from not too long ago, she had a habit of smothering the young Prince half to death. If the Dire remembered correctly, the Prince's wife was a stout warrior in her own right, not to mention that her guard had loyally leapt to her side to assist her. The woman was inspired by their diligence and gave them an approving nod, not that they could see it since they were focused on protecting their liege.