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Apocalyptic Beginning

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 2:06 am
by CrashJr
January 9, 2020
Atlanta, GA
2:18 pm

The packed streets of Midtown were all that could be seen as horns blared and curses were shouted. "MOVE FORWARD...COME ON YOU ASSHOLE YOU HAVE 20 FEET BETWEEN YOU AND THE NEXT DAMN CAR" a near 30 year old looking man shouted at the window while looking at the SUV in front of him. He was already late to work as it was and this traffic jam only made it worse. Honestly he knew he should just relax as it wasn't like his was late often, this would maybe be the first time in almost 4 years.

That thought stuck to him for a moment and he seemed to relax a bit and just turn on the radio to drowned out the noise around him. He began to think about his nearly 10 years working as a security guard at the same place, day in and day out. The pay had always been good, at least it paid him enough to buy liquor and get a hotel room for him to hook up if he met someone at the club, but still the fact that he'd been working the same meaningless job for 10 years bugged him and recently he'd been thinking of making a change.

Outside the car gun shots and a scream could just barely be heard from were he sat. Some with better hearing stepped from their cars in attempts to get a better look at what was happening ahead, but a lot got back in their cars as the bitter cold wind blew. A man grabbing his arm began to run down the line of car, he looked back a few times but showed no sign of stopping.

Jack sat in his car thinking about what he would do next with his life, when he noticed the man. Normally he'd attempt to help, but at the sight of blood pouring from the hand he gripped his arm with he thought better and just locked his car in case this guy thought he was a cop and wanted help. Thankfully the man ran past without a second glance. Maybe this was a sign, Jack thought, but just shook his head and turned the radio to a local country music station.

Soon traffic seemed to begin to thin and Jack was able to finally make it to work, almost an hour late. He signed in sat through the chewing out from his boss and went to his post monitoring the camera's for the Office building that he worked for.


Across town the man in the blood stained green jacket panted heavily as he ducked into an alleyway. His face pale from the lose of blood and he shivered from the cold. As he stumbled down the alley he caught sight of a few people standing around a burning trash can. The people seemed to laughing and joking about something, but the man only focused on what they passed around. The bottle of whiskey. He could pour it on the wound and then get help, but as he neared them his vision blurred and he fell to the cold ground taking his last living breath.

The homeless people nearby had heard the thudding of the man and saw him laying on the ground, one decided to run and flag down a cop while the other's stayed. As the small group huddled around the dead man his eyes opened to show pale milky eyes. The once living breathing man had now become something else unexplained and it began to attack and bite each person. Soon the group would wonder from the alleyway and chaos would begin.

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Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 3:05 am
by Irate Irukandji
The nozzle jumped, a pair of blood red eyes moving to the sound of the noise, then back to the pump. $43 for a little over 13 gallons. The owner, who couldn't be much older than the car, replaced the gas cap and entered the station.
The cashier looked up as the customer entered the store, white three piece suit, a normal skin tone with light silver hair, and blood red eyes behind a pair of frameless glasses. He reached into his pocket, retrieving his black wallet. He placed a Grant and his ID on the counter, "Pump 1 and a pack of Lucky Strikes." he said, with a British accent.
James grabbed the pack off the counter, leaving before the cashier had a chance to give the man his change.
James stepped into the right front seat of the white 190E, and turned the key, keeping his eye on a gauge on the dashboard, which rose and stayed around the .5bar mark. James put the car into gear and left the station. Next stop, Center of Disease Control.

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Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 6:45 pm
by EyesOfIce
Diana lightly tapped her fingers on her desk and had the end of her pen pressed against her lips. She sighed softly before flipping the page in front of her back over and scratching a grade down on the essay. She glanced at the clock on her wall and nodded, her planning period was almost up and her next class would be coming in soon. She loved teaching and her class was at her favorite parts in the year where they would take a work by Shakespeare -Romeo & Juliet, Julius Caesar, or Hamlet- and students in the class would get to read parts. Her second favorite part of the year would be analyzing poetry. The only reason this came second was because of the disdain her students had for poetry, which in turn made the subject sour for her due to all of their complaints about how terrible it was.

Ms. Thompson moved the essay in front of her in to a second pile of already graded papers, and then pushed off of her desk and rose slowly. After a moment of stretching, she moved to the front of her classroom and woke her computer up by wiggling the mouse. She pulled up her work email and began to idly scroll through. Nothing new. She knew she would be seeing her youngest daughter soon since Brielynn’s English period was not until the end of the day. After school was over they would fall in to their normal routine where Brielynn would stop by her mother’s classroom before walking down to the middle school in order to get Peter, and then Brielynn and Peter would come back to the school and wait for their mom to finish whatever she was doing and then Diana would drive them all home.


Morgan let out a huff and pulled her jacket tighter around her waist. She gripped the base of the strap on her camera bag and brushed a piece of hair that came free from her loose ponytail behind her ear. She was working on a piece about the homeless and how poorly they are treated, which is why she found herself in the downtown streets of Atlanta. She leaned back against the brick wall behind her and slowly moved her gaze from one end of her eyesight to the other, before opening the bag hanging off of her hip and pulling out her camera. She then squatted down and began to snap pictures of a beggars sign that was smudged and that had footprints all over it. Then she pulled out a small notepad and fine tipped pen and began to scratch down some notes. Maybe today she would be able to find a group and get a picture of them. She so desperately wanted to capture the hardship and poor treatment that these people had to suffer through in a photo, because while not everyone would choose to read the article, a picture could say a million things and be spread around faster than a wildfire.

Morgan remained low to the ground for a few more moments before a man knocked in to her, forcing her to fall forward on to her hands and knees and he didn’t even stop to ask if she was okay, he just kept on moving. “Bastard.” Morgan muttered through gritted teeth as she stood up and brushed off her hands and knees, and then tucked her notepad and pen back in to her side bag. She flipped the hood of her jacket back up, shoved her fists in to the pockets, and then proceeded to slowly walk. Maybe she would grab something to eat, she hadn’t had anything since the night before anyway.

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Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 11:37 pm
by Omen
Starley was never late, which is why she didn't mind the traffic as she had gotten up thirty minutes before she needed to just to make sure she got an early start before the hoards of cars bombarded the highway. She sat drinking her tea, her fingers tapping on the steering wheel of her pastel green Prius, while she listened to some random pop song she didn't recognize play on the radio. It wasn't until she noticed the same scene Jack had witnessed, that she immediately locked her doors, afraid that the man would attempt to get into it or even speak to her. She felt bad, but she didn't want to invite some homeless man into her vehicle. She had work, not to mention she wasn't that nice. The girl enjoyed volunteering and even donating to help the homeless, but she wasn't about to go far and beyond like giving one a ride. He didn't look homeless though. Just.. odd.

As he passed, Star breathed a sigh of relief and pushed the whole incident behind her. The traffic soon began to move, and she was able to get off at her exit and get to work safely. The morning was pretty basic, and soon it was lunchtime.

Starley sat at one of the tables in the breakroom, poking at her salad. She was bored and more than a little tired. She watched the television that was mounted up on the wall without really paying attention to what was going on. Her eyes practically glazed over before she shook herself out of it. Reaching for the remote, she changed the channel to the news, wondering if the weather would be good later that afternoon so she could do some jogging.

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Posted: Sun Nov 17, 2019 2:43 pm
by Reznik
Of all the times for traffic to be built up! Alex let out a slew of profanity as their Chevy Suburban came to a creeping halt on the interstate. It was probably a good thing Alex wasn’t driving otherwise he’d be tempted to play demolition derby.

It had been over a month since he had seen his daughter Katrina, and it wasn’t an issue that he was the cause of. The girls mother did everything she could to keep his daughter from him for as long as possible. Hell even this visit wouldn’t have happened had it not been for his father, Marcus. The man sat cool and collected in the driver seat, quietly listening to his 80’s rock music on the radio that he normally worked out to. Despite the man being in his sixties, Marcus was in better shape than even Alex was. It was an example to him that anything was possible through hard work.

“Son you gotta learn that your ex does this simply because it pisses you off. It gets to you and she knows it.” His voice was deep and baritone, but soft spoken at the same time. Alex simply shook his head and crossed his arms over his chest, “Pops it’s my daughter, wouldn’t you be pissed if mom did this to you?”

Marcus glanced at his son out of the corner of his eye, his eyebrow raised slightly, “Your mother was a good woman so there’s no comparison there. But I can see where you might be right, still, there’s no use in getting yourself all riled up. It’ll only spoil your time with Katty. Besides, grandpa gets first hug.” He grinned a bit. Katty was the name only he was allowed to use with Katrina. One time Alex tried to call her by that name and it ended badly. Marcus got that special privilege and he was damn sure gonna keep that.

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Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 7:27 am
by CrashJr
Four of the Twelve hour shift, four hours in and the day only seemed to be getting worse it seemed. Jack sighed as he entered into the break room that security shared with the "lower end" workers, the mail room clerks, the maintenance people, the cleaning staff. All day people had been coming in and out as he sat at the front desk with the receptionist and watched camera's, most all talking about different things, but one thing was shared between them all. Each person talked about the news about some virus outbreak that was being reported and that everyone was scared that it could be Ebola. Jack just laughed it off each time and told the people that the chances of that kind of virus making it to America wasn't a deadly thing. Hell, he'd read somewhere that they'd already had a treatment for it so even if it were that then everyone would be fine in the long run. It seemed to calm some of the people that would come in down.

Now, he sat in the break room and really began to think about it. Sure there were treatments, but the signs of the damn virus wouldn't show until weeks later when it was too late sometimes. He just shook his head at the thought, it was too grim for him to think about now. Plus he had other issues to deal with then some virus, he had bills to pay. He let the conversations of the other's in the break room drowned out as he pulled out his phone and began to look over each of his bills and which he could pay now and which later. However, he was interrupted from this by a call on the radio.

"Hey, Jack, got a homeless guy in the parking garage level S, mind going down and getting him to leave" the voice sounded a bit bored, as if the person talking were just as tired as he was now.

"No can do, Austin, lunch break" Jack chuckled a reply.

"Yeah well I can't leave the desk right now so it's either you go or I have to file a report and call the cops"

Jack gave a grunt and shook his head, "fine, but if this guy is drunk and hits me or something I'm claiming disability" he replies and stands from his spot and walking to the door.


As the elevator doors open with a cold rush of air hitting Jack right in the face he grumbles and steps out onto the parking garage and begins to look around. This level of the garage didn't see many people parking here so it was mostly empty. He began to walk down the aisle making sure to stay a few feet from the few cars that were parked just in case the guy was hiding. It wasn't to common for a homeless person to attack someone, but you can never be too sure, more so when you're attempting to force them out of a place that was sheltered.

"Man, the is bullshit" he muttered to himself as he came to the end of the garage and had seen no one. Of course the guy could have taken one of the two ramps to go down to the very bottom level or gone up to one of the upper levels, but Jack wasn't really keen on walking all over to look for the guy. So instead he radioed in. "Hey, Austin, I'm on S and no sign of this guy...he on any other..." he's cut off as he's tackled to the ground from the side.

"The fuck..." he mutters as he brings his arm up just enough to knock the person off him and roll away. He looked up to his attacker as he let out a growl. Jack wanted to puke right then and there as he looked at the man. He sure was homeless as the ragged clothing he wore gave it away, but was what made him want to vomit was the fact that the man's face looked to be mutilated. It was as if thing had bitten off a large chunk of his face. The man scrambled after Jack as he began to stand and turned to sprint away. The whole time the man behind him limped quickly after letting out growls and animal like noises.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" he panted as he reached the elevator and pressed the button rapidly to open the doors, but of course they were taking it's time. "Shit" he muttered and turned to see the man no more then 20 feet from him and coming in fast. He grabbed at his belt and pulled his taser from the little holster for it and just as the man reached him he jammed the thing into the side of the man's neck and pressed the button, shocking him. However, it didn't seem to effect him, or he just didn't care and attempted to bite at Jack who held the man at bay with his elbow.

As the elevator doors began to open and one of the janitors stepped out to see the scene and froze. The man attacking Jack seemed to notice the new person and jumped from Jack and onto the new man. Jack panted as he saw the man bite into the older man's shoulder and let out a yell before the two fell to the ground. Shaking his head and seeing the elevator doors starting to close he muttered a curse and jumped into the elevator without a second thought and pressed the button to close the doors. He panted as they closed and began to go up to the first level of the garage.

As he made it to the top level and the doors slide open he stepped out cautiously before making his way over to his car. He pulled at his radio and as calmly as he could he spoke, "Hey, Austin, I got a call...umm, fell and is...look just clock me out for the day" he then just turned off his radio and sprinted the rest of the way to his car. He was getting the hell out of the city.

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Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2019 4:29 pm
by Artsy_Pie
Jen walked across campus, her bag slung on one shoulder, her phone in one hand and her lunch in the other. Which consisted of chex mix and banana pieces since she didn't really have time to get a proper lunch. As she made her way to class, something on her phone caught her attention.

"Hmm, a virus is spreading?" She says and stops to read it better. "Well, that shouldn't be to bad! We di have pretty good medical stuff to fight against stuff like that." She concludes, not voicing the however that came with that sentence.

She looked at the time and gave a strangled scream.

"Shoot! I'm going to be late, why did my classes have to be so far away from one another." She whined as she put her bag on properly and took off in a sprint for class.

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Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2019 11:55 pm
by Irate Irukandji
James sat in traffic, long columns of cars on either side and in front of him. He tapped his thumb against the suede of the steering wheel. A shift of his eyes, and the cigarette in his left hand went out the window. James held the artificial hand to his face, looking at the small bubbling in between his index and middle fingers. Maybe he should have opted for the aerogel coating, but his focus was broken when he heard it. A gun shot. James immediately flicked on his turn signal, and flicked a toggle switch on the dash, activating the flashing blue lights on each side of the windshield and rear window.
It took him a little longer to get into a parking lot than he had liked, but as he entered the space, he started moving. Reaching into a back seat, grabbing a plastic case, on the front saying, "UNTECK MOODS MK15 FJX."
James opened the case, taking off his glasses he had on, replacing them with the ones in his case. He opened the door of his car, and placed his Czechmate on the hood. He took off his jacket and vest, placing them into his car. He locked the door and closed it, closing his eyes as his right hand wrapped around the grip of the CZ. His eyes snapped open, then he began walking toward the direction of the gunshot he had heard.

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Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:19 am
by Reznik
The rest of the ride was pretty much silence. Marcus continued listening to his rock music from the 80’s while Alex watched on out the windows. Of all the times for this damn place to start getting snow, especially since people in Atlanta freaked the hell out at the slightest snow flurry.

After another hour of traffic nightmares, the massive lifted suburban pulled up to the mall where they were supposed to be picked up Katrina. Alex simply rubbed his eyes and sighed of of frustration, that was until he felt a firm clasp on his shoulder. Looking over, Alex saw his father staring at him intently, “Look son, no matter what bullshit your ex tries to fill Katy‘a head with, that girl KNOWS your a good father and that you love her. She’s a smart kid.”

Alex simply nodded and tried forcing a smile, “Yeah I know...It’s just-“ Alex grabbed his vibrating phone and looked at the text message, shaking his head he grumbled, “They got caught in that nightmare on the highway as well...So it’ll be a few pops.” Marcus simply chuckled, “All good things come to those who-“ his sentence was cut off by an ear piercing scream. Both men’s heads jerked around looking for the source until they found it.

Both men were out of the door rubbing when they saw what seemed like a homeless man pinning a woman to a car. The screaming got even worse then suddenly stopped. Marcus grabbed the man by the shoulder and later a powerful fist to the mans face. His head rocked back from the fierce blow and fell on the ground. Both men however were shocked and unable to move as they looked at the woman.

Her hands fruitlessly we’re trying to stop the bleeding from her wide open neck, no sound coming from her except the gurgling on her own blood. Alex the. Out of the corner of his eye saw the man start standing. At first he was ready to kill the man till he saw the woman’s vocal cords handing from his mouth. The mans eyes were lifeless and it looked as though part of his face and neck had been mauled off as well. Several onlookers were frantically calling 911 as the man charged Marcus. It was futile however as Marcus quickly put the man down onto the pavement before bashing his head against the concrete repeatedly before he stopped moving. Alex on the other hand did what he could to help the woman, but within about five minutes, and before paramedics even arrived, the woman was dead.

All the men could do was look each other in the eye and wonder what the hell they just saw.

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Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 4:43 am
by Irate Irukandji
"Well, that's unfortunate."
James took slow, deliberate steps towards the Thornes, as well as the two dead bodies. He crouched down next to the woman, using his left hand to poke at the fatal neck wound as his right hand slipped the CZ into his waistband. He took a look at the bit of blood on his fingers. He wiped the blood off his fingers using the victims jeans, then stood up, reaching into his jacket, turning to face Marcus and Alex. James pulled a lighter from his pocket and sparked it, running it back and forth underneath his artificial fingers. After a few moments he cut off the flame, placing the lighter back into his pocket. He raised his head towards Marcus and Alex, "Now, what should we do about you two?"