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[RP] Sanctuary of the Special Ones

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:35 pm
by Monika
In this mundane world, among the normal everyday people, there are people who aren't normal. They have special abilities that make them unique and different. The world knows that they exist, but prefer to turn a blind eye.

That is, until it's their own child.

Then it becomes all to real and they don't know what to do. The ones that consider them no longer their child, put them out on the streets. It had to be someone else's child for them to have those abilities, right? But what about the ones who tried to keep them, but couldn't? They still loved their child, and wanted the best, but the abilities were too much.

Well, there's the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is a network of churches across the globe, designed to be safe havens for the Special Ones, or 'Specials' as they have been dubbed. Sanctuary members find abandoned Specials roaming the streets, and take them to one of their safe houses, specially built outside of cities where they could live in peace, and learn to use their abilities without worrying about the safety of themselves and others. The original Sanctuary was established 17 years ago by Janus Zeal.


It was just a regular day in the Sanctuaries. Janus, the head and overseer of all the sanctuaries, was going about his day and making sure that everything was in order. The Sanctuary, itself was underground, with a church overhead.

Re: [RP] Sanctuary of the Special Ones

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 10:22 pm
by G.Edge
Blade had been sitting in the back pew of the Church which appeared to be empty at the moment. The church was constructed quite beautifully compared to the old shack her mentor allowed her to room in. Suree never truly understood religion of any kind so staring at the idols and art that decorated the holy building almost seemed to judge her. Her blank face suddenly seemed to show an expression of frustration as she bit her lip. With her toll of death, would she be accepted in the afterlife that the Sanctuary seemed to promise? Pulling out one of her katana's and placing it on her lap, Suree saw an item that gave her her life. If it wasn't for all the murder she committed, she would have either been dead or enslaved to someone else. To Suree, there was nothing wrong with the deeds she has done, but she had no clue the ways others would view her. The Sanctuary was Blade's only hope to develop a deeper understanding about herself and the people around her.