Adventure of the Damned

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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by BlondieBoy » Sun Dec 30, 2018 12:11 am

Vin decided to walk in front of the rest of the group, not caring much for following a "leader". As he was walking he sensed two figures out in front of him. In the middle of a clearing in the forest, Vin drew his blood drinking sword. He raised a fist in the air to signal the rest of the group to stop. "Who goes there?!" Vin shouted forward. "In the name of Aventura, state your name and business or prepare to be slaughtered!"


Luca had landed his tavern on top of a rather large tree. He felt tremors as he walked around and the bottles of his shack continued moving all about.
"Must be some kind of earthquake. Either that or the tree is moving..." Luca shrugged his shoulders, and flipped the sign in the window from closed to open.


Eorlund walked beside Lumikki, looking over at her. "Hey Knife Ear, how many babies did you have to kill to get that magic of yours?"
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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by InquisitorRothus » Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:36 am

Rockwell pushed aside vines and branches as he traversed through the brush of the forest, carving a path to allow the Bard to continue his merry tune uninterrupted. They were both singing quite loudly. A song filled with much profanity and womanizing lines. In a moment, something caught the eye of the pirate. Were those lanterns in the distance? Drawing his cutlass, the man put up his free hand to signal the Bard to put his music to rest. Narrowing his eyes, the pirate peered through the brush to get a better look at the oncomers. Rockwell saw that there was a wagon, and where there was a wagon, there was loot! However before the duo were able to spring a surprise attack, they were somehow detected through the brush. Having lost the element of surprise, Rockwell moved onto his usual form of conflict.

Drawing a flintlock pistol from his coat, the man kicked through the last of the bushes between himself and the clearing, pointing his blade at the approaching group. Rockwell eyed the group before he spotted a familiar figure. "Aaaaarrrrggggh! Vin, you bilge-sucking seadog, playing bodyguard fer merchants now are ye?" Said the gruff man as he brandished his blade, keeping his pistol trained on the caravan proper.


Nabeeha rode along in the safety of her wagon when a scruffy looking man appeared from the brush. He spoke in a weird dialect, but it was clear he was not friendly. The little merchant steadied her horses with a "Whoa." before peeking her head out to get a better look at what was going on. Looked like some fool had most definitely come to rob them. The little girl wasn't worried much, after all she had all these bodyguards for a reason, did she not?


Just when the situation was getting tense the sound of straining wood and erupting dirt was heard to the group's left. The Daemonic energies running amok in the once peaceful and welcoming woods have turned an Ancient Oak into a sentient, malevolent being. Breathing life most foul into the veins of the tree. Having been stirred by the ruckus being made by the foolish mortals, the Oak immediately began it's attack on the intruders! Its gnarly, wooden hand reached towards the group from afar, causing the earth to bulge, only suggesting a form of attack moments before thorned roots erupted from the earth near each and every individual currently in the clearing, swinging hard and fast in an attempt to kill all.
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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by ShadFlow » Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:58 pm


Hoskuld's mighty Rangarok'd fists were released in a barrage of punches. Their explosive power shredding roots despite their own swiftness! He was already able to sense the coming and braced for it ahead of time. But him alone to defend the party? While his own barrage certainly was an impressive feat, the roots were many. Eorlund the mighty behemoth of a man swung his axes cutting through with the greatness of ease. Wide and powerful slashes unable to be halted as he pressed forward. Although taking a few scratches, the old man was able to break through the roots on a direct path to the attacker. Vin followed behind Euroland. Careful not to be too close or suffer a direct blow.

Of course his approach wouldn't be without challenge. The Oak slammed both of its long arms into the ground as a wave of roots, erupted from the ground. Like the hunk of a man he is, Eorlund challenged it. Managing to cut through a chunk but not all. They slammed into his body. Some actually managing to penetrate skin but not fatally. Carrying him a far distance before slamming the old man into the ground trapping him temporarily.

Not hearing the approaching steps from the flank-

With ease of Eorlunds distraction, Vin engaged, leaping at the tree and beginning to drive his blade into it. Repeatedly stabbing as he latched on like a monkey. The Ancient Oak attempting to throw him loose with violent shakes failed. Vins tight grasp only enhanced with the will to not let go as he squeezed in a few stabs to the Ancients base. At first it seemed pointless. Was but hollowed tree! Nothing to show any form of bleeding or mortality. He was hacking away at just pure wood! That didn't stop Vin. Determined to keep hacking away and turn this tree into a chair! Eventually something new had been penetrated!

The Ancient Oak's shriek of anguish caused branches and roots to spike from underneath . They smacked into his armor although not piercing it, they were strong enough rend him free of his hold. Being sent through the air he easily recovered with a few rolls onto his feet met with the sight of the Ancient Oak itself lunging at him. It's glowing eyes vigorous with rage! Large roots ejecting from its body in an attempt to force a reaction and create an opening. Limited options at how to avoid the most amount of damage, Vin was probably going to take a few roots to the body. Sword readied as the Oak had already closed the distance and the roots were in the range of his blade. An inviting look of the challenge igniting his eyes.

Right when Vin readied to defend, Hoskuld appeared between him and the Oak. That familiar gauntlet fist thrust itself, ripping through the first of the roots then into the base of the Oak where Vin had struck causing it to stagger backwards into a collapse. Breaking off chunks of wood revealing a glowing center. Perhaps its weakness!

Eorland freed of his entrapment, gladly brought down both axes pinning down one of its long wooden arms. As Vin dashed forward slamming his blade into its other arm. Their combined strength keeping it to the ground.Although it struggled, it was useless.

This moment of vulnerability had been taken by none other than---

Rockwell was alerted of the danger by the sound of bursting wood, causing him to take his blade away from Vin's direction to address the tree creature. Though he did keep his pistol pointed in the group's direction, it was apparent that he wasn't quite paying attention to them at the moment. As the roots burst from the ground, the pirate reflexively slashed behind himself, turning as he did so to put power and weight into the swing. This severed the top portion of the thorny root, but that wasn't enough to stop it. The root smashed into Rockwell, knocking him into a tree, impaling the man on a bough. Of course, this wasn't enough to kill the cursed man, but it sure as hell was enough to curry his anger. Breaking the branch off with his torso, Rockwell charged the offending root with his saber. Slashing it to pieces before recklessly charging the Oak from whence they came.

Rockwell leaped up onto the trunk. It was battered. Full of holes, dents and splinters. A pity. With such ferocity in its attacks, that it was only able to withstand a few before a fall was pathetic. Rockwell's gaze trailed over to the glowing organ deep within the trunk. It was covered and surrounded by thicker wood and roots as protection.

If it glows it's important. Rockwells saber precisely jabbed inside the hole that thanks to the efforts of Hoskuld and Vin, was made. Stabbed like a piece of well cooked pork, The Oak tried a final attempt to free itself from being held down. Shrieking a demonic high pitched howl as Rockwell forcefully pulled it from the trunk. Plucked like a grape covered in moss, the heart-like item, beat with a pulse. Even after being removed from the now empty and presumed defeated Ancient Oak.

Alas the battle was won. It was simple and rather easy.

Too easy...

It's melodic beat slowed, and the evening golden glow faded.

Silent. An ordinary organ. Probably not worth a gold coin even on the Black Market. Tossing it the organ bounced next to the trees carcass as Rockwell was preparing to continue where the group had previously left off.


The heart found its rhythm once more. Hardly noticeable at first. Surrounded by a crimson glow, the effects were subtle. The Ancient Oaks body lifelessly began to shift, breaking and snapping as if it were being drawn in. The beat of the heart increased with energy and volume. The crimson spiraling into a column that shot into the air creating a burst of wind sending all of the power houses away. At first it was the Ancient Oaks carcass as it was being ripped apart. The very ground crumbling and being drawn in as trees in the surrounding area were ripped from the root into the spire. All that entered were shredded around the heart as it floated. The shredded pieces were forming a shape. The process was methodical.

Something new was coming and nasty at that....

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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by ShadFlow » Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:59 pm


There was no time to think, no time to breathe and certainly no time to hesitate! Drake's precise and agile movements complimented by pristine swordsmanship, enabled him to weave and slice apart oncoming roots! His Vampiric body truly shining, with a graceful flip, landing into an ever dramatic kneel. In that same moment Arthur, the leading mage, reacted faster than her body ever before. It took a single movement. Her arms followed the flow of a ballerina twirl, barriers of flame found themselves on herself, Samir, Lumikki and Nabeeha(wagon included). Incinerated into cinders the barriers only lasted for a moment.

Drake and the others prepared to confront but Arthur held her arms out in protest."If you get hit, you'll probably not get back up." Arthur demanded peering over shoulder."Better to remain out of their way and move on, they'll catch up." Arthur prepared to proceed on when the Ancient Oak collapsed. Well that was certainly fast."Well then, shall we proceed?" Arthur raised a brow to the rest of the group with her hands on her hips. This wasn't surprising not in the slightest. Throw a group of powerhouses at a mediocre threat and you end up with rubble. As to be expected, at least none of them were dead weight that was reassuring.

A shudder traveled down her spine.

Athur came to a halt. Suddenly there was a spike in magic power directly behind. Normally this wouldn't have been much of a concern but considering the escalation it was a legitimate threat. By the time she turned, it had already been too late. That crimson spire shot up into the sky as the powerful burst of wind pushed back everything closest to the source. As trees, Earth and other natural elements were being used to shape some monstrous form. Arthur could feel that surge of magical energy rapidly increasing.

Surely it wasn't something they couldn't hand-

Legs graced with the very strength of a stallion a divine sprint then swan dived into Nabeehas wagon."Why are we all standing around?! Move!"Arthur shout to any party member who had been distracted. They all scrambled to the wagon with the exception of Samir, who rode Bubba with majesty.


Horses pulled off as they were commanded at the crack of Nabeehas straps. Following along the path the large magical presence didn't seem to get any was getting closer. Rapid heavy stomps, approaching retreating wagon.


A moment of silence when it was at its closest, it lunged from the shadows of the forest! Nearly crashing into the wagon! The demented creature moved swiftly compared to its previous form. To keep up with the wagon, the many extended branches acted like legs on a spider. Allowing it to push that contorting wooden body and twist illogical ways. Those many eyes, rigged with a malicious hunger.

The Contorted Oak was first to strike! The action was swift. Its largest leg took a hold of a tree and ripped it from the ground. With all the momentum the trunk was slammed. By mere inches the end of the trunk whiffed shattering the Earth as the force nearly tipped over the wagon! It drifted and struggled on a few wheels on side before luckily stabilizing. "Vampire, Elf, you're with me. The rest remain here, you're all the final bastion of defense."

Arthur leaned from the side of the wagon as the Contorted Oak grasped another tree preparing another strike. This time not intending to miss.As the trunk was preparing to bring down the trunk, Arthur held out her hand in a shape of a gun. Her thumb acting as the trigger, sent out a flaming bolt precisely landing on its striking arm exploding! Staggered for a moment, the explosion managed to ignite a small area of its body. This did not quell the pursuit. Unexpectedly that portion was clawed off then chucked in the path of the cart. The horses swerved but the wagon was not as agile. A single wheel clipped. The wagon did a small bounce, the wheel separated upon landing.

After recuperating, Arthur, Drake and Lumikki climbed to the wagons roof from the sides. Where they came to a stare down. The vigor of its movements slowed. Able to keep a steady pace behind. This was an opportunity. "So it's as I expected. Very small energy reserves. This will be easier then." Arthur smirked."Vampire, I'll give you the honor of slaying this beast once and for all. Elf, I just need you to defend this with everything you have. You can manage that yes? " Her commanding gaze never left as Lumikki reluctantly nodded.

"Good." Arthur returned a nod. She held out an arm as flames began to form in her open palm in the form of a bow. Taking the position of an archer knocking an arrow onto the bow-string a symbol lit up behind her. Slowly forming with different smaller symbols symmetircally." Protect me for sixty seconds, and that thing is dead I guarantee it."

As Arthur prepared whatever she was scheming Drake drew his blade. Patiently awaiting whatever opportunity that the mage would providE.

Building up enough energy the sound of snapping and breaking took the attention of Drake and Lumikki. From the disgusting center, sharp thorns were shot out like bullets. They tore through anything as soft as cloth on the wagon but couldn't pierce the frame. Lumikki managed to create an armor of ice upon Drake. Allowing him to stand in front of the two mages and act as a shield. The armor shattered seconds after as the Contorted Oak prepared a second barrage.

The Elven-Ice Mage, exhausted from intoning that last panic spell, waved her staff. Familiar to the telegraph, Lumikki(despite despising the idea) threw up another more focused armor. Definitely thicker and with a greater duration. Snapping, then bending. A branch lashed out from its core with blinding speed(to the average man). Drake prepared to deflect with his blade. Unexpectedly the branches split right before the moment the branch split causing him to whiff. Shit. Like a kings iron grip they wrapped around him then squeezed.With the deadly force of an Anaconda, thankfully Lumikki's armor resisted well. Pulled from the wagon, and into the maw of the Contorted Oak that would have been the end. Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!Had crushed his bone?!

Again, that armor was a savior. The teeth gnawed despite barely being able to crack it. Drake managing to use his sword arm to cut away at base of the branch-arm but was locked firm between the teeth. Escape through brute force was probably improbable and Lumikki's spell was going diminish eventually. Drake had to think of something quick. It was only the area below his waist luckily. Jabbing the blade at the closest of many eyes, there was no reaction. No wince or shriek.

Once again using the many branch like arms to rip a multitude of trunks from being rooted in the ground the Oak saw victory. Although it did not know the extent of Lumikki's own ability what more could she possibly do? If she managed to create constructs to defend the party, it would continue a relentless assault and overwhelm the defenses. She began to chant a final spell. While looking possibly death in the eye, the Oak raised all the trunks at once gathering the energy with crushing impact. Her knees shook as the shadows of them cast over. Fighting the feeling of fear and desperation.


Samir(thought she was forgotten huh) rammed Bubba right smack into that things ugly face! She took a hold of Drakes arm pulling him free in the moment the Oak was stunned. He was tossed into the air as the ice armor shattered. Samir gave Arthur a thumbs up as Bubba avoided a. Arthur's circle finished, with a smirk she released the magic arrow that had been built up.

"And they thought John was the only herb burner."

Another explosion when it struck. Bigger. More bang behind it. A precise strike to the core, flipping the top half over revealing...the heart once more. Dark crimson. The vines and branches had already began working to reattach the flipped half. Nope! Drake wasn't having it! Riding on the back of Bubba with Samir, he leaped off. In a series of agile maneuvers, Drake bravely traversed the Oaks "legs". With one final leap he prepped the sword for a strong final strike to the weak spot.

Arthur set his blade ablaze with a final spell she could muster. Roots attacked from every side as he closed in. And with a grand swing,his blazing blade cut through the hearts protective roots and itself. Cauterizing whatever came to victim. The sizzling sound of roasting wood, overwhelmed by the Contorted Oaks own howl of pain. Its body burning promptly and Drake grinding along a long root with the momentum of his leap. He hopped off the end of the root back onto Bubbas back. Following the wagon victorious from a 5-minute encounter with a demonic entity. Definitely wasn't the most challenging, that had yet to come.
It was an hour after the first big encounter. The party had managed to find a clearing near a small pond off the main road yet still on the path they were headed. It probably would have been better to rest after and take time to recuperate. Spend a few hours resting then proceed on once more. Also taking time to better plan for what could possibly be awaiting them in upcoming future. This was what Arthur intended when she brought up the idea, and someone had to tend to the old mans wounds.

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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by Mama Happy » Sat Jan 26, 2019 8:49 pm

”You did well, Bubba! I’m so proud of you!” Samir said, roughly scratching under the giant boar’s chin. Bubba’s hindleg kicked rapidly in response. A smile appeared on his face as he rolled over onto his back and Samir began to rub his belly, proud of her baby boar. ”Yes, you did! You saved Drake like the big boy you are!” She continued to praise the boar until Bubba rolled over again and licked Samir’s face. She patted his snout and sat down, Bubba following. He rested his snout on her leg and huffed heavily, the adrenaline slowly down, causing him to become sleepy.

”Well, that was definitely a great way to start an adventure. Don't you think, Boss?” Samir looked at Arthur, still amazed that Arthur was able to take out that demonic tree. But, what else was she supposed to expect from her boss? She was incredibly cool. ”Hope we get to fight more things like that.” Bubba had fallen asleep as Samir continued to stroke his snout, snoring loudly in the process. ”We gonna sleep in shifts, Boss?” She asked, looking at Arthur once more.
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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by Trooper FN-86 » Mon Jan 28, 2019 1:37 am

"Daylight is still some time away, I'll keep watch until then."

Drake said as he approached, a noticable liveliness in his step. That battle was the closest he had come to true death in decades, it was...exhilarating. He felt much like he did when he was alive, fighting the armies of heaven. Never sure what sort of magic or trickery the next foe would use, seemingly outmatched, yet in the end victorious. No cries of mercy, no pitiful attempts at self defense as the last century held for him, just pure combat. It made him feel alive again.

The rush from combat and his nocturnal nature made Drake feel invigorated and ready for anything while the others needed rest. He suspected this would be the case for the forseeabe future. That or he'd have to adopt the daywalkers schedule, a possibility he did not like at all. But there were other concerns at the moment. As he reached Arthur he whispered.

"Do we trust the sea dog theif that tagged along with us? I could always use him as...refreshment...if necessary. "
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