Adventure of the Damned

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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by Jhibus » Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:24 am

Jacques thought that the mysterious rumbling outside was going to be the most intriguing thing he'd encounter that evening. Evidently, he was up for a far more interesting night than he'd originally expected.

The first sign of such was the curious hooded figure in leather armour that entered the tavern a short while later. Underneath the cowl, Jacques managed to make out dark skin tone, a few locks of white hair, and amber eyes - the man was a foreigner, then.

The former Sabatier heir’s eyes strayed to the warped-looking bow the man had, then to the sickle at his side. It appeared the man was also a fighter. Jacques briefly wondered how he’d fare in a duel against him, then instantly concluded that he himself would be the victor in any exchange - his trusty longsword Justifier had far longer reach than some puny war sickle, and he doubted that the gnarled wooden bow could even fire an arrow straight.

His thoughts were almost enough to distract him from some sort of phenomenon happening near the bar counter. Jacques blinked in surprise as a portal appeared over a barstool, depositing an irritated-looking woman into it. A magic caster was here too? But why did she look so disheveled and wear a nightgown in public? How shameless.

The tavern doors opened once again. Jacques glanced over at the newcomers, then reflexively twitched his hand over his shoulder towards his sword handle and prepared to jump out of his seat before relaxing just as quickly. The lumbering horned beast that had entered was apparently not in fact hostile, as evidenced by the way it opened the doors for a small girl like some kind of monstrous gentleman. The girl seemed completely at ease despite her close proximity to the minotaur, leading Jacques to believe the beast was under her control.

Maybe the minotaur was being mind controlled? He discarded that thought immediately after failing to find one of those magical slave collars or other similar accessory on the beast. Perhaps it was a familiar? The girl seemed like she could use magic but looked far too young to have the skill to summon one though… Maybe an older magic user ordered one to guard her. Yes, that was probably it.

Jacques watched the girl proceed to the bar counter. Wait, wasn’t she too young to be in here? Eh, whatever. Not his concern.

He instead shifted his attention to the mace-wielding minotaur, who had found a seat in the corner and started shooting death glares at the innocent barkeep. How protective. Coincidently, Jacques was only a few chairs away from the brute from where he was. The warrior gave a hum of contemplation before standing up to make his way over to the beast.

Attempting to surreptitiously slide into a wayward chair conveniently located near the corner of the room the minotaur was in, Jacques settled into his seat slowly.

“Hey big guy,” the warrior started to chat. “what brings you and that girl to this tavern? She doesn’t even look like she’s old enough to be here. That’s not legal, you know.” He looked to the armoured minotaur with a wry grin, wondering if it was even capable of speaking.
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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by Mama Happy » Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:58 am

Samir grinned proudly when Hoskuld told her that Arthur must be rather impressive to earn such a title from her and then gasped when he pretend to insult her judgement. ”I’ll show you! Boss is so cool! She knows so many spells, has nice clothes and her attitude is just great!” Samir said, looking over her shoulder back at him.

She looked forward again and noticed multiple people heading into a building, big and small. One of them happened to catch her eye. A Minotaur. Samir’s grip on Bubba’s mane tightened as she felt the sudden urge to just tackle the beast. But she was on a mission. ”Bubba, slow down.” She ordered and Bubba slowed down to a slight trot. The ground didn’t shake quite as much now.

Once the trio came upon the building, Samir patted Bubba’s head for him to stop completely. ”This should be it.” Samir said, looking at the tavern name. Nazerik. She pulled out the flyer that she had gotten a few days ago and skimmed over it to the name of the tavern they were supposed to meet up. ”Yeah, yeah! It is!” She said confidently and jumped off of Bubba.

She started walking towards the door before hearing a whining sound behind her and sighed a bit. ”Bubba.” Samir said, extending the beast’s name out and turning around to look at him. ”You can’t come inside with me. You’re too big. Don’t worry, I’ll be out of there before you know it.” She gave Bubba a little peck on his snout as she scratched the underside of his chin.

”Now stay. And don’t go anywhere. Got it?” Bubba nodded his head and laid down next to the entrance of the tavern. Samir gave the boar a thumbs up and looked at Hoskuld so they could continue.

Samir opened the tavern doors and could already see how many people were in here. She wasn’t sure if they were going to be on the mission, but they all looked interesting nonetheless. As she continued to walk further in, her eye caught the sight of the Minotaur and a man had sat next to him. Oh, how she just almost turned and tried to grab the minotaur’s horn. But Samir had better control than that. For now.

Samir forced herself to look straight and spotted a very familiar woman. Even though she was in a nightgown and her appearance wasn’t all that well, Samir knew exactly who she was. ”Boss!” She shouted loudly in the tavern. The woman ran up to Arthur and lunges herself over the countertop, tackling her to the floor and hugging her. ”Boss, Boss! It’s so good to see you again! How’ve you been? Are you good?” Samir was just bombarding the woman with questions as she continued to hug her tightly.

”Oh! I almost forgot. This is my brother Hoskuld.” She said, looking down at her boss who was pinned under her. Samir stood up and then helped Arthur up, brushing herself off a bit and looking at Hoskuld. ”Hoskuld, this is my Boss, Arthur.” She gestured towards both of them with a rather proud smile on her.
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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by BlondieBoy » Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:18 pm

Luca grabbed Arthur by her nightgown and held her off the ground, despite knowing she could easily float, he felt it warranted it.
"Arthur it is not morning, it is NIGHT. Now there's a ton of different people showing up and I'm still wondering WHY I WASN'T TOLD ABOUT THIS."

Luca let go of Arthur and turned to his selection of bottles. His hands worked fast, as if he were swinging two swords in each hand at once in the middle of a crowded combat. He turned and sat down a glass of Honeyed Milk beside Nabeeha. "Drink up little one, it has special spices designed to boost your immune system for the next several hours, and it contains only the finest royal honey."

Luca looked on at Ellie and watched as she set a few pieces of coin down. He put one hand on his hip and rubbed his head with the other. "You look too young to be drinking, let alone walking around with someone like that. But a customer is a customer." Luca grabbed the cheapest coin of the lot and pushed the rest back towards her, before once again going to work. He reached up and grabbed a bottle of Raven Black Wine, and carefully poured it into a glass as the color gradually changed from a sparkling white to a blood red, to an oily black and ending on a royal purple color. He set the glass down in front of Ellie and looked over towards Varo. "Hey buddy, get ready to catch!" Luca yelled. He walked into a back room just behind his counter top and came out with an entire barrel of ale resting on the palm of his right hand. Luca took his arm back, and threw the Ale with his might to send it flying through the tavern towards the Minotaur.

"Got a stable just round the back of the tavern, kid." Luca said, to finish up with Nabeeha.

Luca barely payed any mind to Samir. "Arthur, you took on another apprentice? Well, I just hope this one isn't incinerated like the last one." He joked.

Vin let out a laugh at the way Luca was doing things. It surely had been a long time, but for him to have changed this much was absolutely astounding. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you again Luca. Vin's my name, and adventuring is my game!" Vin had propped himself up on the table, giving Luca a wide smile before looking over at Arthur.

"You know ma'am, if I didn't know any better I'd say you have unparalleled magical capabilities, possibly one of the greatest in this world." Vin had been sizing Arthur up since she had appeared, trying to accurately gauge her strength but he appeared to be unable to truly grasp it.
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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by Water » Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:36 pm

Finally with almost complete certainty that this was indeed the group that she was looking for, Lumikki rose from her seat. After prying herself away from her interaction with that peculiar man she was on her way, staff tightly grasped in her fist. It was like her safety blanket, after all. The key to all her magic. To lose it would be devastating.

Well, this was it, right? This was the beginning of her quest. She was staring directly at her new best friends... hopefully.

Letting her mind get ahead of her, Lumikki decided that she would need to prove herself to these new people. To show she was capable, responsible and most importantly not a child.

Once her fingers met with the bar all of her confidence left her. Looking up at the tavern owner her mouth opened, then shut, then opened again. Gripping tightly onto her staff for support and sight, Lumikki finally managed to say something.
"Oh, I... uh... hello. I would like," She looked around herself at others' drinks. "Urm, whiskey." She sounded almost confused. "On ice- no, the rocks."

Nailed it.

Lumikki looked down and begun fumbling with her purse with her free hand. Well, at least she managed to say something. It sure didn't make her seem mature, that's for sure. She was just hoping that the Bartender didn't refuse, or make her drink it in front of him. Admittedly, she hadn't ever even tried whiskey. She didn't even know what it was.
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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by Mr_Generic » Tue Dec 11, 2018 4:45 am

Varo eyed the man who came near, and huffed when the man spoke. “That girl is likely older then anyone else here, excluding me of course.” He said in a low tone, a growl in the back of his throat. When he was called to by the barkeep he looked up, waited, then caught the barrel with one hand. A smile nearly formed on his lips as he simply nodded to the barkeeper, a sign of thanks. Then he smashed his thumb into the barrel, he took a long drink of the ale before wiping his mouth with his fur covered arm, then he set the barrel down next to him.

Ellie let a small smile form on her lips as she saw the wine, it had been awhile since she let herself has a bit to drink. “Oh that guy over there is really a big softy, I mean, he’s protected for around a hundred years.” She said with a giggle, but her tone didn’t sound like a joke. Ellie quietly thanked the man working the bar and walked back to Varo with her glass of wine.

“Our business is our own, I suggest you stay away fro-“ Varo went silent as Ellie grew closer, and she pulled a chair near to Varo. “Ah, Varo, I see you are already making friends.” She said with a low tone as she turned to the man sitting near their table. “Hello sir, I hope my friend hasn’t been too rough with you. My name is Elizabeth, and this is Varo...” she said as she motioned her hand to Varo, introducing him. Then she took a delicate sip of the wine before continuing to speak. “You must excuse his manners, years of war will do such a thing to such a nice man.” She said as Varo huffed and took another large swig of his barrel, keeping quiet now. Varo let his gaze turn to the young girl seemingly try to order whisky, and he silently prayed she wasn’t here for the same reasons they were.
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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by ShadFlow » Tue Dec 11, 2018 5:07 am

"It's bloody night?! Why didn't you wake me up earlier oaf!"

Arthur began to panic! It was clear what all of these people were here for! And to see the mage who set up everything up in such an embarrassing state! Egad!Once Luca let her down, Arthur was ready to switch into an appealing outfit but then--


Arthur was tackled by an old-too-familiar-voice. An indistinguishably irritating one at that. Samir. The buff woman with her iron-grip of a man. "Samir dammit! You'!" With her lungs being constricted it was hard to make out a single word. Her hug was like being strangled by a python readying its prey. Once freed she accepted Samirs aid.

"Wonderful to see you Samir, long time no see." She said in an unenthusiastic growl. Still very agitated. After brushing down the night-gown, Arthur crossed her arms." Now I don't mean to be too rude; but I'm going to go change."

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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by Trooper FN-86 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:55 pm

Drake wiped the blood from his chin as he looked down at the body in the middle of the road. Poor fool attempted to rob him on the outskirts of town. Barely knew what was happening as he went from theif to corpse. Though filling, this meal delayed his arrival at the tavern, so Drake merely stepped over him and continued on his way.

It was not difficult to locate the tavern in question, not with all the large animals and commotion from all the strangers arriving. He made his way inside and sat down in a darkened booth by the door. A nice place to look over the rest who have come without drawing to much attention to himself. Not long after sitting down a server approached.

"Can I get you something?"

She asked, to which Drake smiled and replied "No thank you, I just ate."
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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by Moddy » Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:56 am

Hoskuld had prepared to give Arthur a proper greeting and handshake, but retracted his hand upon seeing that they were in an apparent rush. No matter, he’d give them the proper talking to later, Hoskuld would of course need to know Arthur’s intentions with his sister. Only then would he decide whether or not Arthur was trustworthy.

He looked around at everyone entering the tavern, wondering who was here for the same reason, and who was simply passing by for a late night drink. One thing was for certain. Whether it was for the drinks, or the mission. The amount of children in the tavern was discomforting in Hoskuld’s opinion, and he prayed the it wasn’t for the latter.
He tapped on Samir’s arm with his knuckle, nodding at anyone who stood below the height of his chest. “You don’t think these kids are here for the same reason we are… do you?
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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by Vintage » Thu Dec 13, 2018 8:32 pm

(Sorry 'bout being so late, y'all! I had a 24-hour flight)

Casxius simply sat in silence at the bar counter as others began ordering their poisons. The hunter felt the gaze of the nobleman on his back as he entered the room, but he gave it no heed. Eventually the tall knight turned his attention away from Casxius, and to the beastman that sat in the corner of the room. A peculiar sight, but not of his concern at the moment. Another figure entered the room, skin pale as a winter moon, with signs of nobility all about him. The silver-haired Wilden couldn't help but feel uneased by this... Man... But he supposed it wasn't his business, either.

As the red-haired adventurers finished speaking with the portal-mage, Casxius noticed the same thing that one of them had mentioned. Casxius counted at least three particularly small girls around the tavern, each of which seemed a bit out of place. He had noticed that one of them was an juvenile-to-adolescent elf, but it still seemed strange to him. Was he in the right place? Casxius' flickering form turned towards the bartender and asked in a hushed, hesitant voice,

"Am I... Am I in the right place? Is this where the meeting is? For... You know... Stopping the demon menace..?"
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Re: Adventure of the Damned

Post by BlondieBoy » Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:42 pm

"Vin huh? Pretty sure you were Lillath's dead little boo thang, but everyone is coming back to life so why not you too..." Luca turns around and grabs "Devil's Blood", a special whiskey from the top shelf and a special glass. He opened a box and grabbed a few rocks in his hand that quickly lit on fire when exposed to the air. He dropped them into the glass and poured the devil's blood over it, the fumes rising into the air from the strong whiskey being lit aflame by the burning ice.

He turned back around and set the glass down on the countertop. "Drink up sweetheart, I figured with clothes like that you'd probably want something to warm up your belly. It's all on that deadbeats tab anyways. If you don't finish the drink though I'm going to have to charge you. You can share it if you like."

Luca heard the question that Casxius asked him and dropped a glass he had just picked up to polish. "Wait, you all- You're all trying to.....ARTHUR I SWEAR TO THE FUCKING GODS!" Luca turned and kicked a large hole straight in his wall, in a spot apparently made for kicking and punching. "YOU GET THEM THE HELL OUT OF HERE! I ALREADY TOLD YOU I'M NOT GOING BACK THERE, YOU AREN'T GOING TO DRAG ME INTO THIS YOU LITTLE BI-" Luca stopped himself from going any further and straightened his tie. He turned to face everyone once more.

"Terribly sorry everyone for that little outburst. Arthur and I had some...travels, for some of the same reasons, earlier in our lives. All I can say is to look after one another. In another few months there might only be two of you like arthur and I. I'll send Arthur after all of you. If you're planning on getting a start on this quest, the lot of you need to leave immediately and head for the forest. That's the path forward. Now go on and get, take your drinks with you children. And if I don't get all of you out of this tavern in the next minute or so, I'm going to throw a lever and the floor is going to open up under you all and send you into my meat grinder. Good luck." Luca placed his hand on a lever and looked at the very expensive watch on his arm.

Vin watched as Luca snapped and kicked the wall. All he could think to himself was, "Boo thang? What the hell is a boo thang?" He shook his head and looked around. The large man with the white hair had already stood up from his table with his arms crossed. It looked like he was well enough coherent, as if the alcohol had only made the man sleepy. As Luca turned back around he watched the large Nord grab his vest from the wall and head outside the tavern to wait.

When Luca gave everyone an ultimatum of what to do he rubbed his head. "Well rats. I'm not looking to become food...Rats, forest it is." Vin picked up the glass of devils blood in front of Lumikki and threw some back as he left, the whiskey leaving behind slight burn marks on his skin and setting a portion of the table on fire, without it burning down the table.

Eorlund had woken up from the kick and was ready to battle when he realized that it wasn't a battle he was looking at but an outburst of energy. Eorlund could see the murderous intent and he was sure at least 3 others could as well. A massive swirl of magical dark energy that had surrounded Luca in an instant as he shouted, a layer of fear making even Eorlund unable to take a step forward without running for his life.

When Luca lowered his voice and turned around the hairs on Eorlunds neck raised and he quickly grabbed his things to wait outside. When he got out there he spoke aloud, "Lord in the heavens, that man is not any sort of human man I've dealt with before. Just one of him and my village would be wiped from the glacial shelf." Eorlund thanked the gods that Luca was on their side...Well, so he believed at least. He had to hope he was because if he wasn't, only that mage would have a chance at stopping him the way things stood now.
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