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Zeta Academy (official)

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:43 am
by CrashJr
The sun shone brightly over the island paradise, the smell of the sea strong as the wind blew into the courtyard below the massive futuristic structure that was Zeta Academy. The courtyard was as busy as the streets of New York City as dozens of new students to Zeta walked around, each with a tablet like touch pad in their hands. Lines were forming in front of multiple tables that had holoscreens and older beings standing to assist those new. Other then the new arrives, so were many students that had been attending Zeta both entering and leaving the entrance area.

A large brute of a man in a business suit calls out in a deep barking tone, "Welcome one and all. If you have already been given your school touch pad then please make your way into line so as to register your pads" the man calls out while tugging at his tie showing that he wasn't used to wearing the suit.

The was the normal as the new students came in. It was always hectic, every year, and it was no different this year. However, soon those arriving would find a line and begin to register their pads and given the same instructions. Due to the new students arriving one week prior to classes beginning they would be given the week to understand the surroundings, find their ways around, and sign up for classes that they wish to have. The touch pad tablets each student held, both new and old, would be the livelihood of each student. This pad would be were they would have the maps, were they would receive and send class and home work, were they would keep the balance of their schedules, everything it seemed would revolve around them keeping this pad.

Along with the tables for the new students to line up at there were other tables set up across the courtyard that had clubs, social groups, and the likes set up to showcase to the new arrivals what all the school had to offer.

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Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 8:25 am
by Sans_the_Medic
Among the line of students was a young woman who wore a certainly interesting choice of clothing; looking like some sort of Victorian era maid and with a purple flower in her hair. She didn't seem to be holding a tablet, a fact that was addressed by the person behind her. "psst, hey, where's your pad? Shouldn't you have one?"

The girl turned to look at the one talking to her, before smiling and taking the flower out of her hair and tracing a line in the air slowly and carefully. Purple energy trailed behind it and tore a hole in reality to an extra-dimensional space. She reached into it with her free hand and grabbed an item, pulling back out to reveal the tablet that she had been keeping in there as to not need carrying. "Oh do not worry sir, I was simply keeping it in a safe place" She said as she put the flower back in her hair and the tear in reality disappeared.

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Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 8:38 am
by CrashJr
Floating in a sitting position in mid-air, a light skinned girl with black and red hair floated slowly around. Her touch pad hovering lazily in front of her as she looked rather bored. Her attire screamed that of a punk-ish goth girl with the black and red tripp pants along with the worn faded black Slipknot shirt. Above her floated two suitcases, both looked worn and had seen better days, but hey it was everything she owned since her idiot dad went and got locked away in prison. Now here she was being forced to attend this stupid Zeta Academy all because the judge in court thought that she'd become a villain like her dad.

In truth the thought had crossed her mind, but she was never going to act on it in reality. No she was busy wanting to study people, fuck with them mentally mainly, but study them as well. Yeah it was her dream to be a Game show host, one of those kinds that made fun of everyone that came on. Yeah that would be the dream, she thought as a small smile appeared on her face as she lazily drifted into a line to register her pad and get on with her business.

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Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:34 am
by ZuZu
Senan watched a girl float past over the heads of the bustling people bellow with her luggage in tow from their position at the edge of one street, trying to stay out of the way. Their eyes flicked to other air-borne individuals and wished silently they had a similar ability, even as they tugged their scarf up around their face till only their sharp eyes were visible under a dark fringe of hair. If they could fly... Well if they could fly they wouldn't have to be nearly so worried about accidentally touching someone in the middle of the chaotic crowds. Then again, if their ability was to fly, they supposed they wouldn't have to worry about draining someone by mistake in the first place.

The lanky individual let out a sigh and squinted past the flyers towards the near cloudless sky, frowning. Another problem all its own, that damn gas ball... Senan turned to their bag and the tablet resting on top of it, contemplating for a moment on what to do, when the announcement was made for new students to register. They looked up, then around as the milling crowd began to gain direction, and let out another silent sigh, reluctant to leave their place in the long shadow of one of the structures around the courtyard. In the spirit of putting it off, Senan sank into a crouch beside their own carry on and wrapped their arms around their legs, resting their chin on their knees and deciding to wait till the main flood ebbed so they wouldn't have to stand in the sun and around all those people for too long.

If this was any indicator of the coming years, Senan would admit they weren't terribly psyched... They'd come here to learn to control their powers, but it looked like until such a time as they could achieve that, being here would be just as stressful as the rest of the world. Senan's middle let out a strange sound and felt off, and they pursed their mouth. They were what humans would consider "hungry", and didn't know how to get "food" here without causing a fuss. Besides, they were used to it. It wasn't like they would go berserk if they didn't eat like the old myths of those vampire creatures they resembled claimed, but the feeling would get worse. Absently, Senan lowered a hand to the grass at their feet, running their fingers through it. The grass withered and wilted under their touch, and the gnawing feeling in their abdomen eased slightly. They took their hand back quickly, feeling guilty about the new swatch of dead grass.

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Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:17 am
by Dead_Inside
Davenport stood in line and looked around at all of the people around him, this would be interesting to say the least and he didn't know how to feel. To go from private tutors and homeschooling to this was an extreme change and he wasn't too fond of the idea. He glanced up over his almost black sunglasses at the people flying and hovering about as the sun made his snowy white hair shimmer. He looked at the tablet in his hand and sighed with unmasked annoyance.

“Frowning gives you wrinkles.”, came a soft female voice behind him.

Davenport smirked and turned to look at the woman standing behind him. Though they were twins, people a lot of times said they didn't really resemble each other very much. Well, he could see what they meant in some aspect. He was dressed in a pair if black skinny jeans that were torn at the knees, a Babymetal Concert t-shirt and a black denim jacket, his white hair combed just the way he likes it and a pair of the newest Jordans on his feet. She was dressed in a black maxi skirt with skits to her hips, a mesh lace turtleneck bodysuit, black bralet under that, a long black sleeveless duster, black platform pumps and was under a rather large umbrella, her black hair draped over her shoulder lazily.

“Why do you think the parental units decided to finally integrate us into society?”, he asked her with a smirk.

There was a soft chuckle from her.

“Because though they are Villains, they love us and want us to have a good education?”, she responded with a grin.

Davenport laughed loudly. They had their parents' sense of humor.

“Oh please, Fe, we were fine with Ondra.”, he said, speaking of their in-house Teacher.

“It's possible they just want us to get out and meet new people. Think about it, Evan, we have only had each other and Madam and Sir. Do you remember what happened when they hired Ondra?”, she asked him.

“You setting her on fire or me turning her into an ice cube to put her out?”, he asked, clearly humored.

“Well, as always there is a method to their madness, I'm sure they will reveal their plans to us eventually as they always do. For now, just trust that Madam and Sir have their reasons for this.”, she said, glancing at her own tablet.

“You know they hate when you call them that.”, he grinned at her.

“I wouldn't be their daughter if I didn't annoy them when I could. Besides, are you going to tell them I still call them that?”, she laughs.

He shakes his head and laughs.

“I wanna keep my hair.”, he responds.

“Good boy.”, she quips playfully.

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Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:39 am
by hellbounddemon
Ariana sat in the line her wings as close to her body as possible. She hated being looked at and could feel people staring at her wings. She was exactly normal she had wings she was also created in a lab and was rescued by some man who helped her train her wings to function.

She wore a long sleeve to hide the scars she had from every experiment she went through. Once she reached the front of a line she set up her tablet and went to find her dorm room hopong for a quiet room mate. She had nightmares now an again but was told she would be safe ar Zeta Academy.

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Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:08 am
by Dead_Inside
Davenport turned to his sister but stopped as he noticed the girl with the wings, his eyebrow quirking slightly. Phoenix was watching the one hovering by the tree, not exactly sure of the gender of that one but noticed the reaction of the grass to their touch. They looked at each other a moment but noticed where each was looking and turned to look at what the other had seen. Phoenix smirked under the shadow of her umbrella, Davenport raised both of his eyebrows at the now dead patch of grass. They turned to each other and grinned.

"These beings are indeed interesting.", Phoenix purred softly so only her brother could hear.

Davenport laughed softly to himself.

"What's on that evil little mind of yours, Fe?", he asked, looking over his shoulder at his sister.

Phoenix looked at him and grinned that evil little grin she usually sported when her mind was working on some little scheme to keep them entertained.

"So, Evan, with all those around us and as 'innocent' as most of them seem, how much are we betting I will have to set one of them on fire?", she cooed to him, moving closer so only he could hear her.

Davenport smirked.

"A thousand dollars. Within two week.", he said, raising his pinkie towards her.

Phoenix giggled, the sound of it musical and delicate, almost like an Angel singing.

"I'll take that bet. But I give them until the middle of this week. And I give it perhaps a week before you have to turn someone into an ice sculpture. Same amount.", she whispered, bringing her pinkie up and locking it with his.

Davenport grinned.

"It's a bet, Sissy.", he said, looking at her out of the corner of his almost glowing ice blue eyes, a puff of cold fog passing his lips faintly.

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Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:13 am
by hellbounddemon
Ariana was creating flowers over the dead patch of grass giving it new life. She had a feeling this would be normal. She turned and saw the twins before placing the hood on her head and flying off to her dorm. She wanted peace and quiet. Her fears in her head casued stress. The memories that flooded her mind caused pain.

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Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:37 am
by JoJoTheClown
A shuffling crowd, the sound of meaniningless chatter, floating women toting suitcases, it seemed so cliche' to what this place represented. As if they walked into the X-Men academy from the comic books. The tall futuristic buildings and metallic like walls seemed fitting to the fantasy esque empire of supernatural education where the mass of shuffling bodies would be spending the following days to come. Though most eyes nearby would shift from the massive structures to the large speaking men towards the front of the crowd. Once he was done speewng his uncomfortable introduction, some attention shifted to a colorful young man who was making his way through the crowd. The stylish blonde haired man was fitted with an orange and yellow block striped collard shirt, with white lines seperating the colors to accent the brightness of the fabric. Light khaki pants and clean white vans completed the outfit, which drew a bit of the crowds attention as he passed. Though not many would get close, as a small electric field would leave them with a very minor yet uncomfortable schock upon contact to the blue eyed man.

Confidently, Ray stood amongst the crowd, standing tall with a beaming sense of self esteem and confidence radiating from his presence. His blue eyes scanned the large city-like group of people as he toted his bag behind him. His bag, much like his outfit and persona, was very attractive, full of colors with a unique zig-zag pattern. Few of the future residents of the school seemed to even appear normal. Ray knew by all actuallity that none of them were defined by the generalization of the word 'normal'. No, rather unique in their own fashion. Each of them containing some sort of ability that they wished to control. Ray of course was no different from the rest. So by that standard, they were normal to each other.

In his free hand the tablet was held loosely, turned upwards so his blues eyes could periodically glance towards it to absorb the information that would be provided for him on the school and the dorm he would be staying in. This information would be of use to him later on, but for now Ray was more interested in learning about some of the fellow students he would be spending his days with. Particularly the women.

Zeta Academy (official)

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:45 am
by hellbounddemon
Ariana ran into someone and quickly caught her tablet using her earth abilities after reciving a shock that caused her to drop it in the first place. She brought the tablet back to her chest and looked at the boy"I'm sorry I didn't see you there " she pulled her hood back revealing her emerald green eyes.

Ariana looked at the boy in the yellow and orange block striped shirt"The colors on your shirt remind me of fall" she extended her hand out but pulled it back after remembering about the shock"I'm Ariana Stone"