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Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 8:05 pm
by Monika
Lux somehow managed to make it through all of the classes, but was even more confused and out of her element than she was when she started. And frankly, she just wanted to cry.... but knew it wouldn't get her anywhere. She'd be just as lost and confused afterwards as she was before. She didn't even know anyone. Well, she'd interacted with three people, but didn't know where they were, or if they'd even want to talk to her again. She leaned against a wall, not sure what she was supposed to do. People were so busy, going from class to class, and now to leave to go wherever they were going to go. It was overwhelming and hard to pick up on anything.

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Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 2:57 am
by hellbounddemon
Ariana was meditating and calming her soon her thoughts relaxed and she figured out a way to make the pain stop but something in her head made her feel different

As she meditated her mind opened up to itself her eyes glowed and her wings opened soon they began tuning a very dark shade of green with hings of blue. She didn't understand what was happening

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Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:46 am
by Ash
Zella stood up and stretched as the last bell of the day rang. After the first period, the day had gone without incident and she discovered that she had more classes with both twins, one class with the rock dude, whose name she didn't remember and the guy that Evan hanged out with. Collecting her stuff, she walked out of her photography class, because you know why not? She walked out and decided to visit the library. Finding a wall with a shadow, she walked towards it and used it to travel to a corner of the library she found during lunch earlier that day.
Once there, she noticed that Fe was sitting with headphones plugged in and decided not to disturb her and sat a couple of chairs away from her. She took out her tablet and began working on her homework. Even though it was the first of school, many of the teachers decided to leave research homework with the excuse of gaining a general idea of the topic at hand. Sighing, she began with her first-period homework.

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Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 5:46 am
by Veilstar
Without any incidents Rainie had managed to survive her first day at this academy. Her classes seemed pretty decent, one of her teachers had appeared weary when she heard her name. Turns out she was one of the heroes who helped to lock her up. Imagine her surprise to see the masked girl again outside a cell. She didn't say anything, only kept her eyes on her and anyone that was close to her. The incident wasn't her fault but a lot of people back home didn't see it that way. It was her power that ended up killing those people and nothing could refute that fact. Now the school day was over and the students were free to as they pleased for the rest of the day.

Without much to do Rainie figured she yet again go for a walk but this time her walk would be inside the school. Rather than the outskirts and grounds. There wasn't much for someone like her to do, making friends wasn't why she was there. Reading was okay but she wanted a break from that after being stuck in a cell with only that to do. It honestly felt good to stretch her legs and walk around. She hadn't even been allowed to mingle with other prisoners or leave her cell due to the instability of her power. Bringing fear to life was a dangerous thing, you never know what lies hidden in the darkest part of people's mind.

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Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 10:27 am
by ZuZu
Kealan ended up being the last out of the classroom, and was carefully closing the door behind himself when he noticed Davenport waving to him. He returned it and the smile as he dodged around a few folks to reach his roommate. Though the gesture was of course very common, a part of him was happy the other seemed to have adopted it a little more frequently. It was Kae's default when he was uncertain or nervous, but in this way it sort of put him at ease. 'Such a small thing.' he thought with a chuckle, catching up to his roommate as the silver haired boy fiddled with his phone again. They'd talked some since that morning, so he was already feeling a bit more relaxed around Davenport.

"Mm? Ah, yes. It is certainly different from most schools, though perhaps that has to do more with the location and subject matter." he replied, shouldering his bag and absently sliding his tablet into it's side pouch. The boy seemed... distracted, a little less... cocky? perhaps not the right word... Kaelan's bright gaze lingered on Davenport as he half watched him curiously, half tried to come up with the phrasing he wanted in his head. He blinked out of it when the other looked back up, still seeming tense, and mentioned food.

Kaelan's stomach chose that moment to announce it's displeasure with him missing lunch. Audibly. The boy ducked his purple head and cleared his throat, breaking his stare in favor of discovering what fascinating secrets the floor might hold.

"...Sounds good." he replied, eyes flicking back up to Davenport's face as his brain caught up with the change in tone that came with the question.

"Is everything alright?"


Keena stretched her arms above her head and yawned cavernously as she and Lyrea spilled out with the initial flood of students from the final class. They'd had quite a few classes together, including this final one, and Keena wouldn't deny that having a friendly face in all this newness wasn't so bad. It was also sort of entertaining to watch the the smaller girl. She conducted herself so... softly. Everyone Keena associated with previously was prone to or bent on breaking shit. Frequently. She had a feeling Lyrea's surprises and the curiosity it inspired in Keena herself was far from over.

Good. It was only the first day.

With a grin, Keena tapped the top of the other's head with a knuckle, before slipping the offending hand as ever into the pocket of her jacket.

"You wouldn't happen ta know what we're supposed to do next, would ya, Shorty?" she asked, glancing around as people bustled past, a few brushing or bumping into them as they stood. Keena stink eyed those who were particularly aggressive shoulder-checkers, but eventually just maneuvered herself and Lyrea off to one side, more out of the way. It was also better for hearing, especially with one as quiet as the white haired girl.

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Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 4:44 pm
by Dead_Inside
Evan looked up at Kaelan and stuffed his phone into his pocket, forcing a wider smile to his lips.

"Um.....yeah. Just alittle disagreement with my sister.", he said, trying to make it sound matter-of-fact as if he were only bothered alittle instead of truly hurt by her reaction.

He looked at his Roommate, having heard his stomach complain in a loud and aggressive manner. He laughed.

"Well, let's go eat, we can work on homework afterwards.", he said, turning to head towards the exit of the building to go to the Dorms.

"So, I have something to ask you, Kaelan. Not to seem invasive or intrusive but, I'm curious, do you have a significant other?", he asked, stuffing his hands into his jeans pockets as he moved through the dwindling crowd of other students.

He figured if he could find out more about Kaelan and steer him towards talking to Fe, Evan was sure she would forgive him for upsetting her. Once he had alittle more information about Kaelan and after they'd eaten, Evan would talk him into accompanying him to go check on Fe at her Dorm.


Fe was absorbed into her work, the essay coming along at a quick pace. She had already passed the three page 3000 word limit and still had at least two more pages she wanted to add. She didn't notice anyone else in the Library with her as she wrote. She raised her wrist to her lips and spoke softly in Japanese to the mini computer there, instantly the music in her earphones switching to the new band she requested. She absentmindedly started to hum along to the song as she wrote. Music always calmed her and, per Ondra's teachings, when she was angry enough to punch someone, she turned her music on first to try and calm herself. The more guitars, screaming or growling and have bass, the better. She flipped the page in front of her and kept writing. At this rate, she would be done in another hour or so. She put down her pen and sighed, reaching up to rub at her tired eyes. Perhaps she should take a nap, the stress and irritation of the day was starting to fade away putting her in a lethargic state as she sighed deeply.

She sighed softly and closed one her of textbooks putting it on top on the paper in front of her, she folded her arms over the book and lay her head upon them, closing her eyes a moment.

Just a short break., she told herself.

It wasn't long before she had dozed off, the music not keeping her awake at all.


Ondra came back into the room with Ariana and watched her silently as she meditated. If she was truly meditating and concentrating as Ondra has instructed, she should be starting to understand herself and her powers just a bit more. This exercise was meant to help her learn to control her powers and emotions, if she could do that, the pain wouldn't be an issue and the girl would learn alittle more about herself in the process. Ondra leaned against the wall and just observed, thinking for a moment if she would need to microchip Ariana the same way she had had to microchip the Twins. A small smirk spread across her lips. She would have to go to that School later and visit the Twins, she was sure they would be excited to see her.

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Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 5:01 pm
by hellbounddemon
Ariana was no longer a slave to her powers her strength grew. She knew she could handle anything she had thrown at her but still an ancient tougne was taught to her and only she understood it.

She was to return to school the next day and one of her classes delt with this tougne. Hopefully she would get to understand it more.