Amalica Taleth

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Amalica Taleth

Post by kotetsu » Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:04 am



Name: Amalica Taleth

Age: 56 (appears to be in late 20s)

Sex: Female

Race: Drow

Height: 5 foot 6 inches

Weight: 135 lbs


BUILD: Wiry and slim/slender figure.
EYES: Dark green, cold, and somewhat judgmental.
HAIR: Medium/long length, white, almost always tied back.
SKIN: lightish grey
SCARS: 2 inch long diagonal scar on right cheek

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Amalica is rather short in stature and cold in her nature, her face often being stuck in a perpetual glare. She has kept in shape due to the nature of her work requiring one to have to keep moving to survive. Clothing wise she typically dresses in dark clothes which cover the majority of her body that are form fitting yet easy to move in. As a tradeoff her attire is not terribly well armored.

Amalica is, in many ways a very typical drow. She dislikes interaction with other sentient beings, but not necessarily humans. She hates everyone equally so to speak. There are very few in this world she has ever considered a friend. Most if not all of them, prior to her coming to Azuria have long since passed, some by her own blade.

Honor is not foreign to her, but lying, cheating, stealing, and killing are almost always on the table when she needs to get something done. Though she still has a degree of a self-serving nature, she is not completely without compassion. Money talks for her. She is an assassin for hire, not a serial killer. At times she has even backed out of deals that involved harming a child or one who could not fight back. Other times she has taken coin from her target to turn around and go kill her original contractor.

Every so often she considers the moral implications of the life she has lived, but with how far she has traveled she often concludes that it is too late to turn back now.


Night/Low Light Vision- Living in the under dark there is very little natural light. Is more so a racial trait than a skill. As a consequence, the broad daylight sun actually hurts her eyes a little bit.

Darkening- A small piece of magic she picked up on her travels. She can create a cloud of a smoke like substance within a 7 foot radius of her body. The cloud dissipates after 10 seconds and can only be used at most three times in succession before having to wait to use it again.

Stealth: An obvious one. She is light footed and knows how to stay hidden in plain sight. Has great situational awareness.

Various combat techniques: While her goals as an assassin are to kill and get out without a sound, she is not completely helpless in direct combat. Efficiency over flashy moves. Will often try to quickly parry enemy attacks to throw them off guard and aggressively go for killing blow when in direct combat.

Minimal sustenance- Going on assassination missions often involved laying in wait for extended periods of time. Days, maybe even weeks without the ability to gather large stores of food and water, thus learned to mental train herself mentally and physically to just get by on less than others.

Foraging- What little she does need she has learned to be able to get by on with minimal gathering, thus she has a wide knowledge of what is and isn’t edible both above ground and below in terms of plants, insects, and other small easy to catch life forms.

Alchemy-Depending on what ingredients she has access to she is capable of crafting poisons that paralyze, kill slowly or quickly, etc…


Steel Daggers- Nothing too special. Can carry up to 8 in various sheaths attached around her body, plus 2 extra attached to her quiver.

Small compound bow: A simple, small but powerful bow and arrow. Enough draw strength to pierce most leather/chain mail armor to a degree. Mid to short range peak effectiveness.

Quiver- As it sounds. A compact quiver housing several arrows. Two dagger sheaths off to the side, an extra compartment housing poisons she has collected on her travels. Poisons she carries are inconsistent as she doesn’t always have access to same components to craft them.

Small axe with pike end- Lightweight wooden handle, all the weight focused on the head of the weapon. Not the weapon you’d expect out of an assassin, but it packs a surprising punch with swinging momentum as opposed to having brute physical strength. Pike end works well for piercing armor or aide in climbing walls.
Grappling hook: Length of rope attached to steel 3 pronged hook. Usually only carries it with her


Head: Hood/cowl. Covers head when up and hangs low enough to cover part of her face.
Neck: cloth that extends up from her shirt, can be lifted up to cover part of her face.
Breast/Torso: Slim fitting black long sleeve cloth shirt. Dark brown corset looking light leather vest over top
Arms: Leather gloves that go quarter way down triceps.
Waist: One belt/ houses her axe and grappling hook.
Legs: Slim fitting cloth pants, tight fitting black leather boots.

Grappling hook: Length of rope attached to steel 3 pronged hook. Usually only carries it with her. Used in combat on rare occasions.
Small cast iron pan- For cooking when possible or boiling fresh drinking water, hangs free at her belt.
Cloak- Used for further covering herself for variety of reasons including protection from weather or hiding her identity in public.
Plain clothes- When able to establish a base of operations in a town she will often procure clothes suitable for fitting in in everyday society during the day, as a fully decked out assassin walking around in broad daylight isn’t very stealthy.


Randyn Nasak, it was a vast underground city-state populated by the dark elves. Politically it is run as an oligarchy. The closest thing to a true leader was the order of spider priestesses. Other than that, aristocratic ruling families who have been underground for generations fight for power amidst the not so ignorant masses. The majority of the population just whispers of what goes on behind closed doors, but only speak out if it benefits them.

Amalica was born as far as she knows to a lower class family. Shortly after her birth that family was killed to make an example of a male drow who had been believed to have insulted a priestess. On a whim, she was taken as a child rather than killed with all the rest, and raised in secret by one of the few male wizard drow who held power in the city.

She was educated and cared for, but as soon as she was old enough to hold a blade her training began. He found it comedic the idea that he would raise a female assassin to do his bidding in a matriarchal society, one from a family that was killed off for that very reason. She was conditioned to follow orders without question, fear and obedience beaten into her by her adoptive father. He made it clear that he was unsurmountable force in her life.

Amalica became something of an urban legend in the city as a result of this training. One who could hide from those who could see in the dark they said. Very few other than her “adoptive father” knew her existence to be more than that. He treasured his weapon, but in time grew to fear it himself. He was a powerful mage in his own right, but knew he would struggle to survive a stab wound like any other. Amalica was so emotionless at times that he could not get a read on her. He wanted to believe that she was his killing machine with no will or ambition of her own

He sought to avoid this fate by sending Amalica on one last suicide mission, killing the high spider priestess of the city. With the trail of blood he had set her on the priestesses was the last thing standing in his way from true power over the under dark. With their central figure gone he could step in with his vast money and resources and quickly seize control. Amalica would take the fall as he would tip off the city guard about her mission, only after it was well under way of course.

What he had not counted on was how gravely he misinterpreted her motivations. She was neither fearful nor loyal to him. She had grown angry, resentful; Amalica was just biding her time, playing the part as she learned more and more about the truth of her existence. The assassination of the spider priestess was the perfect opportunity, as she had become aware of her father’s to take the fall herself. Alterations were made to the plan, she departed earlier than expected, took different routes to get to the priestesses chambers.

Rather than outright assassination the mission became a kidnapping… at first. She couldn’t have the guards showing up to find evidence of a murder right there. Rather when they returned to her father to reprimand him for a false report the head of the priestess would be found on his doorstep.

From that point if you asked Amalica about the incident, she would only have vague details. All the power and influence he had couldn’t get him out of murdering even a lower priestess. Last she remembers seeing of him was the brief eye contact she made as he was being dragged from his home.

From that point on she fled the under dark, knowing no one would ever chase her there, the few who knew of her existence now behind bars…. Or being hung by their own intestines, again she neither knew nor cared so long as they were suffering. Still, she now had to get by somehow. While she hated the men who made her what she was she felt it was too late to turn back from this kind of life. Rather than do the bidding of a single corrupt lord she would take solace in knowing she was her own person, conducting business rather than being a slave to someone’s will.

She cares little for which side of any conflict she is hired by, political or otherwise, so long as the pay is good for the job requested. The people of the surface are no different in her eyes that those who dwell underground, selfish and power hungry. She gets by on settling the disputes of commoners with the edge of a blade, but getting involved in political affairs; despite the risk is where the real coin can be made. Azuria is just another opportunity for her, as she hears of growing unrest within the land, and seeks to take advantage of it, and if possible, egg it on for her own benefit.
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Re: Amalica Taleth

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I think I am a changeling
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I think I am a changeling
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