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Name: Aelirenn

Age: 23

Sex: female

Race: Elf

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 67 kg


Aelirenn is an half-Elf, her father was a former soldier who fought for a local warlord,
her mother an Elf who belonged to a nomadic tribe called the Aen Siedhe.
Aelirenn's father was ordered to raid the Aen Siedhe's camp,
it was during this raid that he met her mother.
Her mother left the tribe to be with her father, they had a child, but she was shunned by the tribe for becoming involved with a human.
They settled in a sleepy woodland village. Her father left the soldier's life and worked as a blacksmith/craftsman.
He taught Aelirenn how to work with the forge, gather materials and craft simple weapons and armour.
Her mother taught her how to track and hunt, and use herbs to make healing salves.
One day her mother leaves, with no explanation.
Her father says she probably left to rejoin her tribe, as being apart from them caused her great pain.
Aelirenn vows to track down her mother, and learn more about her Elvish heritage and culture.

(Before leaving the village):
Her hair is long and wavy, black as the night sky. Her eyes white, softly glowing.
The clothes she wore were simple; a long white shirt worn underneath a long blue dress.
Her shoes self-sewn, made with leather.

(After leaving the village):
Aelirenn thought about leaving her hair the way it was,
but after a while of getting it caught in bushes and such, she got her dagger and cut it shorter.
She wears a thin layer of cloth over her eyes, to hide the glow and to draw less attention from others.
Her keen Elven eyesight allows her to still see through the cloth. It is rare for her to remove the cloth.

Her travelling clothes are light and simple,
she wears a leather tunic she crafted herself, with a leather belt around her waist.
A pouch hangs from this belt that she carries healing herbs and coins in.
She wears wraps on her legs which cover all but her toes, as normal boots and shoes she finds very uncomfortable.
She carries a dagger in a sheath on her right calf, an ornate Elvish dagger left by her mother, with Elven runes carved into the handle.
She wears leather strips as a makeshift wrist guard on her bow hand, and a leather finger less glove on the other hand.
After leaving her home, she paints war marks on her face, in the style of her mother's tribe.


She is always happy to help others and is very kind.
Aelirenn's father thought her to be loyal, reliable and respectful
Her mother thought her to be playful, tough and curious
But she can also be a bit moody or forgetful,
sometimes forgetting the tips and tricks her parents shared with her.


Skills that Aelirenn got thought by her mother;

It took her a bunch of days to get it right but Aelirenn finally remembered
how to track humans, elves and all kinds of animals.

Tracking was useful, but it was even better to knew how to hunt her prey.
She killed a lot of small rodents and maybe seen her mother kill a couple of guards before

Calendula flowers, nettle, apples and sage. All ingredients Aelirenn learned to identify,
collect and use into healing salves.

Skills Aelirenn got thought by her father;

It took her multiple days, lots of coal and patience but she had learned how to fix,
make and polish armour/ weapons.

The forge didn't run on it's own, is what her dad used to say and then send Aelirenn out to gather enough materials.
It was hard work, but she liked getting to leave her village for a while.

Skills that Aelirenn thought herself;
Her mother normally took care of the food when her father and her would be working,
but after she left the village she had to provide for her own.
Using her tracking and hunting skills she should be fine, right?

-Self defense
When Aelirenn was not making weapons/armour with her dad
or gathering materials she would spend her time in the forest to learn herself to fight with a sword.
That didn't quite work out well. She found herself a lot more comfortable with a bow and arrow.
She has a dagger on her calf as well, when people get too close for comfort.

After lots of practice, trying to hide the bruises she caused herself and damaged clothes,
she used her bow enough to hunt with it with confidence.
Aelirenn will not hesitate to shoot anyone that rushes at her with any weapon drawn
or when she feels like she is in danger.
Her dagger is barely used for combat, but can be used to make some nasty cuts when people get too close.
Mostly though, its used for preparing food or cutting herbs.


-Leather tunic
-Leather belt
-A small cloth
-Straps made of leather, wrapped around her legs
-Wrist guards made of leather -Fingerles glove
-A pouch

An elven dagger
A bow with matching arrows

Healing herbs
A handful of coins
Small necklace with a steel ring
An elven ornament that belonged to her mother

- moodboard
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