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Code Resource Masterpost

Post by Reyn » Wed Apr 29, 2020 7:16 pm

Big ol' list of resources for using BBCode/Div on RPF! (And some of them are good for real CSS as well!)

Here are some cool user-made guides on RPF on various aspects:
  • BBCode Masterpost: A thread containing every working BBCode element that currently works on RPF.
  • Div Guide: A thread containing some of the things that are possible with the [div] function. Often updated!
    Maxx[2.0]ine's Flexbox Guide: A very helpful post explaining how to use flexbox.
  • A Guide to Grids: Illirica's fantastic guide on how grids work. This has personally saved my life.
  • BBCode Color List: A list of all the named colours + their hex values.

Here are some cool external sites
  • Imgur: Great for image hosting.
  • w3schools: A super helpful site containing the fundamentals of div elements in CSS.
  • CSS-Tricks: Another neat resource, and definitely a site worth exploring if you're into cool CSS tricks.
  • html-css-js: An online cheat sheet for all sorts of lovely things- and a lot of it works for RPF too!
  • Color-Hex: Having trouble finding good hex colours? Struggle with rgba? Then bookmark this site immediately!
  • CSS3 Generator: Resource for the border-radius function! (NOTE: only copy the last line of code the website gives you)
  • Broider: A fun little site that allows you to make fun pixel borders!
  • Very nice gradient tool.

Here are some cool threads in Testing Forum full of templates to use! Let me know if you want yours to be on the list ;)
And here are some places you can ask any questions about div/bbcode
Let me know if you have anything you want me to add to this post!

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