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Re: just trying to work this poop out

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 1:46 pm
by Reyn
woah nice!! want me to add that to the div guide? I'll credit you for this of course

Re: just trying to work this poop out

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:26 pm
by Maxx[2.0]ine
Yeah, of course! :D I was considering either posting it as a template to the template thread, or asking you to add it to the div guide, but I chickened out before I could do either. I would suggest adding a note about not using too many boxes with the nowrap property in place, because otherwise on phones it doesn't look as good. Having it wrap when there are more boxes would be better, I can see now that I'm on my phone looking at the example with five boxes.

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Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:32 am
by Maxx[2.0]ine
Jayne Archer



Earth Bow Construction
the ability to create bow and arrows from earth

Jay can construct bows and arrows from the existing earth (and by extension, anything made from, such as stones and brick). Depending on what minerals and such things are in the earth, the weapons can have a variety of abilities and be very effective in both offensive and defensive combat.

How long the bows last depend on Jay's current condition. If she is injured, unwell, tired, etc., it won't last very long at all.


Jay had your average, regular, run of the mill family life, nothing interesting at all...


Everyone knew who Jayne Archer was. For all the wrong reasons. She stood out as the 'weirdo', the immature, childish kinda girl who always got in trouble for the silliest of reasons. Mainly things to do with what she was wearing. Or saying. Or doing. It did lead to quite a bit of bullying. Jay usually pushed back against it all with threats of violence. She wasn't a violent girl, oh no, it was just all empty threats, that didn't really work. She didn't care, she worked off the stress practising archery at her father's archery range.

When her powers manifested, she loved them. They fit so well with her interests. And they did stop most people from annoying her, which was a bonus. Not really much else to say about her background, really.

Jay still hasn't gotten to grips with her power, it hardly works the way she wants to. As a result, her bows don't always last long. But, oddly enough, the first bow she made from something that wasn't the mud beneath her feet has always been kinda permanent. It was made of a rather heavy sort of earth, so she can't really take it places, but she loves it nonetheless.

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Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 1:07 am
by Maxx[2.0]ine
CS thingy for thing in Advanced (and other sites)
Need to powers
Need to colors
Need to other shit
(Best to do it on laptop to see better)

Laramie "Lars" Barriga
Personal Details




Greed Empowerment
Skin Constructs

Phoebe "Flea" Marley
Personal Details



Bio shit

Coastal Lordship
Shadow-Metal Manipulation

Burton Carver
Personal Details



Bio shit

Spiritual Elemental Attacks
Body Part Erosion
Solar Regeneration

Ellen "Q" Carroll
Personal Details



Bio shit

Sonic Whip Generation
Face Manifestation
Incapacitation Inducement

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Posted: Sat Dec 28, 2019 1:41 am
by Maxx[2.0]ine
Sal Fisher

Nickname(s): Sally; Fisher;
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Appearance Sal has a feminine appearance, which occasionally leads to him being mistaken for a female. he has pale skin and light blue eyes. He has a scar over his right eye due to a childhood accident, and as a result is blind in that eye. He often wears an eyepatch over that eye because... Well, why not? He thinks it looks cool. His shoulder-length hair is dyed a dark-ish blue color, and is often tied into a ponytail or pigtails - which probably doesn't help with him being mistaken for a female. He is short at about five foot four, and often wears hoodies and ripped jeans.
Powers Absolute Athleticism
Water Transmutation

Lilia Jones

Nickname(s): Gold;
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Appearance Lilia, like her twin Sylver, is about five foot seven, with a pale-ish complexion and green eyes. Her hair is cut short like her brother's, and is naturally blonde, although she will occasionally dye it. Most of the time it is near impossible to tell her apart from her brother, as they will often wear the same outfits, which hides anything someone could use to differentiate them. These outfits usually include leather jackets, boots, and some style of jeans.
Powers Anatomy Constructs
Telekinetic Flight
Mental Hallucination

Sylvester Jones

Nickname(s): Sylver;
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance Sylver, like his twin Lilia, is about five foot seven, with a pale-ish complexion and green eyes. His hair is short-ish, and naturally blond, although he will occasionally dye it. Most of the time it is near impossible to tell him apart from his sister, as they will often wear the same outfits, which hides anything someone could use to differentiate them. These outfits usually include leather jackets, boots, and some style of jeans.
Powers Stamina Calling
Illusion Interacting
Invisible Weaponry

Phoebe Marley

Nickname(s): Flea;
Age: 27
Gender: Female

Appearance Flea has naturally tanned skin, a result of many days spent in the sun. Her eyes and hair are both a deep brown color, and her hair is often pulled back into a high ponytail. When not working, she often wears 'tendy' clothes that seem high-end (they're really just from a cheap clothing shop, but not many can tell that). Overall, her appearance outside of work leads many to assume she's some wealthy bitch, which is actually not close to the truth at all.
Powers Accelerated Thought Process
Consumption Shapeshifting


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Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2020 12:58 am
by Maxx[2.0]ine
Stuff for Cluedo-inspired group roleplay thingy. Need to add coding to this shit, and work out what stuff is actually staying... And also add actual shit...

Notes (cos my weird shit I do in the notepad:
{...} is bold
<<...>> is bold italics
[...] is italics




The invitations were delivered.
The guests have arrived.
The host has been murdered!

Killed in cold blood. For his inheritence...?
His uncle could have warned him who to trust, but Sir Hugh is dead and buried!
Six colorful guests are now suspects.
It's up to you to solve this classic murder mystery...


Lead Pipe

Dining Room
Billiard Room

The Femme Fatal>>
Beautiful. Seductive. Ruthless? Manipulative?

[Red] has always been beautiful, but recently also seems cold-hearted. Black and [Red] had grown up together and been in all sorts of trouble over the years. As they got older though, their friendship became strained. Black suspected [Red] had been influencing Sir Hugh's investments. In receiving her invitation to Tudor Mansion, [Red] assumed all was forgiven...

The Social Butterfly
Flirtatious. Discreet. Greedy? Devious?

Her exact age is unknown, and that's just one of [Blue]'s secrets. [Blue] rocketed from small-town girl to well-connected socialite. Little is known of her three husbands, other than they all died suddenly. Sir Hugh met his end just before becoming her fourth. [Blue] has called in many favors to get this invitation to Black's party. What's on her mind: marriage or murder...?

The Intellectual
Intrepid. Eccentric. Obsessive? Paranoid?

Fearlessly tracking down dessert tombs, ancient statues and lost cities, [Purple] is a archaeologist with a thirst for adventure. Sir Hugh financed all of his expeditions, until a huge disagreement ended their partnership. With no excavations on the horizons, [Purple] was bored. Black's invitation, when it came, filled him with hope. He was first to arrive at the party...

The Alpha Male
Patriot. Philanthropist. Liar? Narcissist?

To the outside world, he is a hero. [Yellow] is a highly decorated, successful and popular officer. However, behind his medals of honor are rumors of black market deals and treason; rumors he's been paying someone to keep secret for too long. [Yellow] suspects Black of being his blackmailer, and eagerly travels to Tudor Mansion to search for evidence...

The Playboy
Charming. Witty. Unforgiving? Decadent?

As a suave con man, [Green] has fronted as a prince, a pilot, a doctor, and an attorney. After years on the scam, trouble has finally caught up with him and forced him into hiding - as a reverend. Thinking that Sir Hugh was the only man to know his true identity, he is immediately concerned when he receives an invitation from Black. Determined to keep his secrets safe, [Green] accepts...

The Genius
Mysterious. Adventurous. Ambitious? Delinquent?

Adopted as a teenager by Black, [Pink] was privately schooled in Switzerland until her expulsion following a near-fatal daffodil poisoning incident. She was then homeschooled by the old housekeeper, Mrs White. [Pink] decided biology was her future and, while researching her PhD in plant toxicology, unearthed a plant of incredible medicinal properties; a discovery she wanted to share with no one - especially her adoptive father...

If it isn't obvious, this is based off of Cluedo (or Clue, if you're somewhere other than England). As such, the characters are basically the characters from that. However, you can change minor details if you wish. And on the other end of that, even though I only put their colors, you can use their original names.

If you wish to participate, fill out this simple character sheet template:

Anything else?

Here's a few simple rules:

Don't be a dick
Remember writing etiquette
(Grammar, spelling, etc.)
Don't break the rules
Please Note: If you break the rules, your character will be automatically arrested as the killer
Oh, and don't ask me who the killer is, what the weapon is, or where the location is. I do not know. The wonderful Tanak is the nonparticipant GM of this, and as such, he will not be playing, but he is the one who knows who, what, and where.

With all of that out of the way, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, and if you want me to save a character for you, just ask! ^-^

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Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2020 10:34 am
by Maxx[2.0]ine
Marceline "Marcie" Acres
What They Are
th.jpeg (25.75 KiB) Viewed 531 times
Any powers

What They Are
Any powers

Re: just trying to work this poop out

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 3:07 am
by Maxx[2.0]ine
> Sleeping dragon under hill (thing I used to believe about the hill at Heathway)
> Element manipulation, like the bending from Avatar
> Work out if 'Fevered Dreams' fits the concept
> Benders (can't think of what else to call them) are rare, and revered
> War? Illness? Prophecy?
> Think of more shit
> So, I was thinking that the elementals are nobility, at the top of society. But only the elementals.
> People who have elementals in their family, but aren't elementals themselves, are middle class. If two people who aren't elementals have a kid who's an elemental, they live as middle class until the kid turns a certain age, then the kid goes up to nobility and the parents get left behind.
> And then people who have no elementals in their family whatsoever are low class. The only chance they have of getting close to nobility is if they become servants for them.

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Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 12:16 am
by Maxx[2.0]ine

Pokemon Traits

Pokemon Base Statistics
> Unchanged

Pokemon Abilities
> Randomize
> Allow Wonder Guard

Pokemon Types
>Random (follow evolutions)

Pokemon Evolutions
>Change Impossible Evos

Starters, Statistics & Trades

Starter Pokemon
> Random (completely)

Static Pokemon
>Random (Completely)

In-Game Trades
>Randomize Given Pokemon Only
>Randomize Items

Moves & Movesets

Move Data

Pokemon Movesets
>Random (Completely)

Trainer Pokemon

Trainers Pokemon
>Rival carries starter through game
>No Early Wonder Guard
>Randomize Trainer Names
>Randomize Trainer Class Names

Wild Pokemon

Wild Pokemon
>Catch Em All Mode
>Randomize held items

TM/HMs & Tutors

TMs & HMs
>Full HM Compatibility

Move Tutors

Field Items

Field Items

Misc Tweaks

Misc Tweaks
>Fastest Text
>Lower Case Pokemon Names
>Randomize Catching Tutorial

>Added a few extra names/classes for fun


Starter: Castform - Mikey
Mystery Egg/Mr Pokemon:
Primo/"Wooper" egg: Glalie - Bird
Primo/"Slugma" egg: Clefairy - Keeper
Primo/"Mareep" egg: Aerodactyl - Tobi

Cherrygrove City:
New Bark Town:
Violet Town:

Route 29: Rhydon - Lockstin
Route 30
Route 31: Umbreon - Aura
Route 46: Sudowoodo - Tips

Dark Cave:

Re: just trying to work this poop out

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 3:18 pm
by Maxx[2.0]ine
Welcome To My House posts

Edit this shit where needed!




| Win Β£200,000 | House Rules | Contestant Applications | Contestant List | FAQs | Your Host | Announcements |


WIN Β£250,000

How do you fancy winning quarter of a million pounds? All you have to do: survive two weeks in MY house. Sounds easy, right? It isn't. This challenge is not for the easily scared. Because my house isn't like any other. Located in the middle of the woods, no one for miles around to hear you scream...

The challenge is available to a group of five individuals. The contestants will spend two weeks doing various challenges and other things in the house. The house will be fully stocked with everything needed, and there will be enough space for individual rooms. The contestants will not need to bring anything with them, as it will all be provided, but they may bring any approved items that they want. On arriving at my house, the contestants will receive a guided tour and then left to their own devices. All phones will be confiscated, and the only link to the outside will be the house phone.

The competition will be filmed, to later be broadcast as a documentary titled 'Welcome To My House'.

Once five applications have been received and accepted, a message will be posted here with the location all five contestants must meet at, and the competition will begin.

Only one thing left to say, I guess:

Welcome To My House!



-All contestants must be between the ages of 18 and 29.
-Please remember that the competition is being filmed, so please keep it PG-13.
-Romance between contestants is acceptable, but not encouraged. Although, drunken flings are rather amusing.
-Swearing is not only acceptable, it's understandable due to the content of the challenges that will be issued.
-Please actively help in the challenges and interact with the other contestants, otherwise you will be disqualified.
-Please complete all fields of the contestant application as required.
-If your contestant application is rejected due to being inadequately filled out, please fix it to my liking.
-If you do not wish to fill in the Short Bio section of your application, please leave that section out.
-If you want to bring any items with you, please list them in the Extra section so that they can be approved.
-A chat room will be created for contestants to chat with each other and with me. I shall post a link when it is up.

To show that you have read and accepted the House Rules, please put the following in the 'Extra' section of your application:

I have read and accepted the House Rules. I also accept that the host is not responsible should there be any injury/damage to me, or to any items I bring with me to the house.



Please submit your contestant applications using the format below.

Name (Full Name Required)
Nicknames (If Applicable)
Gender (Required)
Age (18-29)
Personality (Required)
Appearance (Required, Description Only Please)
Preferred Clothing (Required)
Short Bio (Not Required)
Fears (Required)
Favorite Food (Required)
Favorite Color (Not Required, But Helpful)
Likes (Not Required)
Dislikes (Not Required)
Favorite Song (Not Required)
Favorite Song Quote (Not Required)
Extra (As Needed)

Contestant 1

Name: Roxanne Edwards
Nicknames: Rox; Roxie
Gender: Female
Age: 23

Personality: My mum says I can be quite moody sometimes, but I don't really think so. I'm mega friendly, and I really like meeting new people. I am quite rude sometimes, though, and can get really defensive. My friends say I'm a bit of a party girl, and I kinda agree with that. I love going to parties, especially if alcohol is involved. Gosh, that makes me sound like a bit of an alcoholic, don't it? What I mean is, if it weren't for the combination of alcohol and parties, I would probably have absolutely no love life whatsoever. I tend to get hella flirty when I'm drunk, and a lot of people who've seen me at parties say I'm a lightweight.
Appearance: Um, so, my hair is short and dyed purple, and I have green eyes. I'm tall, I guess, cos my height is about 6 foot, and I'm skinny. I'm, like, kinda pale, my mum says, and a bunch of guys say I'm quite pretty... I have a nose piercing, and my ears are pierced, but I don't have any tattoos or scars.

Preferred Clothing: So, um, there are usually two different outfits I would wear. For everyday, I like to wear either a silver or purple crop top, with a black mini skirt, these awesome black high heel boots I have, and my purple leather jacket. And when I go out partying, I wear fishnet tights, purple short shorts, a purple or silver skin-tight vest top, well as my high heel boots and purple leather jacket.

Short Bio: I never knew my father, but my mum always did her best to make sure I had what I needed. She taught me how to budget and save and all that necessary stuff. I got my first job at 16, in a small shop, and my mum didn't mind me still living with her when I decided to go to college at 19. I am currently in my first year of university studying forensic anthropology. If I do manage to get through the competition, I'm going to put some of the money towards my university fees, and the rest of it is going to my mum.

Fears: Failing. I'm am terrified of failing. And I don't really like heights or spiders.
Favorite Food: I love anything that has cheese either in or on it. Actually, my favorite food is just plain cheese on its own.
Favorite Color: My all time favorite colors are purple and silver.
Likes: Um, likes... I like parties. And drawing. And basically everything.
Dislikes: I don't really have any dislikes. Apart from fish. Live ones I mean. They're disgusting. Oh and pineapple on pizza. I can not stand pineapple on pizza.

Favorite Song: Tick Tock by Kesha
Favorite Song Quote: "Low on self-esteem, so you run on gasoline" - from Gasoline by... I don't know who it's by.

Extra: I'm going to bring my teddy with me, and a few of my favorite books.
I have read and accepted the House Rules. I also accept that the host is not responsible should there be any injury/damage to me, or to any items I bring with me to the house.



-Roxanne "Roxie" Edwards



If you have any questions, please ask them below, and I will try to answer them as soon as possible. And yes, I'm am aware this is less 'FAQs' and more 'whatever random questions you can think of'.
Type your question here...
Roxie asked: So, Maxx, are you just a spoiled rich kid with too much money?

My Answer: Yes, yes I am.

Roxie asked: Will there be alcohol at the house?

My Answer: Yes, there will.

Roxie asked: Did that make me sound like an alcoholic?

My Answer: Geez, you ask a lot of questions, don't you? And no, it didn't, it was a perfectly legitimate question.

Roxie asked: Yes, I do ask a lot of questions. I'm just trying to think of the questions the others are gonna ask. Or what they won't think of asking, but realise they want to know.

My Answer:[/color Roxie, that wasn't a question...

Roxie Asked: Oops, sorry. Um... What are the "challenges" going to be like?

My Answer: All will be revealed, Roxie, when the time is right.

Roxie asked: Okay, that was annoyingly vague...

My Answer: I know. And again, Roxie, that wasn't a question.

Roxie Asked: Ugh, I'm sorry. By the way, do you realise how creepy the "no one can hear you scream" sentence is?

My Answer: Yes, I do. But I didn't realise until after I posted it, and by then, it was too late.

Roxie Asked: Did I ask too many questions?

My Answer: No, not at all, Roxie. You can ask as many questions as you want.

Roxie Asked: Okay, I will. Though it must be annoying... Anyway, when we do all meet, what should we wear?

My Answer: Nope, it's not annoying at all. And you can wear whatever you want.

Roxie Asked: Cool... Have you ever taken drugs?

My Answer: That is personal and not even related to the competition.

Roxie Asked: It is if I ask if that's the reason you thought of the entire thing. And did your answer mean yes, you have?

My Answer: Once again, I repeat: That is personal information.

Roxie Asked: Yeah, it meant yes. And yes, I am aware this isn't a question.

Roxie Asked: Hey, you didn't answer...

Roxie Asked: Are you ignoring me?

My Answer: Geez woman, its only been a couple days. I do have other things to do, you know.

Roxie Asked: Sorry... Please forgive me?

My Answer: Putting a random question mark doesn't make it a question. But yes, I forgive you.




I will be getting to know all of you, so I thought it'd only be fair if you all got to know me.

My Mini Profile

Name: Ha, I might be letting you get to know me, but I ain't revealing that.
Nickname: Maxx
Gender: Not what you probably expect.
Age: Again, not gonna be revealing that. I'm as old as my nose, and a few years older than my teeth.
Personality: You'll find out when you meet me.
Appearance: Hmmm.... I won't put this. It's another thing you'll find out when you meet me.
Preferred Clothing: This is something I will put. Mainly so you'll know it's me when you do meet me. More often than not, I wear my black leather jacket with a pair of skinny jeans, a tee shirt, and a pair of boots.
Short Bio: I was born to the owners of a multi-billion pound toy company. Growing up, I nearly always got what I wanted. However, the thing I wanted most, I could not have. Well, do. Even as a child, I knew I wanted to do something like this. When I was 15, my parents died in a house fire. I, being the only child, inherited the toy company. I sold it for its full value, and ended up with billions of pounds to play with. I bought the land and built the mansion in the woods, as well as all the... things... needed for the competition, over the course of several years, and decided this year to do the competition. My hope is that, if this is successful, to create a yearly TV series based off of it. Something like a mix of I'm A Celebrity and Big Brother, but without all the celebrities.
Fears: Ha, I have no fears. Kidding. I do. But like hell I'm saying what they are.
Favorite Food: Some say you can tell a lot about someone by their favorite food. Well, I have no idea what you can tell by the fact my favorite food is pizza...
Favorite Color: This is apparently another thing you can use to work out stuff about people. My favorite colors are blood red and orange. I don't know what you can work out from that...
Likes: Surprisingly, I like fire. Even though that's what killed my parents. I also like scaring people, and pranks.
Dislikes: I don't really like people who call me a spoiled rich kid with too much money.
Favorite Song: Emperors New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco
Favorite Song Quote: "If it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine" - from Emperors New Clothes




All announcements relating to the competition will be posted here.

The Most Annoying Contestant

Well, this is more of a warning to the other potential contestants. Roxie seems to be extremely annoying, and a bit of a bitch. Like I said, this is more of a warning than an announcement.




Welcome to the Contestant Chat Room. Please feel free to discuss whatever you want here, whether it relates to the competition or not.


-If you have problems with any of the others, please keep the arguments out of here.
-Obviously, swearing is allowed, but please do not direct it at me or any of the others.
-Keep any and all sexual content out of here.
-Have fun!




Here at Top Secret Meet Up Locations, we have been providing meet up locations for events, competitions and many other things for over ten years, and pride ourselves on finding the best and least obvious locations possible. Please find your meet up location below:


Heyo contestants! Your awesome host Maxx here. You all ready to start the competition? Well, please meet me in the car park of the Three Travellers Pub tomorrow at no later than 18:30. I shall be arriving at about 19:10, to give you all a bit of time to say hi to each other. After all, you are all going to be stuck with each other for two weeks. See you there!

A figure dressed in skinny jeans and a leather jacket stood up from the computer.

"Well then. That's done. Who would've thought it would take that long? Ah well, least it's done. All that's left to do it wait until tomorrow, I guess."

The person stretched their back and cracked their knuckles.

"This'll be fun. Rather fun indeed..."

Roxanne Edwards checked her phone. 18:13. She was early. Very early. And kinda excited. She paced back and forth in the car park, wondering when the others would show up. The hidden cameras picked up what she was muttering to herself.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm actually doing this. Spending a couple weeks with a bunch of total strangers... But then again, Meg wasn't exactly surprised. She said it's a cool way of making money, and maybe a few new friends. And it does sound so easy. Quarter of a million quid just for spending two weeks in a mansion. Sounds rather fun. Though, Maxx did refuse to say what the so-called challenges will be like... And why did Maxx want to know our fears?"

Roxie shrugged it off.

"Actually, who cares? As long as I have a bit of fun, it don't really matter."

She stopped pacing and found a bench to sit on.

"Ugh, I really hope someone shows up soon. Its boring being all on my own..."

Roxie pulled a pair of sunglasses from her pocket. Stupid sun, she thought to herself. I really hope everyone else shows up soon. And Maxx. Cos hopefully there'll be air conditioning at the mansion. This summer evening was very hot, and Roxie almost wished for the rain that England was known for. Eh, at least I'm gonna get a tan. And wasn't stupid enough to wear my fishnet tights.

She had went for her miniskirt and crop top, rather than her party outfit. Rox put her earphones in and waited for someone else to show up.

At 18:22, Kenny walked into the car park. He saw Roxie sitting on the bench and waved to her. She waved back and took her earphones out of her ears.

"Hi. I'm Roxie."
"I'm Kenny. Nice to meet you. Are you here for the competition thing?"
"Yup! This is gonna be the easiest money I've ever made."
"Ha, yeah."

Kenny sat on the bench next to Roxie.

"When do you think the others are gonna show up?"
"Who knows? What do think this Maxx guy is gonna be like?"
"Who knows?"

They both laughed, and waited for the others to show up.

The figure slid into the front seat of the van, and started it up. They slipped a CD into the van's stereo, and Panic! At The Disco blasted out of the speakers.

"Well, here we go!"

The van drove off in the direction of the car park.

Kenny looked at Lilli.

"Wow, well done for getting him to shut up. I guess even drunkards can occasionally do something right."

He turned to look at Roxie.

"Just so you know, I blame you for getting him started talking about himself."
"Do you now? I don't give a fuck."

Rox looked at Lilli.

"Lux is right, you know. This is a competition. Is there really any point..."

She trailed off. She was certain she could hear Panic! At The Disco, but had no clue where it could be coming from...

When the van got to the car park, it went straight at the contestants, causing them to scatter. The van came to a stop. The back doors opened and several men jumped out. The men grabbed the contestants and tossed them into the back of the van, before the doors were closed again. The person handed the men some money.

"Good job, boys."

The men headed into the pub, and the van took off again. The person was driving rather recklessly, and the contestants were kinda thrown from side to side in the back of the van. After driving for about an hour, the van once again came to a stop. The person stepped out and went around to the back of the van. They opened the doors and the contestants stumbled out. It was clear they were rather disorientated after being tossed around in the back of a van for an hour.

"Well, I'm glad I already sorted it out so that I'm not responsible if any of you get hurt."

The person laughed.

"So, I think I should introduced myself. Although, some of you might've already guessed. I'm Maxx."

Roxie looked at the person in front of her. This is Maxx??? Roxie could not believe it. Stood before her was a skinny 24 year old, about 6' 4", dressed in black skinny jeans, an orange tee shirt, a black leather jacket, and boots.

"You're Maxx, the spoiled rich kid with too much money?"

Maxx laughed.

"Yes, my disbelieving friend, I'm Maxx. Surprised?"
"Well, yeah."
"What, may I ask, surprises you the most?"
"Well, I thought you were a guy."

That's right. Maxx was a female.

"Many people do, Rox, many people do."

Maxx was full of energy, evident in the way her eyes flicked everywhere as she talked, and couldn't seem to stay still.

"How did you know I'm Rox?"
"Well, duh, silly. You used the exact same phrasing in the questions section of the website. Spoiled rich kid with too much money."

Maxx laughed again.

"And I thought forensic anthropology students were supposed to be smart."

Roxie did not at all like Maxx insulting her intelligence.

"You ain't very nice, are you?"
"What ever gave you that idea?"
"Well, for one, you just bloody kidnapped us. And you called me a bitch on the website."
"Rox, darling, I was being sarcastic. That was a rhetorical question. And I did not kidnap you all, I simply brought you here without telling you that's what I was doing."
"Oh fuck you."
"No thanks. I don't fuck blondes."
"How did you know...?"

Maxx hadn't meant to reveal she knew that Rox was a natural blond, but styled it off by using a simple, clichΓ©d sentence.

"I have my ways."

Rox narrowed her eyes and looked at Maxx again, taking in every detail. The host had chin-length black hair that was shaved on one side - Weird style for anyone, let alone a female, Rox thought - and a whole bunch of piercings. Seriously, Maxx had piercings all up both ears, an eyebrow piercing, a nose piercing, a lip piercing, and when Maxx spoke, Roxie could see a tongue piercing. Maxx also had bright blue eyes with pupils that didn't seem right. Well, I'm pretty sure she's high as fuck. Not going to say anything though, unless one of the others notice. Maxx's blue eyes were lined with red eye liner, and she wore matching red lipstick. If she was more normal-looking, some people would probably say she's quite hot. Though, some actually like her sort of look... Roxie's thoughts were interrupted by the host talking.

"So, I've introduced myself already. How about all of you do the same? I mean, I have no clue if you already introduced yourselves to each other before I showed up, but I haven't met any of you yet. I think Miss Edwards should start, and then just, whoever speaks first, I guess. Just, your name, age, and what you're currently doing. Oh, and if you have any questions, ask them now."

Maxx looked at Rox, expecting her to speak.

"Thought you already knew everything, but whatever. My name's Roxanne Edwards, but everyone just calls me either Roxie or Rox. I'm 23, and currently I'm studying forensic anthropology at uni."
"That means you get to cut up dead bodies, don't it?"
"Cool. That's sounds really fun... Anyway, who's next?"

Maxx pulled a box of cigarettes from the pocket of her leather jacket and put one between her lips. She lit it and waited for one of the other contestants to introduce themselves.

Kenny looked at the others. Okay, wow, Maxx is weird. And kinda hot. And high. Ah well, guess I should introduce myself then...

"Guess I'll introduce myself next... Um, I'm Joshua Kenny, but my mates call me Kenny. I'm 26. And at the moment, I just do art commissions..."
"So you ain't got a proper job then?"

There was a moment of silence.

"Just kidding. Artists are awesome. And anyway, I couldn't exactly make comments about not having a job, considering I don't have one. Did you have any questions?"
"Uh, nah, none I can think of..."
"Alrighty then. Ne-."

Kenny interrupted Maxx.

"Actually, I do have a question. Why the hell didn't you just, I don't know, arrive like a normal person, rather than throwing us in the back of a van?"

Maxx just looked at him.

"Because, Kenny, I was high when I planned the majority of this."

Kenny looked shocked at Maxx admitting this without even the slightest hesitation. Rox laughed at the expression on his face, before looking at the host.

"So I was right."
"Yeah, you were. I weren't gonna admit it on the internet though, was I?"
"Guess so."

Maxx grinned.

"So, who's next?"


Contestant 5
Name: Joshua Kenny
Nickname: Kenny
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Personality: My mates say I'm too... secretive. I just don't like to reveal stuff about myself. I'm friendly but not OTT, and some people have said I'm quite rude at times. I agree with them.
Appearance: Blue hair, blue eyes. Both are the exact same shade. I have a small scar on the bridge of my nose, and I have no idea where I got it. I'm just under average weight, and I'm about 5' 6".
Preferred Clothing: I always wear jeans and a tee shirt.
Short Bio: I already said, I don't like revealing stuff about myself.
Fears: Revealing stuff about myself, enclosed spaces, and the dark.
Favorite Food: Neapolitan ice cream
Favorite Color: Cherry red
Likes: Drawing, painting, holidays
Dislikes: People knowing my business
Favorite Song: We Are by Hollywood Undead
Favorite Song Quote: "You can see god when I take my mask off." - from We Are by Hollywood Undead
Extra: Please don't ask me stuff about myself.

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