To Be a Hero

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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Annasiel » Tue Feb 05, 2019 8:02 am


"Nah, I'll just shake it off!" the girl replied cheerfully, shaking her arms as if to demonstrate something, though it was obvious she didn't know exactly what she was demonstrating herself. She turned her attention to the rest of the class, eyes locking onto that girl who looked like a hole in space which by the way was a super cool power. "Let's help the others, 'kay?"

Suzuki hurried over to the fallen girl, knelt down beside her, and held out her hand.

"I don't think we've met! I'm Suzuki. You were Eimi, right? i remember from introductions in homeroom. Did you get hurt, or are you just taking a nap? I take naps sometimes, too, but I also get hurt a lot, so maybe they're connected?"


"Mr. Lee is certainly the closest, but Miss Nina has some delightful points of her own!" the man guffawed. He planted his hands on his hips and nodded. "No, the real lesson here is something a bit more complex. Everybody knows how hero rankings work, yes? Heroes are ranked by popularity, and many see this as a sort of competition!"

He tilted his head forward, eyes gleaming brightly.

"But when we're focused on competing with each other, we tend to ignore the real enemy. Now! Everybody lost, so let's all get water together, yes?" He clapped. "Miss Nina, please make a portal to the nurse's office. Anyone unconscious or too hurt to move should be carried through. Anyone who isn't, well, brush it off! Getting hurt is part of the job description!"
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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Wint » Tue Feb 05, 2019 9:17 am

Nina looked away as Gran Torino countered her insult. It wasn't a fun experience to get called out even though she did it to herself, and surely didn't like having to agree to some of the points he made.
But as the midget tasked her with going all the way to the nurse's office she was outraged.
Outraged.... but quiet.
Only grunts accompanied her demeanor as Nina knew it made the most sense for her to connect the track and the nurse's office.
"You... dead.... so soon.... ass...." she muttered under her breath as she marched away, leaning forward as she began running. The faster she went the faster she could get some rest.

A few not so sneaky eyes glanced at her disheveled appearance and dirty costume, most of her bruises hidden underneath her clothes, most of which she tried to ignore, some she replied to with a deathstare.

A few minutes later and Nina finally arrived at the nurse's office. Saying not a single word, Nina put up a portal next to the doorframe sitting down, regaining her breath.

Glancing at it she expected to see her friends come through, only.... to see the haze of the light filling its entirety.

Are you actually kidding me Nina thought as she realized she never put another portal down before leaving, the one beneath Eimi already gone.

How can you be so stupid. Put down one portal and put down another. PUT DOWN ONE PORTAL AND PUT DOWN THE N-...
That asshole better not say anything.

To make sure Grand Turtle doesn't benefit from the situation, Nina decided to put down a portal in one of the stalls in the girls' bathroom, locking the door behind her so no one notices it and resuming from the nurse's office once more.

Nina walked back to the track field, trying her hardest to figure out an excuse but failing to find any. Eventually she had to just admit her fault and open a portal, letting her friends go through, and swapping out the exit in case Torino does too.
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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Someguy500 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:07 am

So, he was some of the way correct, at least. Taking a deep breath to help his body relax, Lee started to cool his body down. Stopping his Quirk was easy enough, but it still left his body amped up for a while, and while he would benefit from the added stamina and strength to carry injured students, it simply wasn't necessary. Taking a moment to scan the track, he couldn't identify anyone sufficiently injured who wasn't already recieving attention from the other students. In fact, some of the more minor injuries across the class were recieving more attention than warranted. He shook his head, partly at his classmates, but mostly at himself for joining them in their mistake.

Hao thought over the lesson. It was a good message to instill. His peers would agree wholeheartedly with this rough style of training, perhaps unsurprisingly. A real combat situation would not be so kind. Mutely, he bowed and began walking toward the locker room to change.
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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by UmbraSight » Tue Feb 12, 2019 3:48 am

“If you think you’re okay then alright,” Chuya said, not particularly convinced by Suzuki’s attempts to reassure her, but before any objections could be voiced the other girl was already hurrying off to see if anyone else needed help. Suzuki didn’t fall flat on her face after a few steps, so she was probably okay. With a resigned sigh and a shrug Chuya followed after Suzuki as she went to check on Eimi. She gave a friendly smile as the reached the side of the fallen girl, and offered her hand for Eimi to take.

“How’re you feeling, do you think you need to be checked out in the infirmary?” She asked after Suzuki had finished her torrent of words. “If you need help walking you can lean on our shoulders.”
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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Killian » Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:57 am

Akiyama Miki | Class 1-B | In Hero-Practical Class

While Miki was listening to Gran Torino, her eyes glanced towards the dark shape of Boushiyama every now and then. Thankfully though, she saw Suzuki walking up, followed by a blonde-haired girl. Seeing the former holding out her hand towards Boushiyama, she decided that she would be taken care of. Meanwhile Rikinobu was next to her still (perhaps intentionally) out cold.

As students were walking away, a blonde-haired girl, she identified as Nina being one of the quicker students, after given instruction by Gran Torino. She glanced around, before calling out quickly. "Hey, Mr Lee!" she called copying Gran Torino's way of calling him, beckoning towards him over. She raised her voice a little louder, gesturing towards both Rikinobu. "I doubt he can walk. Help me before the portal appears?"[1]

Code and art by Killian

[1] To be read in a casual tone. She probably means carrying them through the portal when Nina arrives.


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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Kurusu » Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:05 pm

Eimi was thankful that Suzuki came up to check on her at first, but her eyes quickly turned from a grateful sparkle into a confused frown. What did she meant by naps? What was going on? Why was she being asked all these question?

Ara... so confused... so painful... can’t think...

“How’re you feeling, do you think you need to be checked out in the infirmary?” Another girl asked her. Eimi didn’t quite remember her name, but she will now remember her for saying that, “if you need help walking you can lean on our shoulders.”

Eimi started doing the grateful sparkly eyes again, and quickly nodded in response. Though, she also attempted to get up by herself, but gave out a cute groan instead.
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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Someguy500 » Thu Feb 21, 2019 4:39 am

Hao turned slowly, hearing his name being called. It took a second, but he found the source. Someone was asking for help with moving someone else. Her friend, likely. The girl didn't seem very weak, and the boy... he was the same one as in the locker room. Even while not actively using his Quirk, Lee could feel a certain pressure from the boy. It made him uncomfortable, in the same way one might feel uneasy around an extremely powerful piece of factory equipment. Still, he remembered the lesson he was just taught, and dutifully walked over.

He gave the body a once-over, and his eyes narrowed. Without a word, he bent down to pick up the unconscious boy. He tossed a limp arm over his shoulder, leaving the other end for the girl to support. He turned to her and said, in the same formal tone, "I don't see why you can't carry him yourself."
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