To Be a Hero

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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Annasiel » Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:16 am


"Alright, now, boys and girls!" Torino boomed. Though the man seemed scrawny, the way he held himself had a presence that could fill a stadium. Hands on his hips, feet spread wide, and a smile that could blind the sun. It was the way his father always told him to stand, a pose that, when done right, almost seemed to exude confidence - and damn, was he doing it right.

"Just cause this is your first day doesn't mean you're gonna get it off easy, y'hear?" Some of these kids looked like hero material, but some of them looked like they just wanted to nap. A ragtag bunch as always, but with a bit of time, he'd get them all into shape. "You lot have been cooped up behind your desks all day so far, I bet, which is not the proper thing for young bodies to do! At the blow of my whistle-"

He held the shiny silver tool above his head for added measure.

"-we're gonna do two laps around the field! Last one to finish gets water for everyone else! Ready... set.."

Whether they were ready, or still reeling at the sudden increase in coursework, Gran Torino didn't care.


At the blow of the whistle he was off, shooting like a rocket across the grass. Laughing maniacally, he turned to call back over his shoulder.

"Catch me if you can, you turtles!"
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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Myrn » Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:32 pm

Nina seemed upset with what Suzuki said, couldn't blame her to be fair. Don't think anyone would appreciate being called a table. Yuri grimaced an awkward smile for Nina as the poor girl continued on before being interrupted. She seemed to be interested in what the villains were all about. Interestingly enough so was Yuri, she could at least understand some of their whys and the how it came to that point. She believed there was more to them than what is presented on the news at least.

"Mmm... not all are inherently bad, some may be misguided but I believe there is still hope for them, they just need a little help." Yuri answered the previous statement with her own thoughts and beliefs before the subject change. "Strategies are good, can't hurt to try to prepare for anything to come at us if we're a team." This has been probably the longest Yuri had spoken to someone else without blundering anything, it was nice, almost natural and just easy.

"My quirk.." she began.

"I can make whatever I'm looking at intangible. Like your bag, or your shoes... Knucklehead's fists of fury." Yuri covered her snort of a giggle to the best of her ability as she laughed at her own joke. "It is a bit straining on the eyes, kinda makes my vision blurry or I start to get migraines if I use it too much." As Yuri explained about her quirk, Gran Torino had their attention again, at least Yuri stood at attention. One might think she had been scared rigid.

"You lot have been cooped up behind your desks all day so far, I bet, which is not the proper thing for young bodies to do! At the blow of my whistle-" Yuri tensed, unsure what they were supposed to do. She was unprepared and going in blind and-


oh.. The whistle!?

And Torino blasted off with his own speedy quirk.

"Catch me if you can, you turtles!"

What were they supposed to do again? Yuri took off as well, whether or not she was the first to move, she was by far not the fastest but a head start was still a head start. Two laps he said, two laps around the field was all.
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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Wint » Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:05 pm

Listening to Yuri talking so sincerely and passionately about villains lit Nina's heart as the former spoke of a possible course of rehabilitation.
"Yes, maybe even programs for villains that want to change their lives or something! Some kind of, I dunno, routine with a supervisor or something. I can totally see that blowing up in the media. Well, blowing up in the good way. Hopefully not the bad way.
Now was the part for strategies though soon she'd realize there was no time for that.
"I can only put down portals where I've been, but if I set them right I can use them to propel myself really far. I can also kinda dismember things that enter my portals but I swear I won't dismember you. Only giant robots and villains that are really, really annoying." She tried to laugh off the slightly homicidal story about her quirk.
Not being able to hold back a laugh at the mention of Senior Knucklehead, Nina got an idea. "We could use your quirk to reach hard to reach places and I can place portals there if we need to run to one area or the other. It's kinda support-y, but it adds a lot to my offensive style too. I can set up a whole bunch of portals, so we could get everywhere! Well, enemies could too, but I can swap portal connections so they're more likely to hit a wall, really."

Regaining her attention by breaking her attention was Gran Torino.
With a whistle and an insane sprint, it was go-time.

Turning to Yuri, Nina quickly said "HeywannaracefirsttoTorinowinsgo!", right after running after him as fast as she could.
Only a moment later did Nina realize that this was a competition of quirks.
As such, she was more than welcome to lay down traps.

Spinning around and moving her legs all over the place as she ran, slightly slowing her down, Nina made small portals in a somewhat close perimeter behind her, connecting to each other randomly and acting as holes to trip unsuspecting feet.
"YOU'RE DEAD OLD MAN" She screamed as she corrected her stance and began sprinting after Gran Torino.
"UH, TORINO-SENPAI." She corrected herself.
She was competitive, but she wasn't gonna get herself expelled.
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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Agamemnon92 » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:09 pm

Gran Torino was talking but Rocco was finishing up his last emergency sandwich. The real emergency sandwich. Damn was it good. Turkey. Swiss cheese. Lettuce. Mayo. A little bit of vinegar. The bread was so soft, too. His mom was terrible, but at least between drunken blackouts, she could produce a mean sandwich.

He felt a sharp pain shoot through his finger and he realized in his vigor, he bit the shit out of himself.

"Godammit, I'm not food..." He growled

He vaguely heard a shrill sound and some words. He felt the ground tremor under his boots. Wind raced passed him. He shot his head up and saw Gran Torino jetting away with the class in hot pursuit.

At first, he cursed them for their insolence in not telling him there was a race. Then he sneered and threw himself into sprinter stance.

"Fine. You nerds will need the head start."

His thighs popped and shook. His calves slithered alive and he felt the dull pain as his muscles twisted and warped into thick meaty trunks. He tightened and coiled his legs like springs.

He asserted his dominance in combat against Ghost Lady. Now it was time for his speed.

He released the tension in his legs and he rocketed forward.

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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by UmbraSight » Mon Jul 16, 2018 2:37 am

This was going to be so cool! Their first real hero
class that wasn’t sitting around taking notes! And they had their costumes and Chuya couldn’t remember the last time she had been this excited for anything! Though, likely it had been sometime within the last few hours or so when she had arrived at the homeroom. Was everything at this school always so cool all the time? No, now wasn’t time to be daydreaming, she had to be paying attention to their instructor!

She watched, eyes full of stars as Gran Torino struck his pose and spoke to them. So their first objective would be a race? That didn’t seem so ba-


Chuya threw her body forward while her mind attempted to process what exactly had just happened. A flick of motion at her feet caused a sudden shift in her momentum, her weight moved forward onto the balls of her feet as she hopped between holes as they appeared in the ground. A whistle had been blown, their starting signal, and Torino had taken off with his quirk calling them all turtles. Someone was using their quirk, that one girl who had taken Rocko to the nurse’s office, to fill the ground with holes.


Like a centipede tricked into giving though into the movements of its legs, Chuya flumbled her footwork as soon as her mind caught up with the action of her body. What momentary grace had been there was lost as she awkwardly hopped from patch of dirt to patch of dirt as fast as she could manage.
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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Someguy500 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:50 pm

He's storing energy, but what for? A power-up? Some kind of ranged projection of his Quirk? Or--

Lee's train of thought was interrupted by the coach's booming voice.

"Alright, now, boys and girls! Just cause this is your first day doesn't mean you're gonna get it off easy, y'hear?"

Class was starting already. Lee began to stretch and loosen up, breathing deeply.

"You lot have been cooped up behind your desks all day so far, I bet, which is not the proper thing for young bodies to do!"

He flexed his Quirk, pushing a constant flow of energy through and from his limbs. He could imagine his blood flowing and nerves tingling. The signs of anticipation, the tensed muscles, the clenched jaw, his costume kept under wraps.

"At the blow of my whistle, we're gonna do two laps around the field!"

Hearing this, he put himself into a runner's stance. Body low, one knee against his chest, ready to push off the ground and propel himself forward.

"Last one to finish gets water for everyone else! Ready... set.."


Lee leapt from his position and began sprinting. He didn't even consciously register the individual motions in his legs, left foot in front of right foot, as they pushed him forward with the help of his Quirk. Following muscle memory and intuition, he rocketed forward with no small amount of speed. Certainly not the sort you'd expect of a stocky 15 year-old boy. Spotting holes appearing in the ground, Lee looked forward to see someone running backward, likely using her Quirk. He steered away from her and watched the floor, holding his center of mass low as his arms swung in rhythm to his feet on the ground.

Head down, steady breathing. Hao imagined something he was running towards. It wasn't hard. Food? Money? No. Being the best, showing that to everyone here?


Yeah. That sounded like it.
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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Killian » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:53 pm

Akiyama Miki | Class 1-B | In Hero-Practical Class

Just like everyone else, Miki snapped her attention to Gran Torino's instructions. From her readied position, she glanced very briefly around to get a glimpse of how long a lap was.

Gran Torino raised the whistle in his hand and in the next instance Miki felt the wind blowing her fringe back. Between the series of slapping down on the pavement, and someone yelling, gradually she was in the position of the last few in the group. Someone [1] had shot past her, but Miki hadn't felt the panic that she might be falling behind or end up being last.

If she wasn't busy breathing in through her nose, she might have made a hum of amusement. Some are really fast, she thought as she glanced at the track again.

It would be hard to maintain the same speed throughout both laps, so she'll sprint in the latter half of the run.

Code and art by Killian
[1] Keito Nakurama

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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by AnimuGirlVoiceLebi » Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:23 am

Eventually, Shun finished getting dressed in his costume and stepped out onto the field with the other students. Didn't take long after he stepped outside that Tornio shouted out and rushed off, Shun stood motionless for a long while getting left behind by the rest of the class. After realizing it was a race and that the others already began Shun sighed deeply and a muted crackle sounded around him, his smile spread wide as did his eyes before he suddenly dashed forward with incredible speed. He nearly instantly caught up with the back of the pack before powering down as his face went slack, he managed to take a few steps before tripping over a divot in the ground and rolling like a wild rag doll for several meters then sliding to a stop. Once stopped he suddenly spasmed and let out a muffled sound before going motionless.

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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Kurusu » Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:29 am

So it was go time.

Eimi found herself in awe at the presence of Gran Torino, now that he's commanding everyone to do a good bit of exercise. It was hard for her not to get pumped up along with his booming voice, but it also ended up distracting her enough that she forgot to start running.

Ara, everyone left me in the dust... I better catch up!

One leg after the other. Breath steadily. Don't spring too much on my heel. Two laps will be a piece of cake!

However, it seemed like she was going to end up in the last place at this rate. Everyone else either had some huge advantage thanks to their quirk, or were madmen attempting to sprint a 2 laps and probably were going to succeed. At least it looked like a sprint compared to Eimi's pace.

One guy fainted already though.

Ara, is he alright? Maybe Eimi will check up on him next lap.
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Re: To Be a Hero

Post by Annasiel » Sat Aug 25, 2018 4:23 am


Had she been talking to someone? She felt like she'd been talking to someone. But now she was standing alone, exiting the locker room last as the rest of the students already lined up at the starting line. Something was missing, but -- oh, nevermind. There was no point in feeling sad over what you couldn't remember. Besides, this was a happy day. Their chance to show off their quirks to everyone else!

"-we're gonna do two laps around the field! Last one to finish gets water for everyone else! Ready... set.."

Wait, she wasn't ready! Quickly, she took a deep breath of the cool morning air --


Spinning around, Suzuki let loose a torrent of wind, propelling herself backwards at a speed that quickly outstripped the other students. Gran Torino-sensei was surely nearby! She couldn't exactly see, what with her eyes facing backwards, but the speed she was going at was already fast and quickly escalating.

Oh, wait. Was that the edge of the track?

Suzuki spun in time to see the track make a sharp bend, the concrete wall of one of the buildings looming in front of her.


She plowed into the wall at full force, splitting her nice new helmet right down the middle, then toppled to the ground in a motionless heap.


The kids weren't half bad, considering most of their quirks weren't even suited to this thing. One of the girls got particularly creative, using her own powers to lay booby traps for the other students to trip in. In any other context, a teacher might call her out for recklessness, but he'd been careful to leave out any rules about proper conduct. Just make your way around the track as fast as you can... however you can.

Maybe they were due for a little demonstration.

Torino turned, catching a green blur rocketing past him in the corner of his eye. It plowed into the side of a building as the track turned. Eh, she'd be fine. He could check on her after the race ended. For now, his attention was on the girl currently in first, only holding that precarious spot by her clever use of quirk advantage. Not for long. With another blast from his feet, Torino snapped to a halt, then immediately bounded back towards the approaching class.

"Pop quiz!" he bellowed gleefully as he jacknifed, driving both his boots towards the portal girl's abdomen.
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