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Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:49 am

The old dusty train departed from it's last stop before reaching Juniper City with a raddle before proceeding down the tracks.

"Hello passengers, this is your driver speaking, we will be reaching Juniper City in 15 minutes." A scratchy male voice spoke over the intercom in monotone. Pitt who was seated across from Kayan who was passed out from the long trip. Pitt stretched his arms and legs with a loud yawn before reaching over to Kayan.

"Hey, wake up." Pitt ordered grabbing Kayan by the shoulder and shaking her gentaly. As she opened her eyes Pitt explained the situation.

"We're almost there now, to the Adventurers exam. If you want me to teach you how to use Mana you have to pass this exam first so listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you. Technically.. the exam will have already started once you step off this train. Juniper City is a large and busy city with a lot of people and most likely a good handful of those people have been paid off to give people looking for the exams false information. The Adventurers exam was created to make sure only the most capable of people may become an adventurer so you're gonna have to think carefully. I won't be able to help you though. I have more important things to take care of in this city. I'm sure you'll do fine."

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Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:00 am
by Swag Cat
Kayan never liked sitting idle. Believe it or not, she becomes tired even if she is doing nothing. The trip was pretty long and it was really tiring for her to look outside the window and even the face of her boring monotonous teacher. The trip felt like never ending and she felt they travelled like thousands of miles but still they have not reached yet.
Due to all this, she was exhausted for not even doing anything. But at least, she had a sound sleep. Her sleep was again shortlived or at least she felt her sleep was shortlived when she heard the voice of her teacher. She slowly opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was the face of her teacher. " Stopp...Stop it. I am awake". Before she could say anything further, the lecture of her teacher began . He was saying that as soon as she stepped out of that train, the adventure would start and she would be alone after that. " What!!?" She was not even prepared for the exam. She did not even know such an exam existed.

" Wait! What exam? You did not tell me anything about it? How am I gonna pass it? What should I expect? I don't even know how to use Mana!?" She was so anxious and she had so many doubts. It doesn't mean she had doubts on her capabilities but she didn't prepare.

She looked at him with an emotion of anger and fear. " I am listening! Tell me how can I save my ass!" Her fear growed exponentially when he told her that he wouldn't help her after they put their feet on the land of Juniper City. " What do you mean you have important things to do other than helping me out. You cannot leave me on my own". She pulled him by his shirt looking straight into his eyes with anger filled in her eyes

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Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:15 pm
by FUCK!
Pitt turned his face away from Kayan as she grabbed his shirt so she wouldn't be yelling in his face. But now she was yelling in his ear. Placing his hands on her shoulders Pitt forced her to sit back down.

"SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" he barked aggressively leaning forward into her face before falling back into his seat.

"You need to pass the exam first before I can teach you Mana, it's one of the laws created by the adventurers association." Pitt scratched his head as he as he finished his sentence.

"Did I really forget to tell you about the laws all adventures follow?" Pitt asked Kayan and himself then pausing to think for a moment.

"Alright listen, an adventurer can't teach a non adventurer about Mana or they'll get their adventurer license revoked. And once you get your adventurers license you're not only allowed to go places no normal person can but police won't even try to arrest you without the aid of another adventurer. More importantly though, I estimate there should be around 300+ people trying to participate in the exams this year and for some of them it won't be there first time. In other words try listening and watching more and talking less OK." As Pitt finished his sentence the train began to slow down before announcing it's arrival time.

"Approaching Juniper city. The train will arrive at the Juniper station at 10:11 am."

"Alright, this is us." Pitt announced standing from his seat and walking towards the doors.

As the doors opened the sound of rain poured into the train and people shuffled to put on their jackets and grab umbrella's. Pitt simply grabbed an umbrella from inside his jacket and handed it to Kayan.

"Here, I'll see you during the exams kid." He said before walking away and disappearing into the rain.


A girl with bright red hair's face glew bright red as she listened in on Pitt and Kayan's conversation. She had shrunken down into her seat either out of embarrassment or to hide herself as she listened. When Pitt and Kayan left their seats she peaked over her own seat, right behind theirs, to see who they were only to see the pink haired man leaving and the woman's face as he left.

Aah! They're leaving!!~ She thought to herself panicked. She got up and began speeding walking to the door when.

"Ouf!" The red headed girl bumped into Kayan head first.

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Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:15 am
by Swag Cat
Kayan was not even finished with her talking when her teacher moved his face away from her. This enraged her even more. But before she could say anything, he forced her sit down and listen to him instead. He could have handled in a gentler tone but the way he moved his face closer to hers, it made her blush though she was very pissed. " Step away before I make you an accused of sexual harassment against a young girl!" But she realized her tricks were not gonna work because the looks of her teacher's face and that cold glare in his eyes made her listen to what he said. She could tell her teacher was dead serious this time and pretty angry.
But soon the tone of his voice became more calm than before. He asked her if he did tell her the rules and regulations of this Adventure thing in the Juniper city. " That's right , you never told me anything. I just tagged with you because you were an adventurer and I thought you were rich enough to take care of me!".

Jokes apart, she carefully listened to what he was telling her. Although she acted like a careless person, she was quite attentive and highly alert at the same time. Her master told her that he could not teach her mana before an exam. If he does, he could lose his license. Of course, she won't like that. But the thing is, some non adventures, well she heard stories of some people that they were able to leverage mana even though they were just normal people with no license of Adventurer. But these stories could be rumours or not. Who knows? But she wanted to be prepared in case. Her only strength is stealth and sleekness and the speed, of course. Besides that, she had a reverse blade sword which was highly harmless.

" More than 300+ people huh? And all want to be Adventurers" She smiled halfway extending her lips from the left. ' I wonder how many people with go back with shattered dreams' she thought as she listened quietly to her master. He did give her a great advice but Kayan was not that smart to understand the true meaning of his advice " Listen more Watch more Speak Less. Got it!" That sounded like some old man's saying.

Soon, she heard the announcement that they reached Juniper City. Looking at the magnificent views through the windows, the scenery was mesmerizing and she was pretty dumbstruck at the sight of that beautiful scenery. The train stopped and she could hear the pouring of the rain. She felt like the time was going at a very slow motion feeling every drop that fell to the ground. " Please don't leave me alone". She mumbled these words for her teacher but it was really hard for these to be audible to anyone.

As she stepped up from the seat, she saw her teacher having his jacket and the umbrella. She heard the last words before parting away. " What!?" Before she could do anything, he disappeared. She remembered they only had one umbrella and even that was taken by her teacher. " Dumbass!".

She sighed and as soon she went to the doors, she was bumped against someone and she fell with her belongings especially her Reverse Blade Sword . " Ouch!". She put her hand on her head checking if everything 's okay since it was really a hard bump. She stood up and saw the young girl. " Look where you are going!" Even though she was rough, she forwarded her hand to the stranger to support her to stand." Are you okay?" She asked the stranger looking straight at her thinking she was just another clumsy girl.

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Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:41 pm
by FUCK!
"OH, I'M SO SORRY!" The girl shouted causing everyone on the train to stop and stare. Her face glowed red from embarrassment as she grabbed Kayan's hand to lift herself up then covered her face with her hands.

"Umm, could you help me?" The girl asked spreading apart her pointer and middle finger to see the other woman standing in front of her.

"Ugh, I have money I can give you. Please, I told my father I would take the exam myself this year." She continued reaching into her bag and pulling out stacks of paper money. Immediately man grabbed the girl by the shoulder.

"Hey, I'll help you get wherever you're trying to go!" The man suggested causing the girl to jump and shriek.

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Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 4:17 am
by Swag Cat
Although Kayan was expecting a reaction from the girl, but she did not know it would be too loud. " Uh.... You don't have to be sorry". She spoke to the girl while helping her get on her feet. But as soon as she helped her, she covered her face. ' Seriously?' That's what Kayan thought to herself. The girl was too shy and weird, that is what the apparent impression of the girl.

The girl was asking for Kayan's help. " You need my help? But for what?" Kayan asked the girl back though a little annoyed at the girl. She thought that this clumsy little girl is yet another freeloader who might become a burden for her. But surprisingly, the girl offered Kayan money in exchange for help. Kayan looked at the those big bundles of money . She was awestruck by the amount of money the girl was holding. Instead of saying yes, Kayan tried to play the emotion game instead.

" Who do you think I am? I don't care about the money. Don't think that I would help you because of the money. Yes, you heard it right, I will help you not because you have money but because you promised your father you'd pass this Adventure exam. So..." Before Kayan could complete her sentence, a stranger pulled the attention of the little girl away from her and even startled her. Fearing that she would lose the opportunity to get some big money, kayan stared at the stranger. " She is with me. Don't bug her". Kayan had the cold stern look while talking to the stranger guy. Kayan knew that guy was no good and she was sure he would provide false information because he seemed like the guy her master was telling her to be beware of.

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Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:06 pm
by FUCK!
The man just grimaced at Kayan's remark before looking back at the red headed girl. The man was wearing a baby blue suit with dress shoes and black sunglasses. He slicked her jet black hair back and smiled.

"Miss, forget about this girly over here. I'll have you know I'm a doctor and that means I'm really smart." He stated with a smug smile.

"Besides if someone were to try to hurt you what could she do, she's just a girl." The man continued.

"Umm, I'm sorry. I..I don't.." The red haired girl mumbled nervously before being cut off by the man in the suit.

"What?! I can't hear what you're saying. Are all right up there? Look the name is Moral. Now are you gonna pay me or what?" The man in the suit had introduced himself as Moral and seemed to be very impatient.

"Oh, I'm Noda. N-nice to meet you. Umm, I have enough money to hire both of you.. is that OK." Noda gave her name and made an offer to both Kayan and Moral at the same time.

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Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:32 pm
by Swag Cat
Of course, Kayan cared for the money more than the girl. But she will not let anyone else take advantage of the other girl besides her. Kayan was quite suspicious of that guy who appeared to be quite dressed and had a formal attire. Her expression changed for the worse when the guy in the big suit told Koda to ignore Kayan and called her " girly". She hated this term the most. The guy introduced himself as a doctor and he was constantly belittling Kayan. He gave Koda a false impression that she can not help Koda in case somebody tried to hurt her. It was a question of credibility that according to that, Kayan is a girl, she cannot take care of herself let alone taking care of others.

" So what if I am a girl? I know how to lend a hand to someone in need. Don't judge me". She slowly grabbed her sword while it was in sheath and showed to that guy in a manner that signalled she is ready for a one-one match.

Now, it was her turn to insult that guy. She heard the name of the girl as well as the guy. " Koda! That is a false impression that if you are a girl, you need help of a man. You are here to become an adventurer. You should depend on yourself only. Besides, he is just a weak little doctor or a quack? Who knows! Do not believe anybody".

She turned her attention towards Moral, " Why are you here? Don't you have any purpose other than robbing innocent people? These people have a purpose, they want to become adventurers. Are you an adventurer? Why should someone hire you?"

Before Kayan could complete her sentence, Koda made an offer to hire Moral and Kayan. " Koda, I am in the same position as you are. You can hire me to help you but I want to be an adventurer like you. We can do this together".

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Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:40 pm
by FUCK!
Noda turned to Kayan, captivated by her words, and smiled. Squinting her eyes and curling her lips she smiled at Kayan before replying.

"OK" simple and straight to the point. Meanwhile Moral looked even more smug then before.

"Oh so you guys plan on becoming adventurers huh? Well then the adventurers exam must be easier then I thought. Ugh, not that I plan on taking it of course... Look I gotta go, I don't have time to waste talking to 2 girls." The man replied before walking off the bus lifting his suit case above his head to stay dry. Noda watched the man leave and then turned to Kayan.

"What should we do now?" She asked in a chipper sweet tone.

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Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:28 pm
by Swag Cat
Kayan smiled back when Koda acknowledged her. She was able to win her trust which is essential for her in order for Kayan to manipulate situations as she desired. Kayan saw the man talking nonsense again " Right, you don't have time to waste on us, rather waste your life somewhere else , where it is productive than this". The man disappeared holding this suitcase. " What a Quack!"

Noda asked Kayan a question and Kayan did not know the answer to that. She was as new as Koda to this new city. She did not know anyone else here and did not know where to go. But to show Koda that she was reliable, she turned to Koda. " First of all, we will find a place with a roof above our heads". It was raining and on top of it, Kayan was hungry and tired. She was so exhausted and tired if Moral would have accepted her challenge of a one-on-one match, it would be really hard for her to maintain a good fight and it was highly likely she could lose. This was a risk she took and it got played well for her.

Kayan took her stuff and held Koda's hand. " Let's go to some restaurant. I am really hungry. After that, we will decide what to do. Get your stuff together". Kayan was not acting this friendly because she was a good person. To be honest, she did not trust Koda. What if Koda was playing games with her. What if she was hiding something? Kayan had to make sure if continued to be with Koda, she wouldn't be in danger. Looking at the money Koda had, she wanted to have some part of it. But again, greed could get her killed.

She explored the alleys of the new city along with Koda. "This restaurant looks fine". She pointed at a restaurant which seemed like a good place with all so shiny and dashing glass exteriors. It appeared expensive but the special price board that was hung outside drawn her attention. They both went inside. Kayan was a little dominating here because she wanted to give Koda a feeling that she could rely on her.

Kayan found a table for two. A waitress came to them with two Menu pamphlets. The waitress poured the water into the glasses for them and asked Koda, Kayan what would they like to have? Kayan told the waitress that she would like to have Bagel with butter along with hashbrowns. She would take a glass of sweet chocolate hot milk. " What about you?" The waitress asked Koda.