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Re: [rp]Adventure!!

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Noda simply nodded to Kayan with a sweet smile and a simple; "Mmk" before grabbing her other bag which was just as large as the first an seem just as heavy.

"I'm ready!" She said happily when Kayan would grab her hand causing Noda to blush. When they finally arrive at a restaurant Noda let's out a "few" from exhaustion.

"Oh boy, I'm not used to all this walking." She stats visibly exhausted "We should just take a taxi to the exam once we figure out where it is." She continued while following Kayan to a table. As Noda sat watching Kayan order her food Noda couldn't help but smile feeling excited. When Kayan asked Noda what she wanted she didn't even answer because she was so deep in thought until the waiter asked her again.

"Ma'am?" The waiter said trying to gain Noda's attention. Noda's eyes popped open as she looked at the man.

"Oh yes! I'll take one of everything." She replied with a smile. "Sorry, I'm just having so much fun. This is the second time I've ever been away from Daddy, Let alone away from the estate. I know I'm clueless." Noda stated looking back at Kayan.

"So what should we talk about while we wait for our food?" Noda asked while unraveling a napkin on her lap.

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Re: [rp]Adventure!!

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Koda seemed to be a person from the rich class who just got tired of just walking. Kayan , on the other hand, always preferred to do more physical efforts than relying on these taxis or any machine. Her Dad taught her meaning of hardwork and she knew to break a sweat till she gets to her goal. She listened Koda breathing heavily when they reached the restaurant. When she heard Koda wanted a taxi only to go to the exam location. Kayan sighed " Seriously? You get exhausted just by that? You are a little spoiled princess". She smiled at Koda back while a waitress waited for them to order. Kayan already ordered.

While ordering food for herself, she asked Koda what to eat. Koda did not respond but instead Koda was looking continuously at her and smiling. Kayan was getting bad thoughts about that situation. Apparently, it appeared Koda was lost in Kayan. " Koda? Don't stare at my boobs. You can stare at them later". She joked a little. The waitress couldn't hold her laugh but she controlled herself and asked Koda again what to order.

Koda was startled and she ordered one of everything. It was weird because for a girl what size that little, she ordered so much and Kayan was sure, it will get wasted. The waiter and the waitress went inside to get the order .

Kayan was listening to Koda as she spoke how this was the second time she separated from her Dad from the estate and she was having a fun time. It was good that she had a fun time. " What was the first time?" Kayan interrupted because she was quite curious about this princess girl. Born with a silver spoon, that girl could be violated in this mean selfish world. Kayan thought she would not let anyone take advantage of Koda except herself. " I believe you are very close to you Dad? Do you have any siblings? Tell me about your mother, father and siblings".

" And you are not alone , I am with you". She just spat out a philosophical yet emotional lie only to make Koda feel she was in good hands. As they waited for the food, Koda asked Kayan what to talk about. Kayan simply replied as it was the case for every conversation. " We will talk about you, your family. Why are you here? You are so rich , you don't have to be an adventurer. Tell me your story. After that, I will tell mine".

Kayan wanted to know about each other, so she could mentally prepare herself for the Adventurer exam. She would need to devise a plan so she and Koda could ace the exam.

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