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Shounen Stars

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:06 am
by ShadFlow
"Continuing from where we last left off..."

OKAY! THE SECOND PHASE HAS BEGUN! As our main protagonists begin their journey off into the inception of the Second Phase, they find themselves split up! Forced to deal with the constant threat of their buttons being snatched! Taking on these challenges alone, they'll have to rely on their own brain and brawn to make it to the next portion of the exam...however it seems as if Mary and Yuuki have already gotten themselves in situations. What will happen? Let's find out on this episode of Shounen Stars!

Episode Four

<Cue opening!>

"You'll never catch me!" Julius ran through the caves being chased by a large group of kids. Bobbing and weaving every twist and turn trying to distance himself."Get your ass over here! We''re not done with you yet!" He chuckled to himself never looking back."These guys are persistent, I'll give them that. However-"Julius schemed looking ahead. A menacing grin crawled over his face."Heh, perfect..."

It wasn't long until the group caught up breathing heavily as their eyes furiously glared at the boy, trapped in a dead end."Well looks like you've got me trapped-"

"Can it!" One member cut him off stepping forward. Suddenly Julius's body tensed up as his face became a little pale.The fairly muscled boy held out his hand aggressively."Give all of them back!"

"Give what?" He responded cockily.

"Don't play coy! You're in no position to be playing these games! So cough up all of our buttons and your own! And maybe just maybe I'll only partially break your face."

There was a small pause. He bit his lip."Tch. Looks like you got me. I don't like losing but I'm a person of my word. I'll let you touch em."His remark was smooth, like a con-artist. Alas, digging within the contents of his jacket pocket he pulled out four pins, each with their respective targets on them still. Strapped together by a fine piece of red string. Tossing it forward, the by took a small step to try and line up with its trajectory.

Immediately after he took a hold of the buttons, there was another item this time chucked directly at his face. A gray spherical item that then blew up into dark gray smoke on impact."What the-" THWACK! Suddenly from being blinded by the impact and smoke, an elbow came in contact with the boys face. Julius made sure to also grab his arm with the other hand, snatching the buttons from his open palm. Making a getaway dash the other kids were flustered and confused. The event happened so quickly. The area of the dead end was rather small allowing the smoke to clump up faster. Julius remembered exactly where they stood, and how many footsteps it would take to get around them.

"What's going on?"

"What the hell happened?!"

"Damn I can't see anything!!!"

"What're you just standing around for?! Go after him!"

The one that had been hits voice was muffled. Holding his nose, trying to stop the blood from running. But it was too late. The once trapped Julius managed to escape and was running still. Though he could hear the angry and frustrated screams of the other group echo throughout the cave walls.The thought of their misery made him snicker. "Guess it wasn't such a bad idea to bring these after all!" Sometime had passed. He wasn't sure how long. But it was definitely less than ten minutes. Coming to a pause, there was some more needed planning.

"Alright I got my targets. Now all I need to do is find the exit...urgh, this is gonna be even worse than the first phase." There were no possible outcomes of how to find the exit that crossed his mind. The silence of the boy in the headband was a bit nerve racking. Anyone could have been lurking in the shadows. Suddenly a voice broke the silence. Then the sounds of metal of some sort hitting the stone walls. The sounds were feint but he was sure that there was another conflict going on not too far. Maybe perhaps he could make another alliance by offering the other buttons he managed to swipe? Walking cautiously toward the sound it eventually got louder and louder.

Around this corner- Before being able to completely turn, a knife dashed its way passed, slicing the collar of his shirt sticking into a wall. Julius was stunned. Just an inch further he and would have been dead! Taking a big gulp his eyes trembled. Danger signals telling him to retreat.His composure returned quickly. Making the turn, to his surprise Mary had been in combat with a lolita!

She threw knives almost as if she wanted to kill the girl.That was against the rules! Wanting to run in head on, there was hesitation. If she was trying to kill Mary there was no doubt she would do the same with him. Julius began walking forwards to the site. A few times a knife either flew past him, or landed inches away from his foot.

What the hell am I doing?

Not realizing it yet, he wanted to help Mary. Not because of friendship or anything. But because that other girl wasn't playing by the rules! Cheaters were the worst!"Hey you!!!" He screamed out loud to her, face showing his animosity towards her."Playing with knives I see? That's quite cowardly of you!"
One hand pointed at Yume, as the other remained in his pocket.

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Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 6:47 am
by Kurusu
"Oh cruel karma!" Mary ran away from the murderous bunny girl. Knife whizzed past her her, clanging on the floor and the wall. How come this girl managed to bring so much knife with her is beyond what Mary could imagine.

"Hey you!! Playing with knives I see?" Julius pointed nonchalantly, but clearly angrily, at the bunny girl. Mary immediately recognized the flirty Julius, and quickly yelled at him to run. "Just go! She'll kill you!" Mary was certain. After all, the girl had killed...

Wait, she hadn't. That guy was just unconscious.

Yet, the situation was too complicated for Mary to try to make sense out of, and so she decided that running was still the best course of action. She ran past Julius, and tapped his shoulder to signal him to run with her.

"Get out of my way!" The bunny girl suddenly conjured a huge hammer out of nowhere, it's size seemingly impossible for the girl, for anyone, to actually hold it. Yet there it was, single handedly swung by the bunny girl and aimed at Julius's face.

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Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 3:10 pm
by UmbraSight
A stunned silence lasted for nearly seven seconds as the four in the cavern stared at Yuuki, and she remained frozen staring back. No one seemed quite sure what their reaction should be in this situation, but somewhere in the back of Yuuki’s mind where the stun had worn off, a little voice was droning observations. The three were surrounding the girl, but their postures had been relaxed when she turned the corner, and the three had been looking at her as she entered the chamber. Had she made much noise as she rushed to the chamber? It was possible, but she wasn't certain. A line of goosebumps crawled up her spine.

A few other flickering thoughts flashed through her mind. The girl didn't look relieved to see her, not like someone who was in her position should. In that little space in the back of her mind, suspicion took shape, and her heart began to patter a quick rhythm as adrenaline burned through her veins and made her joints feel loose. The scream had been a lure. The four in the room shared a glance, as if attempting to decide who exactly should be the one to speak up first or make the first move. Yuuki felt herself pull her right foot back, like some half-hearted attempted to extract herself from the scenario. The nearest boy matched her movement, taking his own half-hearted step towards her.

“Hey, what's your number?” The tallest of the three boys asked, his words struggling to cut into the uneasy silence. Yuuki said nothing as she brought her hands up, fingers curled into fists in a boxer’s pose. Another few anxious glances were exchanged between the four.

Her mind raced through her options, attempted to choose one before the group made its move. The only option that really seemed like it would work would be to try to run. Lose them in one of the side passages. She doubted she could take one of them let alone four.

“What are you waiting for, she can't beat all of us!” The girl said, her voice was firm, but seemed to lack conviction behind it. The three others stirred, each taking short steps towards her.

Yuuki’s legs tensed. She had done track and field all her life, she was certain she could get away.

“Just give us your badge and we won't have to fight.” The tallest said, cracking his knuckles.

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Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:07 am
by ShadFlow

Julius managed to hop out of of the way of Yumi's hammer, by inches. It was large. Much larger than that of the girl yet she could wield it with ease. She was dangerous. Rolling off of his shoulder backwards, Julius landed in a crouched position; outfit tracking dirt onto its surface. She was formidable. Of course this was to be expected to encounter along the way. He slowly rose up brushing off some of the dirt that stuck on his outfit.

"That's a neat trick you've got there." He stood between her and Mary as she retreated. If Yumi could hold that hammer like a knife, then it was more than likely she could catch up to the two. The only option was to ensure their escape, by somehow misdirecting her. This wasn't impossible for someone of his intellect, but it would prove a challenge."Before this bout ends, I'd at least like to get a hold of your number.Just to guage if this is really worth the time or not." Julius slipped his fingers in his pocket pulling out his badge.

Number 86.

Holding it out he placed it back in his pocket then placed both hands in confidently."Seems appropriate." He waited for Yumi to make a move. Moving his fingers around in his pockets. He had a lot of metallic items in his pocket, from the sound.

"How about you give me all of your buttons and you'll go home only half beaten."

Immediately after the boy threatened Yuuki, a voice interjected into the conversation. Hopping down from a ledge above the white haired eye patched boy landed in front of her with a loud thud. Landing in a squatted position with both arms rested on his knees, gaze glaring at the group.His entire entrance was dramatic, topped off with a loud kiss of his teeth. Slowly rising.

"So it seems we've got a hero here, huh guys? "The boy snarled, the two other boys chuckling with menacing intention.

"You seem confident in yourself...that pisses me off. It's a good thing you have a punchable face, I can blow off some steam." He cockily responded, punching his palm. " Now we can do this the easy way, where you toss me them and you'll only get a black eye or my way..."Suddenly a grin came about his face. Menacing."...Where I'll take the buttons, and your teeth.Black eyes included. Your choice-"

"Big talk for someone about to get his face pounded in! You dumb little shit!" The boy charged forward, with a fist cocked backwards.

"Tch, guess we're doing it my way!"

Once the boy got close, he threw a punch however it was easily dodged. With a small slip of the head, the eye patched boy used the momentum to roll up his arm into an uppercut directly into his chin."Grrk! I-I didn't even see him move! " This was the thought that traveled through his head once he realized...he fucked up. Head jerked backwards a foot suddenly met with his abdomen region, knocking the air instantly out his lungs. Body sent forward into a small roll, where he lied limp from the pain.

The girl shrieked.

"Damn you, bastard!"

"You think we're gonna let you get away with that?"

As the two others charged forward, they soon met with a similar fate. Both beaten down rather quickly lying next to their 'leader' groveling in pain. The girl was shaken, stunned after watching her accomplices be beaten."Hmph, you guys proved no challenge whatsoever." The boy complained walking towards the three boys, going through their pockets once he reached. Retrieving their buttons, he was disgusted. "None of these are mine! Damn it!Why is this so freaking hard?!"

After a moment, his gaze trailed to the girl. Jumping as her legs wobbled. There was a chance for her to run, but being overcome with fear she couldn't bring herself to do it. As he walked towards her, his hand aggressively grabbed her by the collar bringing her face closer to his own.

"I suggest you couch up that damn button unless you wanna end up like your friends over there. I have no issue with hitting a girl if it impedes my success..." He stared into her eyes with violent intent. His other hand slowly beginning to develop into a fist."And my patience is thinning so I suggest you make a move soon or else."

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Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:55 am
by Kurusu
"Awww... You could've been beautiful." The bunny girl said with a sincerely disappointed voice after Julius dodged her hammer. The girl's exact definition of 'beautiful' is debatable.

Julius then requested a parley, and showed his badge. 86. Mary, deciding that having Julius with her would make it somewhat possible to take the bunny girl down, stood firmly next to Julius. Her eyes not leaving the bunny girl, and stayed vigilante over any sudden movements. Mary questioned whether she should show her badge along with Julius, but the bunny girl had showed her something surprising before she could come to a decision. The girl took out a cute, flowery pouch, and poured the content out onto her hand. The content were buttons. A dozen of them.

"They all enjoyed my art very much!" Said the bunny girl with a bright smile. A bright, chilling, smile. The girl put the button back in the pouch, and then produced an axe out of nowhere.

In an instant, the girl rushed in with the axe, and chopped at Mary's face. Mary, of course, was not going to be an easy target. She side-stepped the path of the axe blade gracefully, and delivered a quick left jab to the girl's face. The bunny girl barely dodged the punch as Mary's knuckle nicked her cheek. In response, the girl sliced Mary's exposed wrist with a knife, one that had been yet again produced out of nowhere.

The blade struck true, and Mary yelped as some tendons in her left wrist were severed, making it impossible to clench a fist with her left hand. The duel ended in a split second, with Mary sustaining an injury. She quickly back stepped away to gain some distance, and then clutched her left wrist in pain. She had never had a cut wound before, and it hurted more than she had imagined it would.

While Mary was distracted with her bleeding wrist, the bunny girl turned towards Julius and swung her axe, aiming for his neck. Laughing hysterically as she did so.

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Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:57 pm
by UmbraSight
Yuuki felt her shoulders tense as the taller boy took a step in her direction. She tilted her weight into the ball of her left foot, ready to pivot hard and dash out of the room before she was with grabbing range. Turn, take the corner sharp, cut into a side passage and lose herself in the tangle of caverns before they could recover and catch up.she pulled a breath of damp air and --

"How about you give me all of your buttons and you'll go home only half beaten."

-- froze. An eyepatched boy with white hair lept down from a ledge from above and landed a foot in front of her. The tall boy stopped as a ripple of surprise slid through the group, but he recovered quicker than the rest of his friends as his lips curled into a snarl.

“So it seems we have a hero here, huh guys?” The tall boy growled, his friends both chucking.

“You seem confident in yourself...that pisses me off. It's a good thing you have a punchable face, I can blow off some steam." The boy responded, hitting the palm of his hand with his fist. The group bristled, clearly not expecting the white haired boy to show backbone. Yuuki’s eyes slid back over her shoulder as thoughts of using this moment to escape slid through her mind. She felt a flicker of uncertainty and by the time her attention returned to the two boys they were in motion.

The tall boy was rushing forward, swinging his fist forward with the force of his body behind it, but the white haired boy easily dodged with only a motion of his head. Yuuki was barely able to follow the motion of his arm as he drove an uppercut under the boy's chin, followed by a quick knee to the gut. The girl shrieked, a real scream this time, not like the one she had given earlier, and the two friends of the tall boy both rushed forward.

They quickly met with the same fate.

In only a few seconds the newcomer had reduced three targets to writhing masses the ground. Yuuki felt her lips part, party from disbelief and partly from awe. Where had he learned to fight like that? Could she learn to fight like that too? Her shock only lasted for a moment while the eyepatched boy skillfully extracted three buttons from the boys and complained that none were his target, before her composure returned.

The newcomer stalked over to the quivering girl and grabbed a handful of her collar. Yuuki pursed her lips for a moment before she too started to walk over.

“I suggest you cough up that damn button unless you wanna end up like your friends over there. I have no issue with hitting a girl if it impedes my success..." the white haired boy snarled. Yuuki came to a stop next to them, her arms crossing just under her bust. The girl looked over at her, green eyes wide with fear. Yuuki simply stared back.

“I would also suggest that you hand your button over.” Yuuki said. “I don't think you want to lose teeth over this.” The girl squeaked.

“In my left pocket!” She yelped. Yuuki reached over and slipped two fingers into the girl’s pocket and came out with a button. She held it up number side facing the white haired boy.

“This the one you needed?” Yuuki asked, as a thought drifted through her mind.

Does he want my button too?

There was no way she could fight him, but she didn't want to get knocked out so easily. If she made it into the school could she learn to be strong like he was? She wanted to find out, at the very least.

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Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:23 am
by ShadFlow
He was surprised that Mary was able to hold her own, originally thinking she was just some average girl. But now wasn't the time to marvel at his own misjudgment.As Yumi's axe drew closer and closer Julius took a step back, only to find himself tripping on his shoe lace. Staggering backwards, trying to catch his uneven balance, missing the axe before it could land."Gah!" Landing clean on his back, he began to become more aggravated. Recovering a short moment after, onto his feet, like an agile cat.

His eyes focusing on the now injured girl, bleeding from her wrist.

"Tch! This girl's too aggressive for me to just try and use childish gimmicks on. I can't beat her in a direct fight..."It was now time to get serious. Yumi already had more than enough buttons to pass the exam. What the hell was her deal? Slowly his eyebrows began to furrow. This dilemma was annoying as it was entertaining.

Julius remember! Never take a gamble you're sure to lose! Bow out if you can't manipulate the odds into your favor! The exit was not too far behind him now. It was just a simple matter of turning and running away...

"Sorry, Cas...I'll have to go against that advice you gave me..." There was a person, who needed his help."...I'm done running. That's why I came here!To gain some courage!" His eyes suddenly showed fury, determination. He was going to get Mary and himself away from this girl. There were screws loose in that girls head. It was too dangerous to try and actually beat her...escape was the primary objective. Both arms crossed over burrowing deep within his jacket, retracting out once more he held two black metallic balls in each palm. Yumi stood in between both of him and Mary. Trying to get pass would be the biggest challenge.

"Oi, Mary! I'll need you to do something for me, can you do it?" Julius called to the girl, giving her no sense of direction of what his plan was. Eyes locked onto Yumi the entire time.

"I need hold your breath!"

The boys eyes glared at the girl before he pushed her aside. Snatching the button from Yuuki's soft hand afterwards. His eye observing how she carried her self. Sizing her up. Then suddenly he sucked his teeth then put the button in his pocket." You ain't anything special." He responded to her. Turning on his heel he began to walk in the same direction Yuuki had came from."Next time I won't be there to save you; if you can hold your own you'll make it, if not-" He stopped looking back over the shoulder."The hierarchy will place you where it sees fit. I'll allow you to keep your button, just because I'm curious..."

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Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:22 pm
by UmbraSight
It wasn't her number, but still, she wasn't exactly happy to see it go as the white haired boy yanked it out of her hand. His hands were hard, the skin rough no warm against hers as their hands touched. The corners of her lips slanted downwards into a frown as the boy spoke. Was she that easy for him to read? Or was that just his way of saying hello to everyone? Her gaze shifted from the boy down to the three groaning boys, then over to the other girl who seemed to be scooting away. She looked back up, catching his one red eye as the boy looked back at her.

Her faint frown deepened for a moment before she took a step forward towards the boy. Perhaps it was foolish, but she didn't exactly feel concerned that the boy might try something to harm her. Not that it would take much for him to turn on her or cause her harm. She had barely been able to follow the movement of his arm when he had punched the tall boy, and Yuuki knew she couldn't move her body fast enough to dodge a blow like that. Still, Yuuki took another step towards the boy. She dipped forward in a quick bow. “If that is the case then I thank you.” She said, straightening back up.

She lifted her hand and held it out for the boy to take. “I am Yuuki, and I am in your debt.” She said, “if you require my assistance in the future, or wish anything from me, let me know. I suspose I owe you one, for now."

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Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:52 pm
by Kurusu
"I need you... to hold your breath!"

Julius said to Mary with a conviction that Mary hadn't expected from him. His first impression to her, after all, was more of a carefree sly guy. Yet, his eyes were now of a man on a mission. His voice sounded like a kind of fighter who got punched in the face, got back up, and realized that he had to win the fight. Mary couldn't tell what Julius was planning, but she could tell that, whatever it was, he could pull it off. She nodded, and closed her mouth with her uninjured hand.

At the same time, the girl had recovered from the missed swing. She took a quick glance at Mary, noticed that Mary would not pose a threat for now, and quickly turned her attention back to Julius. She raised her axe for another assault, and menacingly walked up to Julius, licking her lips while doing so. "Hehehe..." She giggled. She was so going to turn Julius into a masterpiece.

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Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 1:47 am
by ShadFlow
"Whatever." His response was cold, as he turned his shoulder."You better scram, or else I'll change my mind." With both hands placed in his pockets, the boy began to walk away from Yuuki. Showing her no sign of respect."I'll shake your hand when you prove to be useful, until then you're dirt." Those were his last words to the polite girl. While certainly she felt strong, he had his doubts about her. His instincts were crying out easy-prey.But there were times where his instincts had cost him, like his eye. Underestimating foes, and eventually being beat.

That wouldn't happen again...

She began towards him again. Julius could feel his muscles tensing up. Fear slowly but gradually began to develop. That tickling feeling in his abdomen, heart rate beginning to increase as adrenaline pumped through veins. Alright...I just gotta do it before she gets too close...but I have to make sure she's also in range...Scheming, predicting, putting into action. These were the steps that a great strategy had to follow in order to work. Of course there are also many factors that come into play in between. So he waited. Both arms guarding his face in a unique pose. One arm on his forehead, other under his bottom lip, both faced outwards with the spherical objects held in each palm; only his eyes and nose were open areas.

Right, that's right keep coming, closer. Just a little closer...

Every footstep Yumi made was being calculated and analyzed in Julius's brain. It was going as planned. His eyes never losing sight. For a moment he was silent, then he chuckled. From being feint, raising in volume so both girls could hear."You do realize that you've already lost, right?" Eyes glancing at Mary, then to the left of Yumi before returning to her. His constitution returning its confidence.