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Re: Shounen Stars

Post by UmbraSight » Thu Oct 11, 2018 5:48 pm

Okay, neither of them was going to be brutally murdered! That was good news. Yumi was a frightening,but it didn’t seems like she really wanted to cause either of them harm. Maybe. The little girl had quite the glare that she continued to level at Mary sporadically. Well, maybe she wasn’t being fair to Yumi mostly only seemed like she wanted to cling to her arm like the smaller girl did with her teddy bear. Perhaps just shy and able to pull weapons out of thin air.

Perhaps unlikely Yuuki mused, but better than being stabbed.

“Yeah, I’m starving.” Yuuki said, holding out a hand for Yumi to take. “I don’t think I’ve eaten all day beyond an energy bar.”

“You sure about that?” Camilla called through the door as the boy groaned. With a frown she sat down onto one of the beds, and tapped a finger against her leg as she waited. The muted sounds of a troubled GI tract, someone digging through a bag with meds, before the thump of someone falling over followed by another groan.

“Makai?” She called, sliding back up to her feet and walking to the door. She tapped her knuckles against it quickly before reaching for the knob. “I’m coming in.” She said, twisting on the knob and applying pressure to the door with her shoulder.
//… under her weight the floorboards gave, and she fell into the dark...// Fall of the Aelir Isles, Vol. III

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