[OOC] In The Shadow of Hermes: Lore

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[OOC] In The Shadow of Hermes: Lore

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Feel free to submit your own weapons and I'll consider adding them to the roster. Don't forget damage stats and feed system too!



The Pacifier is a non-lethal weapon used primarily by pre-War police and security forces. Essentially an extendable baton with a stun setting.

Damage: 11-36 (increases by 5 with every strength level)


The Vibroblade was produced in limited numbers and intended for use by Special Forces soldiers to replace traditional steel blades. The blade's length can be extended or minimized depending on the situation and user's preference.

Damage: 27-57 (increases by 6 with every strength level)

Hand Thrown

Petrol bomb

Even in the late 21st century, the molotov cocktail or petrol bomb remained the bread and butter for armed political dissidents and continues in use today.

Damage: 14 per second

Flak grenade

This bulky device packs a powerful punch but its weight prevents it from being thrown as far as other hand thrown weapons.

Damage: 68

Springen mine

Anti-personnel motion sensing mine. Once triggered, the mine will be ejected from the ground and hover in the air for two seconds before exploding and releasing a hail of razor sharp shrapnel in all directions.

Damage: 59

EMP grenade

Grenade developed by Trinity. Very useful against synths and mechanized enemies.

Damage: 81

Handguns and SMGs

M10 Decon

The M10 Decon is a semi-automatic pistol developed by Trinity. Enough of these weapons were produced to ensure they'd remain the staple handgun of most post-War factions.

Damage: 33
Rate of fire: 53, 68 with rapid fire mod
Feed system: 10 rounds per mag, 15 with extended mag
Mods: extended mag, silencer, scope, laser sight, rapid fire


The Taurus is a relatively uncommon revolver developed by the United States military, a pre-War relic though it is more than capable of bringing down the toughest foes.

Damage: 47
Rate of fire: 32
Feed system: 6 round cylinder
Mods: recoil compensator, laser sight, scope
Special ability: If you hold down the trigger button, you can fire multiple rounds at once. The longer you hold it down, the more are fired.


Rudimentary submachine-gun typically used by the Order and other less developed factions. Fires in four round bursts.

Damage: 36
Rate of fire: 65
Feed system: 24 rounds
Mods: laser sight


A bullpup submachine-gun and highly sought after for its incredibly high rate of fire.

Damage: 30
Rate of fire: 96
Feed system: 40 rounds, 75 with extended mag
Mods: laser sight



A long-barreled shotgun used for hunting game dating back decades before the war. Despite it's antiquity, many less advanced factions have adopted the Schofield as a defensive weapon against the numerous dangerous creatures that plague the new world.

Damage: 55
Rate of fire: 26
Feed system: 2 rounds

M10 Justiciar

Semi-automatic shotgun with a decent rate of fire and stopping power, primarily used by Trinity soldiers.

Damage: 44
Rate of fire: 34
Feed system: 8 rounds, 12 with extended mag
Mods: extended mag, recoil compensator, laser sight


A fine example of Kräftig manufacturing, this fully automatic shotgun can pulverize an enemy squad into ground beef in seconds.

Damage: 52
Rate of fire: 63
Feed system: 20 round mag
Special ability: inferno rounds



Pre-War semi-automatic designate marksman rifle, the go to choice for most sharpshooters.

Damage: 47
Rate of fire: 58
Feed system: 10 round mag

M6 Witness

Incredibly accurate and deadly at long ranges, the bolt-action 'Witness' is a favorite among Trinity sharpshooters.

Damage: 64
Rate of fire: 29
Feed system: 5 round mag
Mods: silencer, armour piercing ammo

Mk-1 Lasgun

The Lasgun is a pretty primitive post-War energy weapon, nevertheless it is among the most accurate in its class.

Damage: 44, 58 with overpower
Rate of fire: 49
Feed system: 60 cells (each shot uses 3 cells)
Special ability: overpower (uses 12 cells)


Semi-automatic rifle used primarily by the Sonderkommando of the Black Sun.

Damage: 50
Rate of fire: 56
Feed system: 20 round mag
Mods: scope
Special ability: Hold down the trigger to fire a wall penetrating round.

Gewehr II

Primary rifle of Black Sun soldiers. More accurate than most of its class but suffers from poorer stopping power and rate of fire.

Damage: 32
Rate of fire: 63
Feed system: 30 round mag
Mods: scope

M12 Templar

Carbine used by Trinity soldiers, fires in three round bursts.

Damage: 45
Rate of fire: 52
Feed system: 33 round mag


This weapon is a favourite among the less technologically advanced factions. Despite being nearly a century old, it is still highly valued for its simplicity and reliability.

Damage: 36
Rate of fire: 87
Feed system: 32 round mag, 60 with extended mag
Mods: extended mag, grenade launcher, scope


The standard issue rifle for the elite soldiers of the Black Sun Legion. Accurate and robust, though suffers from a slower rate of fire compared to others in its class.

Damage: 40
Rate of fire: 71
Feed system: 32 round mag
Mods: scope, Vampir thermal vision scope

Heavy Weapons


Heavy machine gun used by the Black Sun.

Damage: 24, 39 with biter rounds
Rate of fire: 91
Feed system: 120 round belt, 200 with drum mag
Mods: drum mag, scope, biter rounds, recoil compensator

M64 Preacher

Triple barrel Gatling laser cannon used by Trinity Paladins.

Damage: 48
Rate of fire: 79
Feed system: 150 cells


The Tempest is a weapon developed by Phobos Skunkworks. The weapon emits a continuous stream of electricity and is especially useful against synthetic or machine enemies. With the arc transformer mod, the stream can electrocute multiple enemies at once in close proximity.

Damage: 19 per second
Rate of fire: 100+
Feed system: battery
Mods: extra battery capacity, arc transformer

M32 Cleric

Recoiless rifle used by Trinity soldiers. Lacks the power of other anti-armour weapons but has larger ammo capacity.

Damage: 76
Rate of fire: 26
Feed system: 4 shells


The Panzerfiend is a crude looking weapon but has a very powerful 140mm warhead that can turn most vehicles into molten slag with one shot.

Damage: 92
Feed system: 1 rocket
Mods: heat-seaker


Experimental weapon developed by the Tartarus Forgeries on Mars, this weapon fires a bolt of super heated gas or plasma. The blueish-white bolt is capable of leveling a block of buildings but as an experimental, new technology it is susceptible to malfunctioning, even killing its operator and allies without constant maintenance and part replacements.

Damage: 1,000+
Rate of fire: 7 to 23, depending on the number of cells consumed
Feed system: 100 plasma cells, the longer the charger, the more powerful the bolt and more power is consumed.
Mods: Manifest stabilizer, greatly extends the longevity of the weapon.

I'll add more soon.
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Re: [OOC] In The Shadow of Hermes: Lore

Post by Dan95 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:33 pm

Enemy NPCs

Legion of the Black Sun


The Kampfhund is what happens when you cross dogs bred for size, aggression and strength, pump them full of steroids and then surgically implant them with steel to make them even stronger and terrifying. Their jaws and legs have been mechanically augmented to give them and edge over their organic counterparts and their torso is covered in a durable metal alloy for extra protection. Kampfhund are almost always accompanied by a handler and are usually deployed in packs of 2 to 4. Their augmentations have amplified their already superior sense of smell and hearing and they are relentless pursuers. Even if encountered on their own, they should not be underestimated.

Friewillig Soldat

These 'volunteer' soldiers are anything but. The name is for propaganda purposes as the men who don't meet the requirements to live in the future Reich are forcibly conscripted as cannon fodder and make up the bulk of the Legion's fighting forces. Candidates are taken to 'rehabilitation' camps where they are implanted with a neural interface in their frontal lobe to make them utterly compliant drones with no free will. Individuals are not much threat and they never take cover, preferring to rush the enemy head one. Their strength lies in sheer numbers.

Equipment: field cap, Gewehr II,


Grenadiers serve as the backbone of the 'pure' elements of the Black Sun's military. Grenadiers are smart enough to take cover and outflank while providing covering fire. Usually encountered in fire teams of 4 or squads up to 9. The squad leader, identified by a black armband, are equipped with a Machinenpistole.

Equipment: stalhelm, Gewehr II, Mk-1 Lasgun (on higher levels), Machinenpistole, 2 Flak grenades


The heavy weapons specialists of the Black Sun's armed forces. Heavily armoured with Kräftig body armour, their tactical intelligence is on par with Grenadiers.

Equipment: Panzerfiend, Taurus.

Wächter-SS Soldat

The Wächter-SS are the military and social elite of the Legion, with each member taking a blood oath in loyalty to their Fuhrer. Well trained, highly disciplined and fearless in combat, the soldiers of the Wächter-SS are among the toughest human foes you will face.

Equipment: stalhelm, Volksgewehr with/out Vampir sights, 2 Flak grenades.

Wächter-SS Veteran

Experience has only made these men more lethal in combat. Typically in charge of a fire team of regular Wächter-SS soldats.

Equipment: stalhelm, Volksgewehr with/out Vampir sights, 2 Flak grenades.

Knight's Cross Holder

The men who bear the Knight's Cross have proven themselves to be highly proficient fighters. They are often accompanied by at least one squad of grenadiers and the men under their command will have the added bonus of improved accuracy, reload times but will also be more prone to leaving cover and rushing the enemy head on.

Equipment: stalhelm, Volksgewehr with/out Vampir sights, 2 Flak grenades.


The Sonderkommando, 'Special Commandos' of the Legion, move and operate like ordinary humans but something about their deathly grey skin and dead black eyes suggests they are anything but. They are deployed only at night and in groups of no more than six. They operate swiftly and with deadly proficiency. The Sonderkommando units are responsible for the disappearance of entire guerrilla groups. Their power armour, though made obsolete some years ago, still gives them a vital edge in a firefight and can take considerable punishment.

Equipment: Machinengewehr, Auger, Stürmer, Vibroblade, power armour.


One of several monstrosities created by the SS Occult scientists from their Bavarian castle base, these ghastly creatures walk on all fours and resemble large naked rats with large amber eyes. Their bites are venomous and can prove fatal if left untreated. Barghests are rarely encountered along and typically work in packs of 4 to 8, sometimes a swarm of a few dozen. Many Barghest encountered in the wasteland are actually feral and if they find a mate, can form colonies of hundreds in underground burrows. Feral Barghest will attack any human that wanders to close to their territory, including Black Sun soldiers and they are adept night hunters. Never underestimate a lone Barghest as they will try and call for backup with a distinct bloodcurdling screech.


Years of studying ancient tomes and practicing black magic within the Black Sun's Occult headquarters at the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria has resulted in the creation of the 'Hollowmen', undead beings raised through necromancy. Resembling Gothic knights of old, their enchanted armour and weapons make them among the deadliest of the Reich's 'Wunderwesen'.

Equipment: Zweihänder (two handed sword) or a Glaive (polearm)


Berserkers are men who, once overcome with bloodlust, transform into eight foot tall Lovecraftian monsters. They are beyond reasoning and mercy. Strong enough to rip a man in half and to withstand injury that would prove fatal to several men over, these creatures are only deployed to areas of utmost importance and are rarely seen during the day. However, before their 'ascendance' into beast, they are very vulnerable and should be taken out during this stage if possible. Beserkers are sometimes encountered in pairs.

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Re: [OOC] In The Shadow of Hermes: Lore

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Enemy NPCs

Order of the Burning Cross

Guard Dog

Well loved for their ferocity, loyalty and strength, these guard dogs are a common sight along contested borders and perimeters with their human handlers.


The more devoted members of society who are willing to kill themselves to kill you. They receive no training whatsoever, their sole objective is too take out as many enemies as possible to reach martyrdom. If their suicide vest fails or they risk killing allied forces, they will close in with a large combat knife. Almost always encountered alone.

Equipment: suicide vest, combat knife


Men who have committed a serious crime are granted one last chance to atone for their sins. The Castigated are sent on practical suicide missions, where death is certain. Where a direct assault is too costly for ordinary soldiers, these condemned men are called up. Though they don't receive extensive training, they're smart enough to take cover and lay down covering fire while their comrades try to flank you and can prove a threat even to the most seasoned fighter. Typically fight in fireteams of 3 but will fight more often in squads of 6 on higher levels.

Equipment: Schofield, Atmic


These men and women form the backbone of the Order's armed forces. Although they aren't up to the same standards of their Black Sun and Trinity counterparts, they make up for this in numerical superiority.

Equipment: AK-12, petrol bomb


These guys have an affinity for setting things on fire and are often employed by the Order to clear out caves infested with Skaven, though their flamethrowers are just as lethal against human targets. A lucky hit on their fuel tank will incinerate them and anyone nearby, make sure you aren't in range of the fireworks.


The elite fighting force of the Burning Cross, these men and women are often all that stands between the Order's survival and annihilation. Adept marksmen and experts with their weapons, where and when Rangers are deployed, you know the Order is serious. Because of their expert marksmanship, many Rangers are deployed in sniper roles with the semi-automatic Lynx. To the unwary, these sharpshooters will see you before you see them.

Equipment: AK-12, Lynx, M10 Decon, combat knife
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Re: [OOC] In The Shadow of Hermes: Lore

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Enemy NPCs



Aspiring Knights must prove themselves in battle before they are considered for selection.

Equipment: M12 Templar


Men chosen for their height and strength, they carry a large kinetic shield into battle making head on assaults difficult for lower levels.

Equipment: kinetic shield, M12 Justiciar

Brother Knight

Equipment: M12 Templar, M32 Cleric


Elite heavy infantry equipped in Pre-War power armor which increases their strength as well as endurance.

Equipment: M64 Preacher

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Re: [OOC] In The Shadow of Hermes: Lore

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If you want to PM me, I'm open to ideas.


Feral Barghests

As mentioned above, many Barghests bred by the SS Occult have gone feral and have proved to be a thorn in their sides since making the wastelands their new home. There are dozens of underground burrows across the Desolation and travelers would be wise to steer well clear as a single Barghest encountered here is more than likely just a scout for a larger swarm.

Size: 1.1 meters tall, 1.7 meters long
Weight: 190 Ib
Level(s): 1,3,5


Female Barghests can stun enemies with an ear bursting shriek before either attacking or running away. They are noticeable for being lighter coloured and smaller on average.

HP: 100
Size: 0.9 meters tall, 1.4 meters long
Weight: 130 Ib
Levels(s): 1,3,5

Hive Guardian

These Barghests are the largest of their kind and their extended lives underground have rendered them blind with milky white eyes instead of amber. They have tough osteoderm like growths over their body for extra protection. Despite being blind, they have excellent hearing and only the most deft wanderers will evade them. The average burrow contains 4 Hive Guardians.

Size: 1.4 meters tall, 2 meters long
Weight: 240 Ib
Levels(s): 7,10,14

Brood Mother

Every hive is controlled by a Brood Mother. Mothers are impregnated by a Hive Guardian and if they are killed, their whole hive will frenzy and begin attacking each other. They resemble larger Banshees and typically and their bellies are usually swollen with her future young.

Size: 1.2 meters tall, 1.8 meters long
Weight: 200 Ib
Level(s): 6,9,12


Before the War, the Russian military conducted several experiments to create expendable soldiers with unwavering loyalty and ferocity because they knew they couldn't catch up with the US or China in technology. The result of these experiments was the Skaven. Mentally and physically stunted, these wretched beasts were once human, their humanoid form and twisted hideous faces being the last vestiges of their humanity. The Skaven plague the Desolation in the east and the Order are constantly battling to protect their territories from incursions. Skaven only come out at night and are scarcely seen during first light. Skaven and Barghest territories often overlap and the two species can often be found fighting each other.


Fledglings are the runts of their kind, and rarely venture further than a few hundred meters from their caves. They have pale skin and a hunched back. Despite their diminutive size, they are very muscular and are quite capable of overpowering a full grown man. Fledglings can be found in packs of 5, though have been known to 'organize' 'mobs' of a dozen or more individuals.

Size: 1.5 meters tall
Weight: 170 Ib
Levels: 1,3,5


These Skaven are skittish and physically weaker than their brethren, preferring ambush tactics or skirmishing with an enemy before retreating to a more advantage position. They have black frills on their heads and shoulders and they spit a corrosive black liquid which can eat through armour and damage equipped weapons if you're not careful.

Height: 1.7 meters
Weight: 120 Ib
Levels: 1,3,5


Hulks stand a foot taller than most men and are strong enough to crush a mans skull with their bare hands. Their hide is thick and mottled with flecks of white and brown. Hulks work alone or in pairs and almost always spearhead any major incursion into human territory.

Height: 2.1 meters
Weight: 320 Ib
Levels: 6,8,11

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