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[CS] The Truth of 2019, Vampire's Exist! [Reserved]

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 6:54 am
by Maxx[2.0]ine
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Re: [CS] The Truth of 2019, Vampire's Exist! [Reserved]

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 7:29 am
by SaheenTikeerleesh
Name: Charles Federev

Gender: Male

Age: 24. ((Youngest of the coven in his area))

Personality: Charles might be the smartest vampire in his coven. That is if the oldest of his coven ((the one who had turned him)) hadn't used his connection on Charles to dumb him down a bit. Before he was turned by Gerov, Charles was funny, smart, helpful and very kind. His only thoughts were to help those around him before himself. However, while he had kept those traits as a vampire, they were changed by Gerov's manipulation. Turning him into a cold, ruthless, insensitive killing machine within half a year of being turned. He feasted on anyone he wanted and usually tended to do drugs. His heightened senses giving him a higher high than most. Developing other bad habits as well. He thrives on the misery of other people. He still has a playful side however. Before killing his prey, he tends to mess with and talk to them, even if they are aware of the man being a vampire.

Appearance: ((Used this appearance before bit it fits him so.....))
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Biography: Charles grew up with the sweetest parents imaginable. His fathers name was Dimitri and his mothers name being Carla. Though they were constantly overridden with work, they always found time during his childhood to spend tinevwith him, teaching him, playing with him, and helping him with anything they could. Though he is smart, he didn't learn to speak until the age of five. His first word being "home". At the same age he had started school and soon started to excel. Though he was a little kid. His brain accelerated his learning process and he found himself jumping grades.

By the time he had reached High school, he was already at college level English skills. His math skills at eleventh grade level and everything else at tenth grade level. All except any history that included war. His level in learning of that higher than his English smarts.

After the end of his ninth grade year, he came home to his father dead. Two holes in his neck and pale as ever. Freaking out, he called the cops and then his mother. When his mother got home, she took him out to get his mind off the horrible experience. Losing track of what actually happened altogether. The police put it in the police reports as a murder but as you could tell, it was a vampire killing. Charles forgot that day entirely. Never looking back at the negative in the past, he always moved forward.

However, on his twenty third birthday, he was greeted by a man named Gerov. The man had seemed nice. They had met in a small town bar outside of Boise, Idaho. After about two weeks of spending time together, he had found out that Gerov was testing him. When he found out however, he was given a choice. Be turned to a vampire, or be killed in cold blood and sucked dry of blood. When confronted by death, all you want to do is stay alive right? Well, lets Just say he was turned.

Later that night he had woken up from passing out. His senses hurting his now actually dead brain. He didn't feel as smart either. It took him three days of rules and other learning before he was allowed to roam out of the den. When he did, Gerov helped him along. Forcing him into his first victim and first kill. Slowly but surely the elder vampire corrupted his nice personality. So much that the man had stopped low enough that when he found out that Charles mother was still alive, he tricked him into killing his own mother and drinking the blood.

About two weeks after the incident. He had stumbled upon someone strolling around. Feeling famished, he took the first steps to get his first victim and kill on his own. Gerov was proud of him at that time. Now just a tool and weapon, Charles just feeds and does whatever Gerov says out of obedience for the gift he had received.

Extra: Nothing actually came to mind.

Re: [CS] The Truth of 2019, Vampire's Exist! [Reserved]

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 10:09 pm
by Maxx[2.0]ine
Name: Cyan/Cy Gray

Gender: Non-Binary ((so uses them/they pronouns))

Age: 22

Personality: Cyan has always been smart but it is easy enough to influence them. Cyan can usually be quite friendly and funny, a practical joker who can also poke fun at themselves. Unless you get on the wrong side of them. Then they're merciless, ruthless, and will not stop until they achieve their goal. Their motto, inspired by Kureo Mado from Tokyo Ghoul, is "When your in front of the enemy, even if you're hands are trembling - fight.".

Appearance: Cyan has grey eyes and short-ish, naturally brown hair which they dyed... cyan. A nice bluey-green color, their favorite color, in fact. They are about 5' 7". They're most likely to wear a black hoodie or leather jacket, with a tee shirt, darkly colored jeans, and boots. Cyan has a bunch of tattoos, their favorite ones including a galaxy sleeve on their left arm, Ken Kaneki's mask on their left hand ((Tokyo Ghoul inspired)), and writing on their right middle finger that says "1000-7=Insanity" ((Another Tokyo Ghoul inspired one)). They also have burn scars on their face.

Bio: Cyan was born to loving parents, Rosaline and Jeff Gray. Cy was not born with the name Cyan, but they managed to convince their parents to legally change it when they were four. They never regretted the

When Cy was six, their parents both got better jobs with shorter hours, so they saw them more. And their parents decided to try for another baby. Cy ended up with a baby sister. They loved their baby sister, who was named Emily-Rose. Cy and Emily-Rose had always been close. Emily-Rose was the one later killed by Charles Federev.

When Cy was 15, their family house burned down. All had been asleep for the night when Cy was woken by the smoke. They believed their parents to be out, as Rosaline and Jeff were supposed to be at a dinner party. Cy stumbled to their sisters room, and couldn't wake Emily-Rose. So they picked up their sister and carried her downstairs through the flames and smoke to get her outside, getting first degree burns on their face in the process. A neighbour called the fire department, and it was once the fire had been extinguished that it was discovered that Rosaline and Frank had actually been home, having come back from the dinner party early. The cause of the fire was a faulty plug socket. Emily-Rose was sent to live with family members, and Cy was in the hospital for a while, due to the burns.

After getting out of hospital, Cy was put into care. Cy got into a few - well, a lot - of fights with people who bullied them because of their burn scars. Cy got his mask at 17 and the ridicule stopped. In care, Cy ended up with some friends who weren't very good influences, and ended up smoking, drinking and doing drugs. Many of their friend got caught, but Cy never was.

When they were 18, Cy was kicked out onto the streets by his foster parents. They were found by a 20 year old female named Kyla. After coming across the body of someone who had been killed by a vampire, Kyla told Cy the truth about vampires, and how Kyla's family had been killed by vampires. She taught Cy everything they now know about vampires. Kyla died in a car crash when Cy was 20.

For the past two years, Cy has just been hunting down vampires and all that. They haven't needed a job yet because Kyla - having no one else - had left everything to Cy; her house, truck, money, everything.

Extra: Cyan is blind in their right eye. Because of their love of Tokyo Ghoul, they thought it'd be funny to get an actual mask like the one Ken Kaneki wears in Tokyo Ghoul that covers their left eye and also hides their scars. They wear it most of the time.