[CS] Hail, Adventurer!

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[CS] Hail, Adventurer!

Post by Lunch » Fri Jan 03, 2020 7:41 am

As you make your way up the stairs to the second floor, you here the faint sound of squealing and stressful sighs coming from a room down the hall. The door was slightly ajar, and from what you could tell, there were books and stacks of paper everywhere. The candlelight was a bit of a help as there was many lit in the room.

As you open the door, you hear a loud squeal and the sound of an older man grumbling angrily and making strange straining noises. "Nooo, Edwinaa! You cannot chew on that!" A loud -rriip- was heard and the sound of sobbing and angry grumbling proceeded.

"Oh, you insolent sow! I will never get my work done if you keep eating this paper! It's a damned shame that I can't properly scold you, you cute little thing!"

You step around a stack of books and notice a balding, gray haired man scowling at what looked like a plump, yet innocent looking, pig. Though, she wasn't so innocent as her cute face moved around to face you, her beady eyes smiling at you as she chomped down on the fun snack she found.

The man behind the large desk sighed heavily and shook his head. He threw his hands up, waving them a bit, almost as if to apologize.

"Yes, yes! Do come in! It is a mess in here, but what is one to do when one has to keep up with all the law-abiding things in this town." He shifts his glasses on his face and studies you carefully. You could almost see a small smile spreading on his lips.

Without too much more hesitation, you give him the scroll you found on the board outside. He takes it from you, nodding and muttering to himself. He reaches beside him and opens a very large book and takes out a pen and dips it in his ink bowl.

As he writes, he addresses you, "I should formerly introduce myself, then! My name is Greg, or Sir Greg as most call me. I am the Chancellor here in Silverbrook, and I adminish the happenings that go on here in this little town. You will be required to fill out this paper and bring it back to me for confirment. Once having done that, young adventurer, you must go to Molly, so she can archive your being here in Silverbrook. Everything that you do will be written down for proper historical purposes. Now!"

He finishes his scribbling and hands you a paper. It has basic information that you need to write down about yourself along with possible background.

"Ah, yes. That is for safety procautions! But it must be filled out! No, Edwina!" Greg frantically stands up to chase after his loving pet pig as she had started to go for another large stack of books with yummy paper.

You sigh and situate yourself behind his desk and decide to fill out the form. You just hope that you'll be accepted and start your brand new adventure quickly!
Character Name:
Gender: (Male or Female)
Eye Color:
Hair Color/Style: (Color of your character’s hair along with how they style it(Mohawk, long braids, bald, etc.))
Skin: (Typical skin color or marks on the body, etc.)
Appearance: (Describe your character’s extra physical features here, if you like.)
Faith: (Type of religion, what god does your character pray to/follow if they have one, etc.)
Race: (High-fantasy races, please. Like D&D!)
Class: (Is your character a barbarian, ranger, rogue(thief), etc.?)
Alignment: (Choose one: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil)
Background: (How did your character start out? What kind of background did they have? Were they a criminal, actor, blacksmith, etc.?)

Extra Notes & Backstory -
Organizations: (Is your character a part of a certain type?)
Allies: (A list of your character’s friends/trusted companions.)
Enemies: (List of your character’s sworn enemies/distrustful companions.)
Backstory: (Recent current events that have happened to your character before they came to Silverbrook.)

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Re: [CS] Hail, Adventurer!

Post by Lunch » Fri Jan 03, 2020 7:42 am

As you finish, Greg comes back with Edwina in his arms. He is huffing and puffing slightly, terribly out of breath. Edwina is grunting softly, her curly tail wiggling happily. "Ah..ugh..yes! Good! Now, please.." He coughs roughly before putting the pig down onto the floor carefully. "Ooh, goodness! Excuse me!"

He pats his chest lightly with one hand and looks over at you. He nods and waves at you vigorously to go on out the door. "You should head to Molly next! Lovely lady! She has all kinds of information you could ever need, if you so choose to look through her stash!" He gives you a smile and proceeds to sit back down at his desk.

As for you, young adventurer, you give him a half-smile, waving bye to him awkwardly and walk out of the room. You make your way down the hallway until you get to an open door to the left. There is more light coming from the room and you can distinctly make out what looks like bookshelves lined around the walls. Your palms are a bit sweaty, and you feel nervous having taken on a job in so long, but courage musters up inside like a blooming flower. You take more confident strides as you enter a large room with thousands upon thousands of scrolls, books, and several odd do-dads here and there. You are prepared to introduce yourself when a very tall pile of books hurries right in front of you!

You cry out and land on your bottom, seemingly getting out of the way quickly. The person behind the stack lets out an astonished, little squeal and giggle. She moves to the side and sets the large pile of books down beside her overcrowded desk and turns to face you. A very voluptuous, rotund woman looks down at you, grinning from ear to ear. Her body is curvy and unfortunately, the poor dear has a very..large bosom, and she had a seemingly infectious personality about her! She seemed to be wearing some sort of exploring gear and clothing. If she'd had a headlamp, she'd be a miner, like the Dwarves under the Great Mountain. Her hair is a bit wild and fiery, curls short and pretty, sitting just on her shoulders.

'Well! Ain't you the cutest thing?! 'Ere you are, my dear! Have up!" She reaches to help you off your feet and waves her arm towards her desk. There was actually a chair sitting there at the corner. She motions again for you to sit as she scoots her way behind her desk. A few papers and books fall over, but that doesn't seem to phase her as she turns towards the shelf and rummages around in more paperwork and books. Finally, she comes upon a larger novel. She uses both hands to pick it up and before you could help her, she grunts loudly and slams the book onto her desk. You blink a little, trying not to sneeze from all the dust.

"Ere now...Let's see.." She says, opening the book and flipping pages upon pages until she finds one that's been barely written on. You notice some sort of ledger and several peoples names written down. She taps at the page in delight. She grabs a pen and ink bottle, but before she starts writing, she gasps softly and places her hand to her mouth.

"Goodness! I just realized! I 'aven't even told you who I am! Me name's Molly! I'm an Archivist! I'm basically what you'd call a treasure hunter for sacred tomes and histories and the like! And your average-'eryday-recorder! I've written lots about what's in this land and in this town of 'ilverbrook! So, if you ever need to look something up, I'm ya gal!" She grins and winks. This time, she takes a seat and readies her pen.

"Now, let's see ya paperwork, dearie. I'll record it all down in this book, so we'll know where ya are and what requests you've decided to take over. Once you're done with your request, ya will 'ave to report back to me, so make sure to write anything important down!"

You smile and nod, handing your papers to her. You look at her apologetically as she squints at the damp scroll in her hands. She grins and shakes her head. "No need to worry! Ol' Molly could read ciphers out of a goblin's turd, if she 'as to!" She cackles at this and proceeds to write down all this information into her large novel.

The following page reads...
Hired Adventurers in Silverbrook

Legend :-: Name - Class/Race/Background - Request Taken

Brayunmar "Bearsmasher" Dolvisal - Barbarian Goliath Soldier - Magic's Afoot!..
Amalica Taleth - Arcane Trickster Drow Assassin - The Lost Jewelry
Odassa Ly'Naz - Shaman(Druid/Cleric) Lizardfolk Outlander - The Fate of Silverbrook
Renrek Bocaj - Oath of Conquest Human Paladin - Magic's Afoot!..

Special Note: Names will link to the character's profile on the CS Thread to make grouping easy! :)
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Re: [CS] Hail, Adventurer!

Post by Gecko » Mon Jan 06, 2020 7:16 am

Character Name: Brayunmar "Bearsmasher" Dolvisal.
Gender: Female.
Age: Twenty-three years old.
Eye Color: Dark green.
Hair Color/Style: Brayunmar's hair is long, curly and black as smoke. It's entirely unkempt, cascading over her shoulders and down to the center of her back. It has some blue streaks intertwined in the few messes of braids she has lining her hair, some being marked with small metal bands or semi precious jewelry. The right side of her head has tightly woven braids. Occasionally, some small twigs and torn leaves snake their way in to the mess of her hair, but she hardly seems to notice. Or maybe she simply doesn't care enough.
Skin: (Typical skin color or marks on the body, etc.) Her skin is strikingly pale, but Brayunmar humbly bears her years of battle in the form of several scars (some old, some new) that run across her arms and torso, but none are quite as noticeable as the three jagged scars on the left side of her face, raking their way from just below her hairline to the edge of her brow and finishing at the middle of her cheek. The skin below Brayunmar's eyes are notably dark from a mixture of black warpaint and many a sleepless night.
Height: Brayunmar towers above a number of people at 6' 6".
Weight: 185 pounds of muscle and fury.
Appearance: Being the literal Goliath she is, Brayunmar casts quite the intimidating appearance, something that comes as a blessing and a curse. She usually wears darker clothes and black leather armor on her arms and chest. The armor is usually hidden by the black animal furs she wears on her shoulders. When her sword isn't in use, it's strapped to her back, held there by a large mahogany scabbard trimmed in worn gold. She wears a blue tunic lined with a grey trim designed in a Celtic weave and black trousers. Finally, she has dark brown boots that have evidence of old age and wear on them. The Bearsmasher has barely any evidence of a smile, and so when she does, most strangers assume that there's bad luck not far behind.
Faith: Brayunmar formerly had close ties with the god Nuada to help her battle, but the relationship is not what it used to be. If she feels she truly needs help in battle, Braynumar will ask Nuada for assistance.
Race: Goliath.
Class: Barbarian.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Background: Soldier.

Extra Notes & Backstory -
Organizations: Brayunmar is formerly a member of Soddengard, though not by choice.
Allies: Her stuffed bear, Basher, who is in horrid condition. And, hopefully, Kadur.
Enemies: Anyone still allied with Soddengard and the Master.
For being as young as she is, Brayunmar has already been through quite a bit. Her memory begins when she was just a young girl, waking face-down on the sandy grey shores of some gloomy and unknown island. She had no recollection as to why she was there or how she got there. All Brayunmar had on her were the clothes on her back and her first name. She stayed on the beach for several days, surviving on nothing but the occasional fish and the water of one spout of rain. But she wasn't alone.

On her final day at the beach, Brayunmar was confronted by a malnourished-looking bear that looked just as hungry as she was. Unfortunately, it saw her as its next meal. Using her agility and surprising strength, she was able to best the beast, but not without her wounds to bear. Her last visions before falling unconscious were of an old man donning wicked-looking armor bending over and placing his hands gently on her wounds.

Brayunmar was rudely awakened some time later with freezing cold water being splashed on her. The man explained that he was a living legend and a strong warrior. He demanded that she pay him back for saving her life by pledging her allegiance to him and fighting in an arena, Soddengard, for him to earn money and the chance for her to prove how powerful she was. For years after that, Brayunmar trained for hours on end and fought ruthlessly when she wasn't training. Soon she found herself among the top fighters on the island, and with her new skills the young woman would try to fight her way out of the old man's grasp, but it would prove to be futile.

Having given up, Brayunmar turned her focus on the other few who were in similar situations to herself. She befriended a charismatic and witty half-orc man named Kadur, who made her the happiest she could ever remember being. Brayunmar and Kadur inseparable and both known to cause rebellious stirs amongst the other fighters. Brayunmar doesn't speak much, if at all, about the outcome, but she was able to kill her master and escape, taking his finest ship and sailing away from the only place she ever knew - and she is still convinced that it is some form of Hell. Eventually, she came to the shores of Silverbrook. Brayunmar soon discovered that some of her former master's close friends were still at large, and since then she has been hunting them down. Her ultimate goal in coming across these strange lands is to find these men and end them, but for now she thrives on doing the odd job around town.

Still, at the back of her mind, she still wonders where she came from and how she came across that dreaded island in the first place....

(Hope this is okay! Let me know! :D)
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Re: [CS] Hail, Adventurer!

Post by kotetsu » Wed Jan 08, 2020 7:33 am

Character Name: Amalica Taleth
Gender: Female
Age: 95
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color/Style: Long silky silvery-white hair, shoulder length, often tied back in a ponytail or a bun.
Skin: Grey
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Weight: 125 lbs
Appearance: Short, slender, and petite. Toned but not very obvious muscle.
Faith: Indifferent
Race: Drow
Class: Arcane Trickster
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with leanings into Chaotic Good
Background: Former Child soldier/trained assassin

Extra Notes & Backstory
Organizations: None
Allies: Few and far between
Enemies: Occasional tracker from her home under dark city sent to take her down.
Backstory: Amalica remembers fairly little about her early life. She knows she was born to one of the aristocratic ruling families in the under dark city state known as Randyn Nasak. However the family she was born to was not of much power, and at one point bit off more than they could chew, making enemies of the family whose name she would come to adopt, those of House Taleth.

Her biological family slain, she was spared and taken away. The bare minimum of care was given to her, food water, education, and exercise. As soon as she could hold a weapon however, she was trained in the art of stealth assassination. The idea was to make an example of other houses with her existence, to state that they would take what was most precious to you and make it a disposable tool their own. She was conditioned to kill without mercy or questioning orders. For a time they got that out of her.

She wouldn’t go without questioning her purpose forever. Her captors had brought her in an odd way. It was not at all kept a secret that she was adopted. They referred to her as a daughter but kept her at arm’s length. She was to refer to the heads of the household her mother and father but did not enjoy the privileges that those who would be considered her siblings did within the family. Numerous conflicts with her family only lead to her being pushed further away, and treated more so as a tool.

Having grown tired of this, she played along and hatched some schemes of her own. She delved into some magical training and honed her skills as an assassin more than she lead on to be. On what was to be her last mission, an assassination of the city states priestess of Lolth, she sprang into action. Her parents plan was for her to die on the mission. A short while after Amalica had been sent out, a procession of armed mercenaries banging on their doors, wanting to know why the decapitated head of the priestess of Lolth was on a pike in front of their manor.

Amalica meanwhile fled to the world of the surface to search for a new purpose. She knew what she was raised as, and knew it was hard to change, so she didn’t exactly stray far from her previous line of work. Her skills were put to use at first as a petty thief, gradually building up a repertoire as an assassin, before delving into magic with a foundation in illusion and enchantment, thus opening her up to a wider variety of jobs utilizing a combination of skills she had learned up until this point.

Gear and abilities

Clothing and armor: When she first came to the surface, she was all about black leather armor, capes and hoods and the like. She learned quickly however that an assassin walking around trying to look like an assassin wasn’t a very good assassin. She moved on to attire more typical of an adventurer, as the luxury of being able to walk around in broad daylight while also being able to fight a moments notice proved useful to her. Dark brown leather was good enough and cotton armor proved to be good enough for sneaking about in the night. She carries with her a partial face mask and a cloak that she only wears while she is working. Other than that she does her best to keep everything she owns in a small pack, mostly the essentials, spare clothes, supplies to camp out, etc…


Spellthiefs edge: A special enchanted dagger. With it, if she manages to draw the blood of anyone casting a spell, she can stop the spell cast, and freely use the spell at will at a later date, even if it is one she does not know. This ability has a 24 hour cooldown however, starting from the moment she steals the spell. She also can only store one spell in the dagger at a time.

There are additional limits to this, such as being unable to copy or interrupt a spell that might be vastly to powerful for her.

Assorted other daggers: what’s a rouge without pointy objects? She carries several other ordinary daggers, as few as 2 or as many as 10, depending on what she manages to find in her travel or sell to traveling merchants.


Mage hand: Amalica can summon to spectral hands that she can control from a distance of about 20 or 30 feet. Generally speaking they follow the actions of her own hands and fall into use in a variety of ways, from picking locks from a safe distance where she would be out in the open to tapping guards on the shoulder then vanishing from sight.

Illusion casting: Amalica has access to a variety of illusion spells, that allow her to do things like create images of things people fear, alter her physical appearance for a short amount of time, creat duplicates of herself or others, create sounds that ravel a distance away from her. The power of the illusion often depends on her ability to take time and concentrate. She can generally make “convincing enough” ones on the fly though.

Suggestive Enchanting: Amalica is able to influence the actions of others to a degree, though for her it actually requires physical contact with the subject, without jarring them too much. She has been known to put people to sleep, send them into a seething rage, extract information, etc… The stronger the mind of the creature, the harder it is to get them to to their bidding. An average human generally will only last under control for a few seconds, while perhaps one of a lesser mental fortitude such as an orc or goblin or most monsters will last longer. To date she has tried to, but has never gotten any living creature to take actions that intentionally lead to its own death.
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Re: [CS] Hail, Adventurer!

Post by Vintage » Mon Jan 13, 2020 8:40 am

Character Name: Odassa Ly'Naz
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Eye Color: Golden
Hair Color/Style: While not exactly hair, his frill starts as orange, but fades to red as it gets closer to his head.
Skin: Odassa is covered in hard, dark green scales, with an off-white underbelly.
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 235 lbs
Appearance: Odassa is a muscular, proud lizardman, who presents himself in an oddly animalistic yet noble nature. His watchful, slitted eyes, while intimidating, may reveal a deeper wisdom to the descerning view. Odassa doesn't wear much in the way of clothes, aside from an almost sarong-like loincloth that hangs from his waist, decorated with symbols representing life deep within the swampy areas Odassa once called home. Endorned on his wooden shield is a symbol to his god, a large, speckled egg.
Faith: Odassa worships the stoic lizardfolk god of survival, Salesh. His devotion to Salesh is entirely based on the matter that he was once the spiritual leader of his tribe, who would channel the thoughts of Salesh, similar to how a prophet might speak for a god.
Race: Lizardfolk
Class: Shaman (Druid/Cleric)
Alignment: True Neutral
Background: Outlander

Extra Notes & Backstory -
Organizations: The Verdant Waters Tribe
Allies: His mate Miriik and his five children
Enemies: The current leader of his tribe, Maekrix, and those loyal to him.
Twenty-seven years ago, a young, stubborn lizardfolk was born into the world amongst several others without a name, as with all of his lizardfolk brothers and sisters, who would all work to earn their names. As he matured, he frequently had visions of Salesh's bog, the holy place of the deity's domain, which drew the attention of the then-current shaman to the tribe, Sargt. While the still-nameless apprentice trained under the tribe shaman, he was often teased by a girl in his tribe, named Miriik, a name that meant 'song' in the language of dragons. She always asked why he did not yet find a name. The young lizardfolk would only respond that he had yet to find a suitable one.

Towards the end of his training, Sargt would grow old, too old to contribute to the tribe. And so, the old spiritual leader of the Verdant Waters Tribe would pass his mantle of shaman to his nameless apprentice once his training was complete. With that, Sargt disappeared into the darkness of the swamp, so he would nuturs him as it nutured his tribe. The nameless shaman would give his tribe everything. His time, his energy, his guidance, and even his life if need be. He acted not only as the head shaman, but as a father-figure to all lizardfolk in his tribe. And so, he gained the name Odassa, or in the common tongue, Parent. Achieving such a high title, he would join with Miriik as his mate, as if there was one thing the shaman cared about other than his tribe, it was her. Despite leading his tribe and his chieftain to prosperous times, a shadow loomed below.

A particular lizardfolk had grown very strangely amongst the tribe. No one claimed him as their own brood, but he had been hatched by the Verdant Waters all the same. With scales dark as iron and a gaze so intelligent, Maekrix would challenge the tribe chieftain to a trial by combat, a ceremony to usurp his title. Maekrix not only defeated the chieftain Odassa was close to, but killed him so that he may never question the lizardfolk's newfound authority. Maekrix claimed that they were becoming soft, and that action had to be taken to rule the land around them. Odassa would come to find that Maekrix wasn't entirely lizardfolk, but was also demonspawn. Before he could reveal this information, however, he was exiled from the tribe, under the pretense that his entire lineage would be destroyed if he would not leave. So, Odassa was banished from the family and home he gave everything to, now ruled by a demonic lizard-king. One day, Odassa hope to garner enough strength to retake his home.
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Re: [CS] Hail, Adventurer!

Post by cz_invazion » Wed Jan 22, 2020 11:23 pm

Character Name: Renrek Bocaj
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color/Style: dirty blonde, crew cut
Skin: Caucasian, some scars, nothing out of the ordinary
Weight: 225
Appearance: Fairly average appearance, built slightly tougher than average.
Faith: He prays to simply what he calls the miracle.
Race: Human
Class: Paladin of conquest
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Background: Renrek grew up in a small very religious village. He grew up a fairly average boy untill an awful event took place. when he was young the town accused his mother of being a witch and she was burned at the stake. His father became a drunkard who would punish the boy severely. One day in his teens he was embraced by a strange vision. He saw all that was wrong with the world, the corruption of man, the list for power and the cruelty of life, it than led to a golden castle and throne and there he saw himself. He knew what he had to do, he would have to become ruler to fix this world.

When he became a man he left his village with a bang, he burned down the church with those that accused his mother and his father locked inside and headed out to rule whether by grace, force or chance.

Extra Notes & Backstory -
Organizations: He is trying to start a revolution called The Revaluation. And he is looking to help where ever he can to get more members
Allies: as of yet he has no allies but he has quite a few people he has helped who think positively of him.
Enemies: Royals, Demons, basically anyone who disagrees with his purpose.
Backstory: After a recent run in at clearing a local highway man camp he found himself exhausted, somewhat injured and angered about the fact that the people he cleared the camp for simply shrugged and said they would offer him no gold. He used his last bit for a room at the inn.
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